Bank on our Video Surveillance Software to Improve the Efficiency of Business Security and Customer Tracking

GetSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in the design and development of Video Analytics Software for a wide array of surveillance and analytics applications. We leverage our expertise in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence prototyping to implement robust video analytics solutions. Our software suites enable you to use videos as a source for valuable insights in order to take well-informed business decisions. We use technologically advanced open source software development frameworks to help you track patterns and specific attributes from videos.

As a global video analytics software development company we incorporate complex mathematical models and AI techniques to track objects in image sequences performing motion analysis at the object level.

Our Video Analytics Software Development Services

Video Surveillance Software Solutions for Smart Homes and Smart Security

We use advanced features like facial, object and environment recognition to create interesting functionality with home and industry surveillance systems. Our solutions comprises of features like pet watch, facial recognition and human recognition to give you real time updates on your security. We augment the superior functionality of our software suites by providing support smartphone applications with cross platform features.

Video Surveillance Software Solutions for Smart Traffic Systems

We develop traffic counting video analytics software solutions to help law enforcement agencies and government organizations monitor traffic conditions. As a pioneering developer of AI, and Machine Learning techniques, we leverage motion analysis, people and vehicle tracking to facilitate the smooth movement of traffic at all times. Our solutions assist law enforcement agencies with smart features like number plate detection, video stitching and intrusion and zone detection.

Video Analytics Software Solutions for Automobile & Retail Companies

We leverage video analytics to develop advanced solutions for the automotive industry. We have developed solutions that bring the benefits of warning systems like pedestrian and lane departure warning to consumers. Our advanced solutions like night vision assistance, forward collision alerts and blind spot detection has been by automotive companies to make their products safer. Aside from these, we develop, deploy and manage solutions that help retail companies monitor footfalls, manage queues and better comprehend advertising performance metrics.

Video Surveillance Software Development for Advanced Object Tracking

Our team of experts use the object tracking features of Python frameworks to develop solutions that can track consignments and objects. Our video analytics software solutions can distinguish objects based on motion, speed, size and color and can create a smart software driven environment that triggers alerts based on the movements of objects. Our solutions are designed to save you time and costs in inventory and logistics management.

Video Analytics Software Development for Demographics Data and Que Management

You can plan and manage your resource based on the reporting functions of our video analytics software suites. Our solutions will enable you track footfalls, door entry points and return counters to garner the level of engagement of customers and gain insights into peak times. You can allocate the necessary levels of support to business tasks based on the inputs extracted by the solution.

Our Video Surveillance Software Development Process

As an experienced video analytics software development company , we follow a well-defined set of steps to develop robust solutions. The following are the steps that we use:

Client Requirement Analysis
We understand the specifics of your requirement and the problem that you are trying to solve. We design a road map of the software development process to match the

Wireframing and Development
The design of the video analytics software is implemented and the application is developed based on mutually agreed milestones. During the development stage, all AI and deep learning components are integrated into the system.

Software Integration
The completed software is installed into the video hardware. The integration process is followed by performance evaluation, wherein the efficacy of the software in terms of meeting business objectives is measured.

Support and Maintenance
The completed project is constantly evaluated for consistency in performance and quality of process automation. Upgrades are carried out as and when required.

Software Upgrades and Enhancements
The video analytics system is provided with regular upgrades to deliver optimum performance. We also provide advanced analytics service enhancements to our solution.

Testing and Deployment
The entire platform is tested to gauge the accuracy and consistency of the solution. All identified glitches are resolved and a final round of testing is carried out before deploying.

Know Our Developers

At Getsmartcoders we are a fine mix of software developers, data analytics experts and Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning ecosystem designers. We have an in depth understanding of the use of complex mathematical models and algorithms. We use them to facilitate automation and advanced data analytics with our solutions. As a pioneering video analytics software development company, we use deep learning and other intuitive software features to design and develop video analytics solutions for organizations. When you outsource video surveillance software development to us, rest assured of a robust end-to-end solution.

Why Outsource Video Analytics Software Development to Getsmartcoders?

  • A team of over 1000+ experts experienced in Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning and AI
  • Over 250 + completed projects and successful implementations
  • Expert knowledge of pattern, image recognition and recognition
  • Proficiency with algorithm design and development for analytics and automation with software
  • Solutions developed through multi-level quality checks for highest quality assurance
  • Robust data security and data backup
  • Up to 40% reduction in development costs
  • Up to 30% reduction in turn around time with 24x7 services from global centers

Looking for an experienced Video Surveillance Software development company to develop the best video analytics software? Outsource Video Analytics software development to us for a high performance solution.

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