Bank on our automation and software development expertise for a state-of-the-art automatic document classification and document indexing solution

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in developing automation solutions for enterprises. We leverage the latest technology and subject matter expertise in custom software development, big data analytics and machine learning to develop bespoke software suites that help to automate document classification. Our solutions leverage the diverse scope of machine learning in document management such as pattern recognition, probability determination and optical character recognition to provide you with a robust document classification and indexing solution. By deploying our solutions companies have been able to store large amounts of organizational data in a structured and error-free manner as well as bring down the time taken to scan, record and retrieve documents.

Our Robust Automatic Document Classification and Indexing services

The efficiency of an automated document classification solution depends on the extent to which the back end data recognition and classification systems have been optimized for a set of business processes. Our services are tailor-made to match the volumes and the nature of the data that your business accrues. Our software solutions are optimized according to your business processes and workflows.

Our services as a premium automatic document classification and indexing solutions company, are as follows:

Creation of Classification Database

We classify all of your business documents by collecting multiple images of documents type. Our use of big data technology in our automatic document classification solution enables us to create a robust database for your organization and forms the foundation of the classification mechanism. We use advanced features like Optical Character Recognition(OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) with inbuilt cognitive features to recognize the type and size of a document.

Document Classification

We use the versatility and highly customizable capabilities of machine learning to create a self-learning module that can classify documents with ease and finesse. We build custom algorithms and incorporate them into the codebase of our software solution to increase the accuracy of document classification by more than 80%. The classification database is designed to be updated when you introduce new document types.

Automated Data Import and Auto Discovery of Documents

You can group large volumes of data which can be automatically classified based on similarity in type or content without the need of manual intervention by a business analyst. The document groups are used for document classification, eliminating the need for conventional resource intensive document preparation methods.

Classification and File naming

Our automatic document classification solution allows you to organize huge stacks of documents into easily usable folders with ease. You can quickly search and retrieve documents for business critical tasks. The software evolves to learn documents classification and document indexing by adapting to unlimited document classification and indexing configurations.

PDF File processing application Development

Out automatic document classification tool uses Javascript modules and HTML plugins to that allow you to label and classify PDF files. Our PDF file processing system allows you to convert large volumes of documents into PDF files that are easily searchable and editable. We ensure our solution assist you in processing both scanned documents and PDF files with consistent accuracy.

High Volume Data Scanning and Management Solutions

As an experienced automatic document classification and indexing solutions company, we optimize our services to match the scale of your operations. For large scale enterprises, we turn to big data analytics frameworks like Hadoop to analyze the bulk of your organizational data and derive right insights. We then use it to develop the ideal means of classifying your business documents. We also provide consulting services to help you develop a plan for automatic document indexing implementation.

Leverage the Potential of Machine Learning for Accurate Document Classification

Machine learning unlocks a wide array of possibilities that makes document classification and indexing more accurate and efficient. The power of a ‘self-learning’ system that adapts to changing document and data types can be largely beneficial to an organization. It reduces the amount of time and resources needed in document classification.

Here are some of the benefits of using an Automatic Document Classification system:

High Levels of Data Accuracy

Automation is far superior to manual task management in terms of efficiency, accuracy and pace of operations.

Reduction in Operational Costs

Less manual intervention means less resources and time in classifying datasets and documents. This significantly reduces operational costs.

Ease of Data Retrieval

Automation in document classification not only makes it easy to store data, but also makes it easy to retrieve it.

Better Organization of Documents

Automatic document classification organizes your files and documents that makes maintenance easy and streamlined.

Our Technology Expertise

Automatic Document Classification and Indexing requires the deployment of proprietary software packages that handle three critical tasks of the process which are, document scanning, the creation of a database and the criteria for documents classification. Each one of these tasks is achieved through the use of individual and unique approaches to software development.

We bank on open source platforms that are heavily optimized for enterprise use to integrate the following functionality into our software solution:

  • Image and Text-based Scanning and data mining
  • ‘Self-learning’ document indexing and classification algorithms using Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing and Deep Learning Modules
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics based database creation that forms the basic foundation for the document classification system
  • Cloud computing capabilities

We use the diverse functionality of the Python programming language and the frameworks based on it, to deploy a highly scalable and lightweight solution for enterprises. We use the OpenCV library built essentially to achieve optical character recognition and Hadoop to compile, interpret and build the classification database for organizations. We also bank on MongoDB, Django and Luigi to develop the architecture of the database and to develop and customize the user interface for our solutions.

Our Automatic Document Classification and Indexing Software Development Process

Our systematic document classification and indexing software development process is as follows:

Automatic Document Classification and Indexing Software Development Process

Know Our Developers

As a highly experienced document classification and indexing solutions company, our team of experts comprise software programmers, data analytics experts and data science specialists. Our experts are proficient with advanced technologies like algorithm design, deep learning, pattern recognition and text processing which helps us build practical and highly scalable applications for an enterprise. Our vast exposure to a number of industries makes us an automatic document classification and indexing solutions company

Why Outsource Automatic Document Classification and Indexing Software Development to getSmartcoders?

  • Access to a team of over 1000+ experienced software developers and data analysts
  • Proficiency in contemporary Python based technology like Django, Tensorflow and Numpy
  • Experience in developing document classification requirements for a variety of industries
  • Use of Big Data analytics, AI, Machine Learning and Cloud Based Support for developing a comprehensive solution
  • Use of advanced mathematical models with agile software development process for developing highly optimized document classification solutions
  • 100% focus on quality and accuracy of document classification
  • Use of neural net and deep learning prototypes for large scale business applications

Looking for an experienced Automatic Document Classification and Indexing solutions company? Outsource Automatic Document Classification and Indexing software development requirements to us for an efficient solution

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