Leverage Machine Learning to give Precision, Accuracy and Speed to your Business Processes

Getsmartcoders has over 8 years of experience in developing affordable computational processing systems that help companies cope with large volumes of data sets. We design and develop advanced machine learning algorithms to develop analytical models that streamline business processes. These solutions uncover connections, trends and patterns with almost no human intervention. As an expert machine learning services company, our forte creating intelligent solutions that track and follow a certain type of data to answer more questions related to your business..

We create intelligent solutions to track and follow specific data types to find answers to more questions related to your business. We deploy intuitive solutions with advanced cognitive features like decision making, pattern recognition and process automation. Our services enrich the operational processes of organizations by developing custom solutions. From Chatbots to predictive analytics software, our solutions are designed to automate tasks of a wide range of industries and mitigates the risks associated with the processes at the same time. Outsource machine learning services to us and analyze future business trends with accuracy.

Our Comprehensive Machine Learning Services

Neural Networks and
Deep Learning

We achieve the self-learning process with the development of computer systems called neural networks. After the development process is complete, we expose the system to examples of different types of data that is digitized by your organization, to initiate pattern recognition. With the systematic training of the system using a process called Deep learning, we are able to create business solutions that leverage the inherent ability of neural networks to recognize patterns and adapt accordingly, thus successfully achieving self-learning’. Our neural networks and deep learning services are customized according to your business needs.

Chatbots and Personal Assistants Development

We develop automated chat engines which closely mimic human behavior. Our chatbots and personal assistants eliminate the need to assign a designated employee for receiving and categorizing customer queries. These personal assistants can work through both visual and voice-based stimuli to respond to questions and provide satisfactory answers to the queries submitted by your customers. As a premium machine learning services company, we have successfully implemented personal assistants and chatbots for clients from a wide range of industries.

Data Science and Predictive Analytics

We design advanced analytics solutions that can make predictions about unknown future trends in your business. We use a wide variety of techniques like data mining, statistics and predictive modelling to record and classify all of the data that is accrued by your organization. We then extract information to provide valuable insights for taking well-informed business decisions. As a global machine learning services company, our data science service has helped our clients be a step ahead in competition.

Natural Language

We create custom APIs that have the ability to analyze text, voice and video. They are then packaged into enterprise-grade applications that are capable of understanding big data. Our natural language processing services assist you with data acquisition seamlessly. We identify sources of information like customer queries and develop topic analysis categorization and summarization features in lightning fast turnaround times. We use natural language processing to develop innovative applications with advanced functionality.

Machine Learning as a Service(Mlaas)

We use Microsoft Azure, Amazon Machine learning services and Google cloud AI to provide business organizations with a wide array of services that use machine learning tools as an integral part of cloud computing. Our Mlaas services help you benefit from the power of machine learning without the added cost of investing in an in-house machine learning team. We further reduce the cost of machine learning services implementation by using the three of the most widely used Maas platforms. We possess an extensive knowledge of all the three platforms which gives us the ability to create intuitive, cost effective and enterprising solutions for your business.

The Technology We Use

We predominantly use open source machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and Numpy along with other Python-based libraries like Keras to craft various supervised semi-supervised and unsupervised analytical models for enterprise use. We work with technologies that are flexible in terms of modularity and ease of extensibility to reduce machine learning implementation costs. We use other libraries such as Scikit-learn, a traditional framework that specializes in machine learning models such as classification, regression and clustering. We also use Microsoft Azure, Amazon machine learning services and Google Cloud AI how to create fast model training and deployment for small-scale Enterprises. As an expert machine learning services company, we use these machine learning as a service(MLaas) platforms to introduce the potential of self-learning systems into budding new organizations as well.

Leverage Machine Learning to Create Cognitive Business Ecosystems

Machine Learning empowers business organizations to leverage predictive analysis, speech recognition, deep learning recommendation engines, chatbots and email filters to uncover insights and streamline processes. We also provide machine learning as a service (Mlaas) support to businesses to unlocks profitable businesses models which is not possible with conventional models. The days of programming instructions for a machine to achieve specific tasks and solve problems at hand are long gone. Systems that adapt to their environment by learning how to cope with data automation are the current industry norm.

Our Machine Learning Implementation Process

Requirement Analysis
We work closely with your in-house team to understand the specifics of the business process that is to be automated

Workspace Creation
We create a workspace to store your business data and initiate the development of
data models

Data Model Training
Depending on the scale of your business we develop neural nets with integrated custom

Maintenance and Enhancements
Updates are installed periodically based on performance evaluation and
client feedback

Deployment and Go Live
The build is deployed into your business operations. Login credentials are created for use by designated employees

Beta Testing
The completed build is thoroughly tested for consistency in performance and output

Know Our Machine Learning Developers

Our team of Technology experts have diverse experience in predictive analysis pattern recognition robotics control and advanced mathematical and statistical models. We use our understanding of automation techniques and combine them with our knowledge of object-oriented programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, C#, R and Lisp to create breakthrough solutions. Our firm understanding of applied mathematics and algorithm theory is our core strength. This helps us understand specific business scenarios and create self-learning models that eliminate the need for manual intervention across all your business departments.

Why Outsource Machine Learning Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • Access to a team of 1000+ algorithm design experts, statistical models and programmers
  • Expertise with object oriented programming languages like Python, C++, Java, C# and predominantly used AI prototyping languages such as Lisp and R
  • In depth knowledge and experience with data modelling and evaluation
  • Faster development times using standard machine learning prototyping libraries such as Tensorflow, SparkMlib and Theano
  • Robust data security and backup on all projects
  • Machine learning as a service(Mlaas) expertise
  • Cloud-based enhancements and reporting functions
  • Use of statistical models like Bayes Nets, Markov Decision Process, Hidden Markov Models, ANOVA and hypothesis testing to achieve revolutionary capabilities with machine learning

Looking for a Global machine learning services company to transform your business? Outsource machine learning services to us and leverage the benefits of associating with an experienced and expert technological partner

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