Leverage the Potential of Big Data to Revolutionize your Business Processes

Getsmartcoders has over 8 years of experience in helping business organizations harness the immense potential of Big Data to make their processes more innovative and advanced. As an eminent big data analytics and consulting company, we enrich business processes of organizations by deriving valuable strategic insights from the bulk of the data accrued by them. We leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics to enable businesses to make well informed decisions. We bank on machine learning, cognitive computing technology and our expertise in developing big data lakes to channelize large quantities of business data for qualitative analysis.

We provide businesses with an analytical platform to establish key performance Indicators (KPI) according to which the performance of the organization can be measured. Using the insights derived from big data lakes design, we forecast business trends and ready you for the future much before it arrives. Outsource big data lakes and consulting services to us to leverage the advanced management reporting and business intelligence potential of big data analytics.

Our Big Data Analytics Services

Data Lake Design and Implementation

We prototype the ideal systems architecture based on thorough understanding of your requirements. Leveraging our expertise in using open source frameworks to identify big data sources, we develop ideal data lakes for you. It is during this stage that we separate unorganized data from unmanaged data and simplify the data analytics procedures. We augment our builds with distributed file systems and data processing tools and in the process build the best implementation pipelines.

Big Data Strategy Development

An effective big data strategy helps in unlocking the benefits of data lake deployment optimally. From the design and implementation of big data infrastructure to the integration and monitoring of data sources like smartphones, IoT devices, point of sale devices and more, we create a detailed strategy for data recording and monitoring. Our strategy services take a holistic approach to your big data analytics needs

Big Data Engineering

As a global big data lakes and consulting services company, we develop the entire architecture of a big data ecosystem, starting from the design of data ingestion pipelines, data lake types and data integration mechanisms. By isolating data from different sources, categorizing them based on their salient features and integrating them for better use, we are able to provide you with detailed reports of business trends and future forecasts. This helps you identify new revenue sources and identify scope for process improvement.

Data Science and Analytics on Big Data

We adopt multi-tier data processing steps, to cleanse, prepare and analyze data. This is followed by scrutinizing the data with traditional applications in meticulous detail and sharpen it to a point to extract useful information. It is because of this exhaustive approach that you can use the insights for accurate business decisions. We also provide our clients assistance with the modelling and development of a variety of analytical and business intelligence tools.

Big Data Consulting Services

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting service help you design the architecture of big data lakes, data ingestion models and data collection mechanisms. We help you understand the best technological approach for your business. We also give you real time estimate of costs of implementation.

Solutions Consulting

Our consulting services include helping you craft solutions with the right data mining and data crunching strategies. We design no SQL databases using frameworks like Cassandra and Monogo DB besides banking on open source Big Data frameworks like Hadoop.

Corporate Training/ Big Data Training

As an expert big data services and consulting company, we create documentation and organize training programs for your in-house team. We ensure the training imparts up-to-date administration knowledge on how to run reports and use our automation engines.

Tools and Technologies we Use for Big Data Analytics

We leverage extensive framework components to design detailed the Big Data ecosystem. We use open source frameworks like Cloudera and Hadoop to build the architecture for the maintenance of your business data. Platforms like Hadapt and HortonWorks enable us to integrate cloud computing features into the system design and add convenience, mobility and speed to the big data ecosystem. We build complex data lakes using high-performance platforms like MongoDB, MarkLogic and Cassandra which are best suited for the level of performance that big data analytics requires. We bank on software packages like Apache Flume to create data lakes that have in built automation features that can be used to channelize business data based on a predetermined chronological schedule.

Our Big Data Analytics and Consulting Process

Our Big data solutions adopt the following process

Design and Build Data Infrastructure
We design and develop the technological infrastructure after understanding your business. The system is scaled according to the needs of the organization.

Create Data Repositories and Match with Internal Data Sources
We build data repositories that receive timely data feeds. All identified sources of internal data are matched and bucketed with incoming data.

The developed system is fine-tuned and further enhanced with advanced technology such as automation. The entire ecosystem is evaluated time and again for improvements.

Consulting with Decision Making
With our consulting services, we help you comprehend the information contained in the report for accurate decision making.

Provide Insights
The reports comprising new trends and business insights are shared with the clients for strategic decision making

Perform Advanced Analytics on Pooled Data
We process and analyze the growing data pools. Based on the insights, we create detailed

Know Our Big Data Developers

We are made up of a team of data analytics experts, software programmers and statistics experts. We bank on this diverse skillset to develop and deploy efficient data lakes for diverse businesses. Our team of experts are proficient with the use of all mainstream big data frameworks like Hadoop and Cloudera. Besides, their proficiency in computer programming languages like Python, C#, C++ and Java helps them to design systems according to specific needs. We build custom applications that are capable of processing structured and unstructured data sets with consistent levels of efficiency. The team’s exposure to a wide array of business and their varied requirements enables them to understand every big data analytics requirement down to the last detail.

Why Outsource Big Data Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • Access to a team of 1000+ highly qualified big data professionals
  • Holders of 9 US patents in Data Science with 12 others in the process of approval
  • Experience in developing real time transactional data lakes for a wide variety of industries
  • Proficiency with Python, C++,C#, R and Lisp and other essential AI prototyping languages
  • Experience in the development of advanced mathematical models into automation algorithms for recording extracting insights from data
  • Complete accountability for data security and backup
  • Cloud based enhancements
  • Consulting services with all aspects of Big data services
  • In house employee training on Big Data and Analytics
  • Up to 30% savings in operational costs

Looking for an experienced big data analytics and consulting services company to for end-to-end big data solution? Outsource big data analytics services to us.

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