Transform your Business for Maximum Efficiency with our Cognitive Computing Services

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in the design and implementation of cognitive computing and robotic process automation solutions for enterprises. We develop smart solutions that are capable of responding automatically in resource-intensive business processes like invoice management, reporting and email responses management. Our robust enterprise-grade applications are capable of making judgements based on a self-learning model and can adapt to your resource intensive tasks, thus eliminating the need for manual intervention. This enables your organization to benefit from massive increase in productivity with minimum operational expenses.

As a cognitive process automation company, we leverage the immense potential of AI, cognitive computing and robotic process automation to improve the pace of your business processes while ensuring top-notch quality. Our clients outsource Cognitive Computing requirements to us to leverage the limitless potential of solutions that are driven by complex concepts like natural language processing, semantic technology, text analytics, data mining and machine learning.

Our Cognitive Process Automation Services

As a premium cognitive computing company, we offer the following intelligent process automation services:-

Data Analytics using Machine Learning and AI

We help organizations manage structured and unstructured data with ease. We use big data analytics frameworks like Hadoop to analyze organizational data and extract insights that help with process optimization. We develop systems that use robust Artificial Intelligence and machine learning functionality to unlock scope for performance enhancements.

Process Automation

We implement advanced automation features that are capable of making business specific decisions. We use predictive analytics and document recognition features like OCR to introduce process automation for your enterprise. The automation of resource-intensive tasks such as document management, document indexing, invoice management etc. helps in eliminating manual intervention altogether.

Implementation of Business Intelligence Systems

We implement and deploy a software environment with cognitive capabilities to handle high-value decision-making tasks. Our BI systems can address real-world challenges and opportunities in a large scale setting as well. Our BI software suites give you dependable economic forecasts that are vital for the profitability of your organization. We bank on AI and Big Data Analytics techniques to develop solutions that can predict business trends accurately.

Development of Applications with Automation Features

We build enterprise-grade applications with intuitive features to help you optimize processes across all the departments of your business. We build bespoke solutions that can be deployed for various tasks across accounting, finance, HR and Marketing etc. Our solutions are designed to give you insights from a 360 degree perspective. Further, the automated features can help you micromanage the levels of engagement of your business.

Development of SaaS Platforms

We build ERP and CRM solutions with integrated cognitive automation features to help the different wings of your business work in unison and sync. We specialize in building a unified platform, to seamlessly integrate multi-departmental modules.

Leverage the Power of Cognitive Computing to Transform your Business Process Flow

With our innovative intelligent process automation solutions, you can deploy bots that have the innate ability to carry out decisions based on predetermined rules. These bots are a part of a system that is constantly adapting to the constantly changing ecosystem of your business. The following are some of the benefits that you can unlock with the implementation of cognitive computing for your business.

Self-Learning System

Unlike conventional software, the use of AI and Cognitive Computing enables us to build a self-learning system that ‘evolves’ to the changes in business data.

Automation of Labor Intensive tasks

Resource intensive tasks such as email management, invoice management and report generation can be automated effectively.

Versatility and Ease of Integration

Diverse business tasks spanning all departments and traditionally operating in silos can be automated with cognitive process automation.

Reduction in Operational Costs

Cognitive process automation leads to enhanced productivity at reduced costs and time.

The Technology We Use

We use mainstream opens source frameworks based off the Python Programming language to design cognitive process automation solutions. We leverage the potential and power of Python frameworks like Django, Flask and Numpy to incorporate advanced algorithms into our system architecture and give you those functionalities that will revolutionize your process. We build lightweight and fast solutions that are capable of taking advantage of growing volumes of unstructured data in an organization as well.

With our solutions we enable companies to explore new and efficient ways of improving the quality of their business. With our understanding of machine learning, cognitive computing, data analytics and robotic process automation we automate repetitive rule based business process to uncomplicate processes and guarantee great business outcomes. We also use Freeware RPA tools, Licensed OCR tools and big data platforms like Hadoop to help organizations extract valuable business insights from organizational data.

Our Cognitive Automation Solutions Development Process

We develop intelligent process automation solutions based on few well-delineated steps. The process is as follows:

Project Scope Analysis
We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and business process in detail. We create the design of the system based on the scope of the requirements.

Prototyping and Development
Based on the analysis, a prototype is configured and sent for feedback gathering. This is followed by the development stage where automated features are developed with machine learning and OCR features.

Solution Implementation
At the end of the design and development process, cognitive process automation modules are implemented into the design

Support and Maintenance
The completed project is constantly evaluated for consistency in performance and quality of process automation. Upgrades are carried out as and when required.

Project Deployment
The developed project is deployed in the production environment. The model is evaluated with constant tests to perceive how it behaves with
data variation.

Project Evaluation
The implemented solution is constantly evaluated for scope of improvements. The architecture and design of the completed project is scrutinized for performance fine tuning.

Know Our Developers

Our team of experts comprises software developers, statisticians, data analytics and cognitive computing experts. We bring a diverse set of skill sets ranging from the knowledge of algorithm design and advanced mathematical models to big data analytics and full stack applications development. Our vast experience in developing Cognitive Computing solutions enables us to understand the requirements of business organizations well and build solutions for making specialized tasks more efficient. As a global Cognitive Automation services company, we provide you with a world class solution to gives your business a competitive edge.

Why Outsource Cognitive Computing Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • Over 10+ years of experience in development of software suites with advanced cognitive computing features
  • Over 250 + completed enterprise implementations
  • Access to a team of 1000+ experts and professionals with in depth knowledge of Machine Learning and AI prototyping frameworks like Django, Numpy, tensorflow, R programming language and advanced computation with C++
  • Expertise in natural language processing, OCR, Robotic Process Automation, Predictive Analytics and other mainstream automation technologies
  • Proficiency with big data analytics to optimize cognitive process automation implementation
  • Robust Data Security, Data backup and support with Data Migration

Looking for a global Cognitive Automation Company to acquire robust automation solutions? Outsource Cognitive Computing to us for advanced solutions that will redefine the way you handle your business tasks.

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