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We Help You Plan Your IoT Program and Find Solutions to Your Specific Business Needs

Getsmartcoders has 10 years of experience in developing solutions for connected devices to systematically address business challenges. From deploying sensors on hardware to the tracking and processing of signals and development of specifically engineered platforms, we develop disruptive internet of things solutions that perform flawlessly in a variety of business scenarios. We build comprehensive systems that assimilate data to influence your business decisions. Our iot application development services leverage wireless technology like Bluetooth, Wi-fi, NFC, iBeacon, Rfid and more, to create intelligent systems that can make data connection, exchange and interaction seamless and fast.

As a leading internet of things companies we have wide experience in helping companies leverage the potential of IoT to improve process efficiency, asset utilization and productivity. From Industrial automation to appliance level solutions such as office security, we have developed and deployed a wide array of IoT solutions. Outsource IoT app development services to us and leverage a torrent of interactional and transactional data to make better business decisions.

Our Cutting Edge IoT Application Development Services

IoT App Development

From custom apps for wearable devices to smartphone apps to monitor IoT devices for a wide variety of business applications, we build secure, scalable and manageable apps. As a premium internet of things company our iot mobile app development services combines the infinite possibilities of IoT devices for a business setting with the convenience of mobile and smartwatch portability. Your business teams will be able to manage their smart devices from any location with internet access. We have developed bespoke IoT apps for a wide variety of industry settings ranging from healthcare to manufacturing and retail management.

IoT Gateway Design

We leverage our knowledge of hardware design and software engineering to build robust gateway systems to facilitate communication between device sensors and the cloud. We develop the design of the hardware and software layers of bridge devices based on your needs, from the ground up. We provide you with a holistic single stop solution for your IoT projects. From the hardware platform to the operating system, analytics engine and device drivers, we have the expertise in building code bases and applications to manage the connectivity of the sensors in your IoT ecosystem. We use microcontrollers and microprocessors to develop high-performance gateway devices which are an important component of our internet of things app development service.

Data Analysis

As a top ranking firm among internet of things companies, our iot application development service uses big data analytics, machine learning and the best practices of data processing to validate the data accrued by your network of IoT devices. Our team of certified data scientists and IoT developers engineer bespoke analytics ecosystems to provide you with the best information on vital components of your business. We crunch the data received from IoT devices at various access points in your business infrastructure to examine varying data properties. By doing so, we extract actionable insights in the form of trends, patterns and statistics.

IoT Cloud Platform Services

Our expertise with cloud hosting technologies like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud enable us to develop low latency networks and implement server optimization protocols for data transfer between sensors and monitoring devices. We create the entire architecture of the back end which IoT devices use to communicate with the network. Our cloud platform services use a wide selection of protocols like HTTPS, MQTT and AMQP. These protocols specialize in high-speed data between low energy IoT devices. We are among the leading internet of things companies that provide world class cloud services to support iot app development

The Technology We Use

We bank on front on web development and mobile technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 and Javascript libraries such as Angularjs and Reactjs along with Android studio and Xcode to craft interactive and rich apps for mobile devices. We route the front end of these apps with cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to enable monitoring of IoT devices seamlessly from any location. We also use machine learning and AI prototyping platforms that are based on Python to calibrate hardware for recording specific data sets. Our internet of things solutions leverage big data frameworks such as Hadoop to organize, index and extract insights from the business data accrued.

Our IOT Application Development Process

Understanding of Business Requirements
We understand the nature of your business and work closely with your operations team to develop the ideal IoT solution for your case. Our first step includes creating the blueprint of the project

Development and Implementation Strategy
Based on a detailed understanding of the requirements, we develop an implementation strategy. We create the design of device hardware, sensors and the technology that they use

Operations and Maintenance
The entire platform is supported with technology and personnel to ensure operational efficiency. System upgrades are implemented

System Testing
The system implementation is followed up with a detailed testing process. All problems and glitches with IoT device hardware and system software are resolved in this stage.

System Implementation
The entire system is deployed into the live business environment. Metrics are implemented to monitor the performance of the entire

Deployment in Phases
A robust business intelligence solution requires a resilient ecosystem. We build this system in phases. Upon successful completion of one phase we initiate the implementation of the next

Know Our Developers

Our team of experts comprise front end application developers, UI, UX designers, hardware engineers and computer programmers. We leverage our diverse expertise with wireless technologies, signal processing and telematics to create enterprise grade solutions that use low energy for high speed data transfer. Our developers combine all these core elements of internet of things solutions development to give business organizations all that they need to streamline workflows and harness data that contain critical insights.

Why Outsource IOT Application Development Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • Highly experienced team of certified internet of things professionals( CIoTP) with wide industry experience in technology prototyping and its implementation for businesses
  • Detailed knowledge of computer programming languages such as Python, Javascript, C++, C#, Java, Swift, Objective Lisp and R to develop software suites for IoT device hardware
  • Proficiency with implementation of cloud services such as Heroku, AWS, Windows Azure, Google Cloud Hub, Kinvey, Enstratius etc to develop bespoke cloud based ecosystems for businesses
  • 100% data security and confidentiality of data circulated through the IoT devices network
  • Knowledge of web and mobile application development frameworks and tools such as HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, Js libraries, Android Studio, Xcode to custom build apps to control and monitor IoT devices
  • Use of the latest IoT implementation software tools to control device hardware and reduce operational costs
  • 24/7/365 support structure to ensure that the completed solutions are working optimally
  • Expertise with big data technology such as Hadoop to process and derive business insights from data acquired by IoT devices

Looking for the best among internet of things companies to empower your business with revolutionary business solutions? Outsource iot app development services to us for a world class solution.

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