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We Strive to Enrich User Experience with Apple Watch Apps in Myriad Ways

GetSmartCoders specializes in providing robust Apple watch application development services. We have a team of experienced technicians who have the expertise in developing apps for Apple watch, building some of the most useful apps for various industries and businesses. We use the latest OS technologies to bring the best of both worlds together.

Apple Watch is the revolutionary wearable technology that has transformed the way all industries work. The popularity of Apple Watch heralds a shift in trend where marketers and businesses only competed on smartphone features. The iOS run apps for Apple watch has brought the focus to wearable device that offer tight ecosystem with the user’s iPhone.

Ever since its launch, Apple Watch has been a big hit with businesses for its potentially transforming ways of conducting business. Now that Apple has announced native app development for WatchOS2, the wearable industry is about to witness yet another paradigm shift. No longer will apps for Apple watch only cater to health and music industry. It will now be able to bring more value to the user’s life. Businesses will be able to use native app SDK for WatchOS 2 that will surge the wearable market to unbelievable heights.

As an emerging Apple watch app development company, we understand the nuances of building great apps for Apple watch. We use this understanding to the fore to build innovative and user-friendly apps for your Apple watch needs. Our endeavor to explore the immense possibilities of the watch kit helps us to commit ourselves to build creative and fascinating apps for your requirements.

We are already halfway into scrutinizing the true potential of Apple Watch so that we can build apps that can enrich user experience in incredible ways. With thousands of apps for Apple watch already crowding the iTunes store, don't you want to develop something that can set you apart and encourage more downloads?

We can cater to all the industries as our expert developers are pioneers of Apple watch application development. By outsourcing Apple watch app development, you will get customized solutions to meet all your business needs. We not only provide end-to-end services, but also offer Apple Watch consulting, Apple watch app design services, Apple watch application development etc.

Our End to End

Apple Watch Application Services

We have a proven track record of developing popular apps that are featured in iTunes App Store. We are a team of passionate developers and designers who take their work very seriously. We partner with you throughout the Apple watch app development stages to ensure that we meet all your business requirements. We put micro focus on experience, utility, quality and navigation while developing apps for Apple watch to encourage more downloads from the users.

If you want high-end Apple watch app development company at an affordable price, GetSmartCoders has you covered. As a premium Apple watch app development company, we have years of experience and reputation for deploying some of the best resources in the industry to give the finest apps for Apple watch.

We provide the following services for Apple watch apps:

  • App Design and User Interface
  • Back-end Systems & API Development
  • App Development Consultations
  • App Support and Maintenance

Benefits of Outsourcing Apple Watch Application Development to GetSmartCoders

Our Apple watch app development team provides the following services:

  • Consulting Services: Our team of developers will go through the ideation process and offer consultation for potential Apple Watch app extensions. We not only work with mobile and tablet apps, but also hold proficiency in wearable technology
  • Apple Watch App Design: We believe that simplicity is the key to develop Apple watch app. We create neat user interfaces (UI) and interactive user experiences (UX) which ensures that Apple Watch users find optimum functionality from their Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Application Development: our apps for Apple watch services are offered end-to-end, completing the Apple watch application development within the stipulated timeframe
  • Quality Testing: before handing over the final product, we put our apps for Apple watch through rigorous testing. We also examine cross-platform compatibility, navigation, graphics and overall quality of the app before delivering the project

Apple Watch Development Tools and Technologies We Use

As an expert in developing apps for Apple watch we have an inherent understanding of the nuances that go into making apps visually aesthetic but also highly functional. While we create Apple watch app with in deadlines, we also strive to incorporate new and innovative features in the apps to make them unique and desirable for the user.

Our familiarity with the technology that steers Apple watch application development includes thorough knowledge of Xcode the new Xcode 6.2, 8.2 iOS SDK and not to mention the WatchKit framework. We leverage the beta Xcode 6.2, to test and preview Watch apps before delivering them to you.

Working with GetSmartCoders

We have a robust iPhone application development which we leverage to develop apps for Apple Watch. It includes the following

Requirement Analysis
We sit with you to comprehend your app requirements. After comprehending the requirements, we set goals for the project

Design Preparation
In this stage, we outline the app structure & UI along with features, feasibility and

In this stage, the team works towards executing
the app design.

This is the final stage wherein we deliver the app to you or proceed with submission of the app

After the approval, we test the app to check its overall functionality and eliminate bugs

We do the coding to develop its functionality. Once completed, we send the prototype for approval

Why GetSmartCoders is the Best Apple Watch App Development Company

Looking to outsource Apple watch app development to a partner specializing in apps for Apple watch? Here is why you should come to us.
  • We make rich Apple Watch apps: Our developers use WatchKit SDK to create Apple watch app that comes loaded with features
  • User Friendly Apps: We develop Apple watch app that is easy to use, control and interact with, enhancing the user experience and encouraging more downloads
  • Experienced Team: We have years of experience in developing apps. Additionally, our team of designers and developers have worked with iOS long enough to have adequate knowledge about Apple Watch OS too. This is the reason we are able to develop apps for Apple watch with utmost perfection
  • Incorporating Glances: This lightweight view of an app gives users a quick glance of the notification before they enter the full app. Glances is a potent took for engaging customers as per their needs. We can customize the use of Glances to suit all kinds of industries
  • Enhanced user experience: Our developers are not inhibited by the device’s limitations and are still able to design an app that will be readily used by the users

Our main job, as Apple watch app developers is to find innovative ways to develop user friendly apps. GetSmartCoders is a trusted Apple watch app development company that uses the diverse aspects of WatchKit SDK to develop smart Apple Watch apps. Additionally, we also offer:

  • iPhone Apple Watch integration
  • WatchKit app development that offers complete access to user interface
  • Incorporation of Glances into the app

Our Apple Watch App Developers

Our Apple watch app developers have considerable exposure to the iOS platform. So, they find it easy to import the necessary and optimal features of the iPhone onto the watch to ensure proper display and interaction. Further, they have wide experience in developing apps for the iPhone, which will help you integrate your Apple watch with iPhone seamlessly for efficient data transfer between the two devices. Having said that, it’s worth mentioning that our developers re-think the design from the ground app and not just lift it from the iPhone app.

Here is what our development team offers to our clients
  • Glances: Our developers can create quick view for your app that will give the users short information with a Glance. You can cycle through glances as you swipe up on your Apple Watch screen. Tapping the Glance on your watch will open the app for you
  • Actionable Notifications: Apps for Apple watch can also display actionable notifications, just like your iPhones with Push notifications. We develop Apple watch app via WatchKit that allows the users to take action straight from their watch
  • WatchKit Apps: We offer full user interface on your Apple Watch that the users can interact with, like they do on their smartphones. Our developers understand the client requirement and develop a complete Apple Watch app using WatchKit SDK

Why Outsource Apple Watch Application Development to Us?

When you outsource Apple Watch app development to us you get the following benefits in return:

Guaranteed timeline Agile Apple Watch application development and project methodology

alue add-consulting Cross-functional team of 100+ expert iPhone developers, UX/UI specialists & designers

project management 24x7 service delivery from 8 global

competitive rates Cost-effective and timebound iPhone development services

World class communicationOpen, transparent and collaborative client engagement

World class communication Rigorous quality assurance testing before “Go-Live” events

Looking for a reliable Apple Watch app development company? Outsource Apple Watch app development to getSmartcoders to begin the discovery process.

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