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Developing Game to Deliver Fun and Fulfillment

Get Smart coders has over 10 years of experience in the design, development and prototyping of Game for mobile devices, Mac and Windows PCs. From character development to game environment development, stages design and testing, we provide a truly comprehensive support for our clients. We leverage the latest mainstream game development frameworks like Unity3d, Unreal engine as well as custom-made game engines to develop Game that are rich in graphics and gameplay experience.

We have an in-depth knowledge of game physics, character interaction, in-game AI behaviour prototyping, graphics rendering, art production and sound integration. As a global Game development company, we leverage our expertise to build Game ranging from browser powered 2d Game to 3d Game that utilize the full potential of the latest GPUs on consoles and bespoke gaming personal computers. Outsource Game development services to us to leverage the knowledge of advanced technologies 3d modelling, computer programming and AI development services to build Game.

PC and Console Game development

Our Comprehensive Game Development Services

PC and Console Game development

As a premium game development services company, our primary expertise lies in the development of full-fledged high definition 3D Game. We leverage both open source game engines like Unity3d and custom built proprietary engines to build a wide variety of Game ranging from first-person shooters to strategy and team sports-inspired Game. Our services enable game development companies with the implementation of artificial intelligence features, in-game physics and other vital aspects of a 3D game in excellent turnaround times. From the development of game components to multiplayer game experience development we provide a complete PC and console game development support for our clients.

Game Development for Businesses

We leverage mobile game development platforms like Cocos2d and Corona to build mobile Game for enterprise use. Mobile Game are an effective means of product and service promotion. Well-designed mobile Game built for a business can improve brand recall and offer impeccable customer engagement. We build custom mobile apps using a blend of game development frameworks and web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to craft business-specific mobile and web-based Game.

Mobile Game Development

We develop custom mobile Game that utilize the full potential of onboard GPU and CPU of smartphone and tablet hardware. We specialize in android game development, iOS game development, etc. We use a mix of native app development platforms like Android studio, Xcode and Visual studio along with frameworks like Corona and Unity 3d to build Game ranging from those with a simple 2d gameplay to 3d sandbox type Game with advanced in-game physics character interaction and particle rendering. We also build cross-platform mobile game apps using tools like Xamarin and web development tools like HTML5 CSS and Angular JS. All Game are optimized to run efficiently. Alternatively, we also build platform-specific Game using game engines such as iTroque, Kobold2D for iOS, Libgdx for Android and Windows 10 API for Windows Mobile.

Game Art Development

We offer a full range of services including concept art animation in-game integration, level building and environment prototyping for console and mobile Game. We use Autodesk and Adobe tools such as Maya, 3ds and Photoshop up to create incorporate memorable game art into every project. We also assist our clients with the marketing and promotion of the completed game as well as creating posters, websites and social media marketing campaigns.

Game Testing

Our game testing services is designed to test the efficiency of a newly developed game. From user interface testing to functionality, web services, multiplayer, hardware compatibility and compliance testing, our testing services help you carry out an in-depth review of completed Game. Our thorough assessment of game performance enables us to deliver high quality builds for our clients.

Game Art Development
Mobile Game Development

The Technology We Use

We use a wide variety of game engines and prototyping frameworks depending on the platform that the game is being built for. We use Unity 3d, CryEngine and Unreal engine under the commercial license to develop graphics rich 3d Game for Mobile devices, Windows PC, consoles and Mac. For simple 2D mobile Game, we use the Corona cross-platform SDK. We also use platform-specific tools such as Cocos2d for specialized Android game development Spritekit for iOS Game. For bespoke game development purposes, we assist our clients with the development of proprietary Game engines. We also use 3d modelling tools like Autodesk Maya, 3d Max and Blender to develop game assets and environments along with Adobe Photoshop for game graphics prototyping

Our Game Development Process

Analysis of Requirements
We sit with you to evaluate your idea for a game. Based on your requirements we provide inputs to make the idea better. The final requirements are recorded with service level agreements

Design & Development
In this stage we develop a prototype of the game and send it for approval. Based on client feedback, changes, if any, are made. This is followed by coding of the game mechanics

Game Testing
In this stage, the beta version of the game is completed. It is tested on target devices by a selected audience to evaluate performance

Performance Improvement
All performance glitches uncovered during the testing phase is improved at this stage. All bugs are fixed, and code level improvements are done to make the game’s performance seamless

The completed game is delivered to their specific platforms. After delivery we provide full back up support to ensure the game performs up to expectations

Know Our Developers

Our team of game developers comprises a fine selection of graphics designers, 3d modelling experts, computer programmers, game artists, web designers and app developers. Our multifaceted expertise is one of the main reasons behind our success as a global game development company. From prototyping the game concept with sketches to the creation of models and coding NPC(Non-player character) behavior and character rigging, animation, light mapping, character scripting and GUI functionality creation our team of experts are capable of giving you a comprehensive coverage with your game development needs. Our team of professionals are proficient with object-oriented programming C++, C#, Swift and Java, which enables us to unlock the immense potential of open source Game engines such as Unity 3d. Our developers are also well versed with web technologies like Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 and can build custom browser powered Game as well.

Why Outsource Game Development Services to GetSmartCoders?

  • Over 10 years of experience in game engine development and game development
  • In depth knowledge of Unity 3D, Crytek engine and Unreal engine
  • Use of 3d Max, Autodesk Maya, Blender 3d and Photoshop for game asset development
  • Expertise in Mobile Game Development platforms like Corona SDK, Spritekit, Cocos2d, Marmalade, Lumberyard, Next peer and more
  • Proficiency in web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript for browser game development
  • Excellent grasp of custom algorithm design for in game AI and NPC behaviour development
  • Knowledge of graphics and design tools like Spine, Substance Designer, Maya 3d as well as audio effects tools such as FMOD, Wwise for in game audio effects design
  • Over 250+ successfully completed game design and development projects
  • Up to 40% reduction in development costs
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