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We Transform Gaming Concepts into Winning Solutions for the iOS Platform

Getsmartcoders has 10 years of experience in the design and development of both 2D and 3D games for the iOS operating system. From the creation of enthralling storylines to the prototyping of game characters, environments, NPC (non-player character) AI design and level design, we have a comprehensive knowledge of game development for Apple devices. We build games that have spectacular graphics and a highly engaging user experience. We use a wide variety of technologies and development tools ranging from Unity3d to Cocos2d and game maker to develop simple to full-fledged high definition games.

As a global iOS game development company, we have an excellent understanding of 3d modeling, light mapping, in-game character design, GUI functionality, camera rigging and animation. We combine this with our expertise with iOS app development tools like Xcode and Appcode to create robust gaming apps for iPhones and iPads. Outsource iOS game development services to us to handle all your game development needs for Apple devices.

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Our All Inclusive iOS Game Development Services

2D Game Development

We leverage our rapid application prototyping skill sets to create simple games with a two-dimensional view. We create vital components of the game like objects and characters, using robust game prototyping tools such as Cocos2d, Marmalade or Game Maker studio. We then package the game Into Xcode and release it to the marketplace as a native app.

3D Game Development

We have wide exposure to the creation of expert 3d iOS games. Whether it is a first-person shooter, racing simulation, sports-based game or a graphics intensive multiplayer game, we use the Unreal engine or Unity 3d to build interesting games. Our 3d games come with remarkable graphics rendering capabilities to give the user a highly immersive gameplay experience.

AR and VR based iOS Game Development

We have the expertise to help you get a head start into the next big thing in iOS game development - Augmented reality and Virtual reality games. From location-based games that leverage the GPS features of your iOS device to camera, Bluetooth and Wifi based games, we build bespoke iOS gaming apps using native app development platforms like Xcode and SDK tools like vuforia, ARToolkit, Google ARcore and more.

Game Asset, UI and Design

We build game assets like objects of the game environment, details of the game world, character features and more using professional 3d modeling tools. As a premium iOS game development services company, we leverage the immense potential of these modeling tools to create and test out the shader properties, camera angles, lighting algorithms and graphics rendering capacity of the hardware on iOS devices. We build game assets to specifically match the storyline and UI requirements of the client

Game Marketing

Our game marketing services give you the assistance you need in promting and sales of the completed game. We create digital art for social media, print media promotions and advertisement creation using Photoshop and the Adobe cloud. Our game marketing service is an extension of our expert game development services.

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iPhone Game Development

The Technology We Use

We choose specific technology for game design and development depending upon the complexity of the game. We predominantly leverage Unity3d and Unreal Engine for the design and development of games that have high definition graphics. For simple applications like puzzle, strategy and sprite components based games we primarily use, Corona, Cocos2d, Marmalade, Game Maker along with native tools like Xcode. We bring out the finer details of the game by creating game assets such as in-game objects characters and non-player characters using 3D Modelling and rendering tools like 3ds Max and Maya. We create promotional digital art using Photoshop and other graphic design tools like Coreldraw.

Our iOS Game Development Process

Analysis of Requirements
In this stage we try to get a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and what you are trying to achieve with the game. We create a plan of action along with well-established milestones to track the progress of the development process

Game Prototyping
This is the stage where the game characters, environment and all other visual aspects of the game are finalized and a working prototype is constructed. This is sent to client for modifications.

Development and Codebase Generation
Our developers start working on the features and functionalities that are finalized and approved by the client in the prototype stage. The game code base is optimized leveraging the full potential of the game hardware

Testing and Debugging
After the completion of the development, we release the game to a designated set of users for beta testing. All glitches and performance bottlenecks are identified and rectified in this step

Deployment to App Store
The finalized game is deployed in Apple store for reviews and ratings. We follow app store optimization guidelines to make the app visible to users.

Know Our Developers

Our game developers have multifaceted skill sets which allow them to handle all types of game development requirements -- from simple puzzle based games to state of the art first person perspective games with superior graphics. They are experts in programming languages like Swift Objective-C, C#, C++, and Java,. Our experts have supreme command over Unity3d and Unreal Engine, two of the most prolific game engines in the world right now. Alternatively, we also develop our own game engine for more complex projects. Our game developers have a great understanding of game level design and character interaction. They are ably assisted by experienced UX designers dedicated solely for creation of game apps.

Why Outsource iOS Game Development Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • A team of 1000+ game developers, 3d modelling/animation experts, digital artists and Photoshop experts
  • In depth knowledge of native iOS development platforms like Xcode, App code and libraries like Swifttoolbox
  • Excellent grasp of iOS specific computer programming languages like Swift and Objective along with vital game development languages like C++ and C#
  • In depth knowledge of crafting game environments, player characters and in game assets with game engines like Unity3d, Unreal Engine, Cryengine and Unity mobile for 3d Game development
  • Proficiency with 2d game development tools like Cocos2d, Corona SDK, Marmalade, Gamemaker, PlayCanvas, iTorque and Sparrow
  • Expertise in Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender 3d for game asset development and game level design
  • Native iOS game app development as well as game development using cross platform tools like Xamarin, ionic and Phonegap
  • Integration support for iOS games for enhanced user satisfaction
  • Up to 40% savings in operations costs

Looking for an expert iOS game development services company to build custom gaming apps for iphones and iPads? Outsource iOS game development services to us to create the right kind of gameplay experience.

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