Leverage our Expert Data Science Services to Evolve your Business into a Future Ready Business Organization

Getsmartcoders has over 8 years of experience in empowering business enterprises with the immense potential of data science services. We leverage two of the most promising technology paths for businesses - machine learning and big data analytics - to cleanse and combine data, zero in on new data, and suggest new combinations of data to uncover important insights. As a premium data science services company, we are driven by the sole objective of helping our clients harness the limitless potential of data science and big data analytics in order to solve complex business problems and at the same time create a prognosis of business trends.

Our services cover a wide range of industries ranging from e-commerce to automobile and from insurance to healthcare. For each of these industry-specific domains, we have helped to unlock valuable cues for business improvement. This has invariably led to better decision making and enhanced profitability. Outsource data science services to us to successfully predict demand for your product and services and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Comprehensive Data Science Services

Big data Lakes Solutions and Consulting

We identify all data sources such as mobile devices wearable devices and other appliances that are part of your business ecosystem. We have a proven track record of implementing a highly efficient data lake strategy in record turnaround times. Our data lake design and consulting services will enable you to find your objective and help you achieve advancements in business intelligence and operations.

Route Optimization

We use advanced machine learning based route planning to enrich your logistics process. Our dynamic route Sequencing and Optimization feature allows you to schedule consignments better. We provide you with customizable solutions that will make a real time difference to your travel route management and consignment tracking process.

Lead Scoring

We use our data science expertise to create a lead scoring service for you to manage lead prediction. With our lead scoring service, you can generate lead score cards, prioritize customer database based on its probability of generating revenue. From nurturing to onboarding our service enables you to understand the journey of your customer in excruciating detail.

Automatic Document Classification

We implement software packages that perform documents validation and classification functions automatically. With our document indexing services you can minimize the amount of resources required in the classification of all your paperwork and electronic files. Our solutions help you classify documents according to their formats as well.

Cognitive Process Automation

We automate complex processes, reducing the need for manual intervention in a variety of business tasks. The core strength of cognitive process automation lies in data science. As a global data science services company, our cognitive process automation service enables you to generate custom reports and streamline business processes for maximum efficiency

Recommender System Development

With our data science expertise, we are able to develop custom recommender systems that are capable of functioning in a variety of industry settings. From E-Commerce to entertainment apps we are able to successful build and deploy recommendation systems that also record user behavior patterns. These systems record data classes that you previously might never have tapped into before, giving you immense business improvement potential at the outset.

The Technology We Use

Our data science services bank on advanced software tools powered by proprietary machine learning and AI suites. We use prominent big data analytics frameworks like Hadoop and Cloudera to run our advanced data science operations. Our data mining architecture is hosted on a NoSQL database like MongoDB. We integrate the mining potential of the database with software suites that are built using the Python programming language to extract impeccable pace in operations. We use document management tools driven by OCR technology to establish automated data capture methods. We record and report our findings by creating intuitive applications using data libraries such as amCharts and Javascript based user interfaces. We use a wide array of Python-based frameworks such as Django, Tensorflow and Numpy to create machine learning functionality which automates vital aspects of data recording and mining. We also use these frameworks to create custom workflows that record data whilst handling changing business trends, at the same time.

Data Science for Business Transformation

Automate Processes

Data science is the amalgamation of technology, analytics, statistical modelling and algorithm design. All of these aspects of computer science and mathematics has made it possible for organizations to tap into the large chunk of structured data that is generated by an organization. It is possible to mine this data and identify patterns which uncover business trends, economic insights and opportunities that help a company diversify its portfolio. The profound influence of such a powerful data analytics technique has revolutionized businesses today. Data science service providers can sift through astronomical amounts of both qualitative and quantitative data and find answers to elusive business problems that impact the revenue generation of a company.

Our Data Science Implementation Process

Service Consulting
Based on a thorough understanding of client requirements, we create a plan of implementation. The feasibility assessment and choice of tools and algorithms are decided in this stage

Model Generation
We establish a model for data recording from all sources of your business. The model will serve as a blueprint for the rest of the
implementation process

Data Strategy Development
We design and implement a big data infrastructure according to the data recording and processing model. We do this by tapping into data sources like smartphones, IoT devices and more

Performance Enhancement
We constantly monitor the entire project for enhancement opportunities. We introduce periodic updates to keep all software installations running flawlessly

Reporting and Training
We generate periodic reports to give you regular operational and business insights. We also train business users and technical teams on the various tools

Data Preparation
All the recorded data is processed to identify missing value replacements. We enrich the data with outlier analysis and categorical variable definition, to extract actionable insights

Know Our Developers

Proficiency in software development business intelligence statistics and big data analysis are the vital skill sets required to achieve excellence in data science services. Our team of development and analytics experts have vast experience with each of these skill sets. Our developers are experts in open source Python frameworks like Django, Tensorflow and Numpy. They work closely with our front end developers who are experts at JavaScript frameworks like Angularjs to create an ecosystem that delivers reports through interfaces with a rich and responsive design. Our development team also have expertise in MATLAB, SPSS, Weka, SAS and other statistics based data analytics tools.

Why Outsource Data Science Services to Getsmartcoders?

Custom Application Development Access to a team of 1000+ software developers big data professionals and analysts

alue add-consulting Expertise with programming languages like Python, C#, R and Lisp.

project management Diverse experience with AI prototyping projects using lisp and R frameworks

competitive rates Integration of cloud functionality to give you better control over data lakes and reporting

lexible business models Advanced infrastructure with robust data security and backup

Guaranteed timeline Guaranteed turnaround with services from 8 global delivery centers

Looking for an experienced data science services company to provide you with comprehensive data analytics and management solution? Outsource data science services to us and tap into the experience and expertise of a world class technical partner

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