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Android Application Development Services

getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in providing outsourced Android mobile application services to businesses around the world. From appointment scheduling apps to cab hiring apps, from real-time consignment tracking apps to shadow board app, we have the experience in designing a range of apps to help you build the best Android app for your business.

As a leading Android app development company, our strength lies in our ability to adopt collaborative approach. We take real-time needs of the projects in consideration before putting our best Android application development people together. We are a process driven ISO certified organization, committed to delivering high quality services to our customers. Our clients hire Android app developer from getSmartcoders because we ensure quality targets and compliance assurance.

We conceptualize, design, develop, test and deploy Android apps for you to meet the specific needs of your business. Driven by a workforce of 100+ development experts, we have developed over 200 Android apps for our clients, spread across 15 countries. We leverage this experience to develop Android apps optimized for great speed and performance.

We Offer a Range of Android Application Development Services

Android App UX / UI Design

What sets getSmartcoders apart from other competitors in the market is our knack for incorporating user experience when we develop Android apps for our clients. Our apps are not only visually pleasing but also valuable to the users. This is why our clients prefer to outsource Android app development to us. We work with you from start to finish to create Android app that is fully functional.

Android Native Apps Development

We have in-house Android app developer teams that use Android platform functionalities in development of your business app. Our experts are trained to provide native Android app development service which means writing entire code in programming language specific to Android. The apps are created taking device’s important features such as camera, GPS, contact book etc.

Android App Programming

when you hire Android app developer, you can rest assured that our team of trained professionals will build you a scalable and interactive Android application in cost-effective manner. You can now execute your dream of designing the perfect Android app and make it into a reality. Android today dominates at least 50% users landscape, if not more. Use our Android app programming to get up-to-date apps that are integrated seamlessly with your business services and offerings.

Hybrid App Development

Our expert Google Android developer can also design Hybrid apps as per your business requirement. Hybrid apps require basic web framework such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS for their development. Our developers create Android app for native use and so can be used in any device, regardless of OS and platform. An expert developer knows how to design this app that can function locally on all kinds of devices. You don't need an all new app to be compatible with other devices. Outsource Android app development to us and we can augment your existing app without the need for expensive overhaul. Integrating Native components in to the app code usually does the trick!

Android Mobile Application Testing

Android app development requires end-to-end mobile testing process. It starts from creating a prototype which is tested for user acceptance and performance. It is finally tested on the device for stability, responsiveness and and other performance parameters. The app is also tested for Android devices and OS. Android mobile development at getSmartcoders is performed in dedicated testing labs to ensure that they work seamlessly.

Android mobile app support and maintenance

When Google introduced free Android operating system, it led to a spurt in the growth of smartphone users. The increase in demand also led to increase in Android mobile app development for the Google Play store. Thus, Android apps became an important business solution for many product and service providers. Since then, we have proven unparalleled efficiency in Android mobile app development. Today we hold extensive experience in providing value-added and scalable services for your mobile apps. Our objective is to combine our expertise with state-of-the-art mobile application to create Android app for users, as desired by our clients.

Android Mobile App Redesigning

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and there is no reason for you to use old application for your business. Outsource Android application development to us and allow us to design the latest apps that work in accordance with the newest mobile trends. If you have an old design that needs a revamp, we can take that job off your hands and refresh the app for you. Our Android app designer can completely redesign your app and give it fresh, new look. Don't worry about blocking the user access when work on your app is in progress. We work 24/7 to complete work on your app so that it is up and running in no time and resume business without losing precious time.

Porting and Migration to Android Platform

Migration and porting are extremely crucial in Android development environment. Using the right services for this task can allow you to broaden your reach and increase customer visibility. getSmartcoders helps its customers in migrating their existing services from one software to another. We not only change the Android development environment, but also ensure that we do some value addition to the app to the existing app with the help of emerging technologies. We also try to retain all the existing features to reduce in-house training requirements after the porting and migration concludes. We also ensure that the transition from existing to the modified environment is smooth and flawless. We also provide support for the new system until users get adapted to it.

