Leverage the Potential of a World Class Route Optimization Solution to Streamline Logistics Requirements for your Business

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in developing enterprise-grade software solutions for route optimization. We design and develop technology services that enable companies to overcome inefficiencies in their logistics infrastructure. As a global route optimization company, we specialize in developing software suites with advanced features for planning shortest and easiest travel routes, while accommodating stops, pick up and drop schedules along the way. Our solutions are designed to bring down fuel costs and resources needed for running your logistic services efficiently.

Our route optimization solution leverages machine learning, data analytics, deep learning and cognitive computing to solve performance drawbacks associated with your route planning process. We equip you with the ability to automate the scheduling of hundreds of route maps in a matter of seconds.

Our End to End Route Optimization Services

Our Services as an experienced route optimization company are as follows

Automated Route Optimization services

Machine Learning Based Automated Route Optimization

Our solution runs an optimization engine which is based on genetic algorithms to facilitate accuracy of route optimization. Using cognitive machine learning features like calculation of probabilities and on the go data processing, the system generates delivery schedules and fastest routes. The optimization engine adapts and produces routes based on a flurry of variables including driver feedback, delivery schedule, vehicle type and method of transportation.

Late Freight Swapping

This feature is designed to ensure your solution can accommodate changes to the delivery schedule. You can add or delete deliveries from the schedule and the system defines preferences according to these changes. The changed routes are displayed to the driver of the dispatched consignment accordingly. The freight swapping features eliminates wait times and the need for alternate route planning.

Adaptive Route Planning

Our Adaptive Route Planning feature equips your solution with the ability to predict route conditions. By leveraging it, businesses can gauge traffic condition and optimize a route constantly. Armed with this feature, your delivery team can always choose the ideal rout and with consistent levels of accuracy. This solution can be particularly helpful when the delivery is caught in a traffic snarl. We help you bring down the cost of delivery and save more time.

Dynamic Fuel Optimization

Our route optimization solution incorporates fueling options into the delivery schedule. It displays the most affordable stations in the vicinity. This feature lets the user to make a well-informed decision on refueling while on course to delivering items. In the process this feature ensures there is no compromise in delivery time and no impact on delivery costs.

Customizable Reporting Functions

Our software suite is designed to help you save on your logistics costs by optimizing the freight carriers charges, fleet size, distance travelled and the number of visits. The platform allows you to generate reports after choosing from a wide variety of variables that influence the quality of your logistics. Our solution leverages big data based analytical modules to generate reports that can provide valuable insights into the efficiency of your operations.

Features of Our Robust Route Optimization Solution

A route optimization solution that is loaded with modern day cutting-edge technology to evaluate existing routes significantly reduces route planning times. You can schedule your routes based on the number of vehicles and personnel available. We also bring the added advantage of cloud computing and cross-platform capability to enable all the departments of your organization to collaborate seamlessly with your logistics operations.

The following are some of the benefits that you can unlock by using our route optimization solution:

Ease of Integration

The cross platform features of our platform allows you to integrate with other desktop or mobile devices based software packages seamlessly.


Our solution is based on adaptive algorithms, which enables greater degree of optimization and functional flexibility.


Our solution is tailored to provide accurate information at any time of the day, ensuring you don’t have to deal with errors in route scheduling.

Real Time Updates

With real time updates on route, delivery schedule and traffic conditions it is possible to optimize for best available routes.

Tools and Technologies We Use for Route Optimization Services

Our route optimization solution is built on mainstream open source frameworks based on the Python programming language. We use Python Frameworks like TensorFlow, NumPy and Flask, to develop and integrate predictive analytics, cognitive computing and deep learning modules into our solution. We combine this Big Data analytics to create a highly efficient predictive solution.

The navigation system, consisting of Google Map Integration with licensed API and GUI is built on Django another Python-based framework. This makes our solution highly scalable and fast, with efficient code re-usage in the system. We bank on Mongo DB to host the database, which is why our solution is strong on performance. We provide cross-platform functionality to enable your staff to access routes and schedules on mobile and other portable devices.

Our Route Optimization Process

Our solution is designed to address all performance bottlenecks and constraints in fleet management and domain specific variables.
Our well-designed step to the route optimization process is as follows:

route optimization software development

Know Our Developers

We are a team of software developers, data analytics experts and data scientists specializing in machine learning and big data analysis. Our developers have deep-rooted knowledge of deep learning, neural network design, cognitive process automation and application optimization. has enabled us to develop a robust all inclusion solution for route optimization. As a global route optimization company, we have successfully deployed our route optimization solution for a wide array of industries. Outsource route optimization to us for a solution that will streamline your logistics process to achieve maximum savings and faster delivery times.

Why Outsource Route Optimization Services to getSmartcoders?

  • Experience in supporting the route optimization needs of 250+ companies
  • Access to over 1000+ developers with experience in programming languages and deep level machine learning, data science and big data analytics
  • Proficiency in advanced computational models to achieve accurate route optimization ecosystem
  • Proficiency in Python and its frameworks to optimize the solution to the needs of an organization
  • Customized solution with cross platform and cloud support
  • Full Stack Software development experience
  • Highly cost-effective solution with up to 30% less TAT
Looking for an experienced route optimization company to give you the ultimate solution for your logistics requirement? Outsource route optimization requirements to us for an advanced and highly efficient solution

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