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Equip your firm with the immense potential of cloud-based services using our well rounded cloud migration solutions

Get Smart coders has 10 years of experience in assisting business organizations to leverage the potential and convenience of cloud computing. Our migration solutions help you in moving your IT infrastructure comprising of computer applications, CRM systems, and MIS services to a cloud-hosted configuration. Our cloud migration process leverages hosting services like AWS, MS Azure and Netapp Cloud Central and cloud platforms like Heroku, Salesforce and SAP to migrate your workloads.

Our services as a premium cloud migration services company are designed to bridge gaps in business demand and IT capacity. Our strategy mitigates risks, maximizes performance enhancing your business growth in the process. Outsource cloud migration outsourcing services to us to enrich your business with the power of the cloud.

Our Comprehensive Cloud Migration Services

Application Data Migration

As a global cloud migration services company, moving your business applications from your in house servers to cloud-hosted configurations is our forte. We create a profile of all your file servers, business tools, email profiles, and website database to plan ideal cloud migration strategy for your needs. We work closely with third-party vendors and your in house operations team to deliver services that lead to applications that work flawlessly with enhanced performance after the data migration process is completed.

Workload Migration

We use tools like MS active directory and Exchange to move user profiles and its related data to the cloud. We do this in an iterative manner and in phases to ensure that your BAU tasks are not affected by any downtime. Our goal with workload migration is to ensure that there is compatibility with your older applications that can run only in an in house configuration while we complete the workload migration process in well-defined stages without hampering the performance of your daily tasks.

Data Center Relocation

From the creation of a private cloud to the deployment of IaaS based solutions, we undertake the complete relocation of all the data hosted by business data centers onto the cloud. Our data center relocation services provide you with the ultimate answer for space constraints, high lease and maintenance costs of data centers and an increase in IT maintenance expenditures. From data relocation to virtualization and data center expansion, out customized cloud migration strategy for data center relocation gives you a complete and well-rounded solution.

Performance Testing

Our testing services are administered by a well-trained team of big data experts, database architecture and cloud experts. Our past experience with testing cloud-based ecosystems before commencing data migration has enabled us to achieve 100% accuracy, consistently with every implementation. We perform an in-depth analysis of our cloud services using benchmarking and data transfer speed tests to ensure that ever completed implementation is successful.

The Technology we use

We use a wide array of proprietary and mainstream open source tools to complete your data migration process. Our cloud migration solutions leverage the technology of cloud providers such as Amazon, Netapp, Oracle and IBM to deliver a strategy that is build specifically from the ground up to suit your cloud migration requirements. We bank on AWS and Azure to host your business data on the cloud. The tool sets that we use are capable of upto 70% automation, which translate to faster turnaround times in the migration process and close to 30% reduction in costs.

Build Your Ideas

Our Process

Workflow Assessment
We plan out the implementation strategy based on a detailed understanding of your requirements. We then establish milestones to track the progress of the implementation

Cloud Environment Development
We select the hosting platform and application development technology to suit your business needs. This is followed by the design of the back end, for the migration process

Data Migration
All your business critical applications including email and CRM systems are moved onto the cloud. We use secure modes of data transfer to move all your application data and configurations

Maintenance and Upgrades
The implementation is enhanced with periodic upgrades. We deploy support teams to assist with queries and technical issues

We complete the migration process by deploying the IT services into your business

Cloud Environment Testing
The entire ecosystem is tested thoroughly to identify performance glitches. All identified issues are resolved

Know Our Developers

Our team of cloud migration service providers have a wide industry exposure. We have have an illustrious track record of completing successful cloud migrations for companies ranging from the ECommerce domain to aeronautics and manufacturing. Our developers are highly skilled at delivering customized services that are tailor made to suit the needs of your organization which is miles ahead in terms of quality, compared to the ‘one size fits all’ approach that most cloud migration companies tend to adopt. Our team of experts are CCP and CCSP cloud security certified. We are capable of delivering challenging multi cloud migration services for companies based on their scale of operation. Our services help you successfully move your business data onto cloud services at the best value for money.

Why Outsource Cloud Migration Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • A team of 1000+ computer programmers and cloud technology experts
  • Systematic migration process comprising of planning implementations, mapping infrastructure and deploying solution
  • Detailed expertise with cloud hosting services such as AWS, MS Azure, Oracle Cloud Services, SAP and Google Cloud Platform
  • Proficiency with mainstream cloud platforms like Heroku, Cloud Hub and Kinvey to successfully move your legacy business applications to cloud hosted specifications
  • 100% data security and client information privacy
  • Comprehensive data migration services to enable businesses to move to the cloud seamlessly
  • Up to 40% reduction in operational costs

Looking for an expert cloud migration solutions provider to move your business infrastructure to secure cloud platforms? Outsource cloud migration services to us for a world class solution

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