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Transform your Business into an Intelligent, Data Science Driven Organization with our Apache Hadoop Development Services

Getsmartcoders has 8 years of experience with the development and deployment of Data Analytics and business intelligence tools. We use Apache Hadoop to develop custom solutions for large scale data storage and processing. As a global Hadoop development services company customization and implementation of data storage solutions with the Hadoop operational environment is our forte. We create high bandwidth storage networks for proper storing of large data sets for your organization.

Our services help companies achieve large data processing needs using simple programming models. We use the Hadoop software library and its ability to scale to provide single service to thousands of machines. This will benefit your organization with highly available levels of service on multiple computer systems. Our Hadoop Development services makes Big Data Analytics a cost effective operation. Outsource Hadoop development services to us to leverage the potential of a highly qualified team with diverse industry experience.

Our Comprehensive Hadoop Development Services

Hadoop Custom Development and Data Strategy

From the development of the architectural setup to its implementation with full automation and performance monitoring features, our Hadoop custom development services provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for big data analytics. We deploy Hadoop clusters that ensure high levels of output and data availability. With our Hadoop development services, we are able to help businesses extract valuable insights identify potential threats and achieve harmony in data governance and security.

Enterprise Data Storage & Processing

We use a wide variety of tools such as Chartjs, Dygraph and High charts, to provide you with customised, visually rich reports that have high business impact. We create custom dashboards that are capable of providing valuable insights in an organized manner. We take care of the recording of your business data and use techniques like batch processing and real time data ingestion to store them for processing. We use technology is like Hive, Flume and Sqoop to create data pipelines that feed information into the appropriate data lake.

Hadoop Automation

Our Hadoop development services consist of full automation features in order to manage the overall performance of every cluster. We implement Hadoop automation to achieve high levels of data availability in the entire system. Automation also enables us to recognize patterns in your business data to identify threats and potential risks along with the insights that are beneficial for your business.

Data Lake Implementation

We design and implement data lake frameworks which are capable of scaling well under heavy data loads. Our Hadoop development services identify data channels, mark areas for data integration and back up along with data archival giving your organization a well-rounded Big Data Analytics infrastructure. We customize each Hadoop implementation to match nature of the data lake and the design of its architecture.

Real Time Analytics

We integrate Hadoop with a wide array of custom tools and existing Hadoop clusters to achieve real time responsiveness. We monitor every source of data source and process the data sets recorded by them using custom workflows. Based on SLAs with the client, we even provide reports containing actionable insights.

Leverage the Potential of Big Data Analytics with our Hadoop Development Services

Business organizations depend on Big Data Analytics to gain insights from all the data that they accrue on a daily basis. Due to the exponential growth in the volume and variety of business data, implementing a solution to categorize and classify them has become an essential business practice. We help organizations carry out well executed data analysis to get to the grain of the matter. Our expert services has helped our clients enhance revenue generation capacity by becoming more targeted and specific. Our expertise in Apache Hadoop covers an range of relevant tooling, frameworks, and building blocks and is oriented towards removing guesswork out of the implementation.

The Technology We Use

Our team of experts are proficient with the use of the Apache Hadoop Library. We use the entire Hadoop ecosystem consisting of important software components like HDFS, Hive, Mapreduce, Sqoop and Flume to create an expansive system that records a wide variety of data and processes them in record turnaround time. We use Apache Spark for its ability to provide impeccable cluster computing duties. We host databases on MongoDB or MySqL, depending on the nature of the project. We also use advanced tools like Elasticsearch to provide Big data ecosystems with a search engine functionality. We use standard JavaScript libraries and HTML and CSS to create custom user interfaces for applications that provide reports on results of Big data analysis.

Our Hadoop Development Process

Design of application structure and Data Infrastructure
We work with the client to determine the structure of the database, the data recording process and the design of implementation. All advanced features and functionality are described in this step.

Development of Databases and Linking with Data Sources
The technology to power the database is selected. The data sources are linked to the database and full functionality is

Analytics on
Accrued Data

The bulk of business data recorded by the entire system is processed. We use the data computing power of Hadoop to create custom templates that power the analysis of the data

Reporting and Maintenance
This is the final stage when the Hadoop solution is deployed into your business ecosystem. The implementation is supported with periodic maintenance of the system

Testing and Enhancement
The completed build is thoroughly tested for performance issues. It is during this stage that all functional enhancements and performance glitches are resolved

Optimization of Hadoop Implementation
The entire ecosystem is consistently monitored for performance. The implementation is optimized by tweaking the performance of data sources and data pipelines

Know Our Developers

Our team of experts consists of Data Analytics specialists, software programmers and business intelligence experts. The presence of these diverse skill sets helps us deploy Hadoop solutions in a systematic and accurate way. We are able to develop and deploy efficient data lakes to record data in real time and provide timely interpretations from them. We use other frameworks like Cloudera to augment our knowledge of Hadoop, and create advanced functionality. Our developers are proficient with software programming languages like Python, C++, Java and C# all of which are important requirements to be able to deliver heavily customized solutions for enterprise use. Our services as a world class Hadoop development company has enabled us to be a trusted technological partner off some of the biggest names across industry verticals.

Why Outsource Hadoop Development Services to GetsmartCoders?

  • Over 250+ successfully implemented solutions
  • A team of 1000+ experienced data analytics experts, computer programmers and project managers
  • Fast paced and cost effective delivery of Hadoop implementations
  • Stringent focus on QA and testing before deployment of custom Hadoop solutions
  • Expertise with the end-to-end tools that are a part of the Apache Hadoop library
  • Comprehensive solution containing the implementation testing deployment and integration of Hadoop functionality with existing business systems
  • A transparent and collaborative approach to understanding client requirements

Looking for a prolific Hadoop Development services company with a proven track record of excellence? Outsource Hadoop development services to us for a comprehensive solution.

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