Why You need Android Application Development Services for Your Business

Many businesses are jumping into the app bandwagon for reasons aplenty. As an expert Android app development company, we would like to share some important benefits for using Android application development services for your business

Mobile Android app development requires low investment

Believe it or not, programming for Android can be accessed for free by using Android software development kit (SDK). Android is an open-source platform that uses JavaScript for basic app development. We can create Android apps that are virtually hassle free and easy to execute. We have a step-by-step process to create app for Android that goes through testing and deployment to the app store.

Expert Android app developer can provide easy customization

Android provides developers the flexibility and easy customization options. As a result, our experts are able to develop Android apps with diverse functionalities. Android, by its very nature, offers versatility and ability to integrate communication tools, multimedia tools and data management functions with flexibility of easy upgrades.

Gain benefits of hybrid Android development environment

With over 80% market share of Android, companies have quickly recognized the need for designing hybrid apps. getSmartcoders is an expert of Android app programming and can develop apps that are usable across all platforms, regardless of device and OS. This single feature will give your business incredible visibility amongst users.

Safe Mobile Android App

We understand the cyber risks and assure our clients that we can develop Android apps that are safe for use and distribution. We design mobile apps that are free from malware, giving users safe experience.

Android Application Development for wearable devices

Android mobile application development services is your best bet if you have a business that requires mobile strategy. Wearable devices are the next big thing and if your business needs an app for that, getSmartcoders has you covered!

Here are the Tools and Technologies for Android Mobile App Development

Our google Android developers have strong command in Java along with knowledge of HTML, CSS, C, C++. They are well acquainted with SQLite and Realm for database management. Our developers rely on tools like Android SDK, Android NDK, Android Open Accessory Development Kit, Native Go support, AIDE, App Inventor for Android, Basic4Android, Corona SDK etc for app development and Marvel, Invision, Mobile Awesomeness, Pop App, Android Patterns for Android app design.

Build Your Ideas
android app development tools

Working with getSmartcoders

We have an established process from start to finish. It includes the following steps:

Requirement Analysis
We sit with you to comprehend your requirements. It is during this stage that we set goals for the project.

Design Preparation
This is the wire-framing stage wherein we outline the app structure & UI along with platform, features, feasibility and specifications

In this stage, the mobile interface design team works towards executing the
application plan.

This is the final stage wherein we deliver the app to you or proceed with submission
of the google app

Though QA tests are performed during the development stage, a final check on the overall functionality of the application
is carried out.

This is core development phase where several techniques are deployed at the code level to develop its usability. Once completed, we send the prototype for approval.

Why Create Android Apps with Our Developers

We recruit professionals with more than 5 years of experience in android app development services. These professionals become part of a team headed by a lead with over 10 years of experience in mobile app development for different business domains. This helps us better understand your requirements and furnish solutions that are built around your specific business requirements.

Our team of certified engineers and developers at getSmartcoders have earned exhaustive experience across various industries in Android application development. Our professionals are quick-witted and are trained to use state-of-the-art tools to develop scalable and robust applications that can take your business to the next level. As one of the premium and earlyst Android mobile app development company, our developers have been able to gain immense experience in app development and execution. Now we are capable of developing any idea into a fully functional Android app. Our clients vouch for our approach, coding each app in a stylish way. As a result, our clients enjoy active downloads and increased business opportunities. If you are looking to hire Android app developer and looking for customized app development services, then speak to our experts at getSmartcoders today.

Why Outsource Android App Development to

Our Android development service offers the following benefits

Custom Application Development Agile methodology Android app development

alue add-consulting Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing process

project management 100+ expert developers, UX/UI specialists & designers

competitive rates Cost-effective and timebound Android development services

lexible business models Flexible models to hire Android app developers

Guaranteed timeline Open, transparent, and collaborative client engagement

Looking for a reliable Android app development company to create Android apps that exactly meets your needs? Outsource Android application development to getSmartcoders now.