Leverage RPA robotic process automation services to give precision to your business process

Getsmartcoders has nearly 10 years of experience in the development of process automation solutions for a wide range of industries. We leverage the extensive RPA software knowledge of our experts and combine them with best industry practices to develop innovative automation solutions for different business requirements and across equally different scales of operation. Our robotic process automation services are designed to automate rule-based processes that require interaction with multiple, disparate IT systems.

We have wide experience in creating bespoke RPA solutions capable of accomplishing some of the most complex tasks in manufacturing, inventory management, business administration, financial management and more. As a premium rpa robotic process automation services company, we leverage technology such as cognitive automation, machine learning and AI to elevate the value of the solution we develop for your business. It is because of this extensive domain knowledge that our customers prefer to Outsource robotic process automation services to us.

Our Bespoke Robotic Process Automation services


Our robotic process automation services are aimed at streamlining the efficiency of stock management, order processing, faultless shipping and customer service, the four main pillars of E-commerce. We develop solutions that allow you to create custom rules and workflows that automate functions like stock replenishment and warehouse prioritization with Emails and prompts to the designated personnel. We use flawless machine learning modules capable of self-learning to create task-specific instructions that eliminate the need for manual responses


As a global rpa robotic process automation services company, our purpose-built software packages automate tasks like patient medical history collection and verification of insurance status. Our RPA solutions for the medical industry automate the process of providing patient information to doctors and medical insurance personnel on demand. We also integrate solutions that streamline appointment scheduling, billing and claims processing that give hospitals and healthcare vendors a comprehensive CRM and ERP solution that have intuitive features like OCR(optical character recognition) and automated document validation capability.


We integrate our custom solutions for the manufacturing industry with CRM and ERP solutions to automate manufacturing functions like prototyping assembly lines and product packaging. We leverage our extensive software development skill sets to create Python scripts that control machinery and assist with inventory, personnel and workflow management. Our excellent grasp on algorithm design and machine learning module development goes a long way in helping us understand client requirements in detail and develop personalized solutions accordingly.


From self-service dashboards to financial trend forecasting, we develop solutions from the ground up that assist the finance industry in automated data mining and integration of accounting information for data analytics. We also create software suites that automate accounts scrutiny during financial audits. We use the Numpy framework to create deep learning modules that predict economic trends which drastically reduce the number of highly paid analysts required to accomplish the task. We develop a wide variety of solutions that handle repetitive tasks like data entry, data mining and transactional processing to enable financial institutions to focus more on their core revenue generation tasks.

Media and Entertainment

Our custom RPA solutions for the media and entertainment industry gives business owners the potential to engage their audience with content management systems, music and video sharing platforms that have recommendation systems. These predictive features bring specific content like music, videos, podcasts and telecasts to the end user based on their activity on the application, thus giving their experience the vital personalized touch. We also integrate dashboards and performance metrics management suites into these solutions in order to give business owners valuable insights into consumer behavior. Our solutions enable businesses to categorize customers according to well-defined demographics, enabling them to deliver products or services based on their tastes.

Empower your Business with the Immense Potential of RPA Robotic Process Automation

RPA Robotic process automation opens up a world of possibilities for business enterprises. Its biggest plus lies in its abiliy to streamline business processes with the minimal need of intervention by human personnel. It is an affordable method that allows business organizations to adopt automation in comparison to traditional automation solutions that were resource intensive and expensive. RPA solutions are capable of performing a wide range of tasks ranging from simple process validation to complex autonomous business decisions. With RPA, businesses get an intelligent tool that is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks ranging from automatically logging in to software applications, drive hardware like robotic arms, hydraulic systems and microcontroller driven motors and servos. Open Source machine learning frameworks like Google’s Tensorflow are capable of giving software suites the ability to copy, paste and move business data. They can also perform analytics and data mining, without any manual intervention whatsoever. Such advanced functionality can transform business organizations into highly profitable and technologically advanced ventures.

RPA Technology We Use

We use a sizable selection of open source tools and proprietary computer programs written in Python, C++, Java, C# to develop and deploy solutions that recognize user input in an application GUI. We primarily use Python frameworks and the vast selection of functionalities that are available in its frameworks such as Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, Numpy and Theano. We use rpa automation tools like Keras and Shogun that specialize in machine learning to build and integrate self-learning modules into business applications. We bank on the robust security and flexibility of the .NET framework for developing solutions for large-scale use. We bank on the Cython framework to handle mathematics heavy code that is mainly used to drive microcontroller powered hardware systems. For simple desktop applications that are capable of automation, we use web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript libraries to prototype and finalize GUI set up. We also use Microsoft based technologies like the WCD, WPF framework to run RPA desktop applications on business systems that primarily run on the Windows platform.

Some of our RPA automation tools list include:

Our RPA Services Process

Requirement Analysis
We build a foundation for the automation solution by understanding your organizational requirements. An implementation plan is created according to the requirements

Design Of The Solution
All the critical functionalities, automation flow, algorithm and software packages are designed according to the

Development and Implementation
Scripts and codes are developed and incorporated into the design of the implementation. Any changes in client requirements are accommodated during the development phase

Deployment and Maintenance
The completed automation solution is deployed into the live environment. This build is kept running with regular maintenance and support

The completed project is thoroughly tested for bugs and performance glitches. All performance bottlenecks are ironed out

Integration of Workflows
We bank on open source software and algorithm design processes to integrate complex workflows into the build.

Know Our Developers

As a global robotic process automation company, we are driven by a team of developers with ideal balance of industry experience and technical skills needed to develop innovative RPA solutions. Besides, they have an in-depth knowledge of algorithm design using mathematical and statistical models. Our team also comprises experts with knowledge of object-oriented programming languages like Python, Java, C++, C# and Pearl, Lisp and R. Our development team also comprises of UI/UX experts who are proficient with Javascript and all its commonly used frameworks such as Angularjs, NodeJs and ReactJs. We have a fine mix of front end, back end and automation knowledge that allows us to tackle the most complex or business requirements from our clients and turn them into real-world applications that make a real time difference to their organization.

Why Outsource Robotic Process Automation Services to GetSmartCoders?

  • A team of 1000+employees proficient in latest machine learning and AI technologies
  • Expert knowledge of mathematical models and algorithm design
  • Expertise in the design and deployment of self-learning, cognitive process automation and AI modules for complex business requirements
  • Extensive knowledge of object oriented programming languages like C++,C#, Python and R
  • Expertise in UI prototyping using Javascript libraries
  • Robust data security and backup
  • Up to 30% increase in speed to market
  • Up to 30% reduction in operational costs
  • 24/7 technical support for all completed projects

Looking for an experienced rpa robotic process automation services company to streamline your business process? Outsource software automation services to us for a world class solution

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