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Give Your Business Process the Desired Edge With Innovative And Dynamic Enterprise Apps

Getsmartcoders has 10 years of experience in providing business organizations with a wide range of app development and mobility solutions. Our services leverage a blend of contemporary mobile technology, diverse exposure to industry domains and a well-defined development process to deliver the best mobile app to our clients. We are experts at providing an out of the box approach to enterprise mobile application development, which therefore helps you have apps that can make a difference to your business.

Our enterprise mobile applications are designed to address problems and streamline business processes in a variety of industry settings, ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to retail and telecommunications. As a global enterprise mobile app development services company, we have deployed secure and high performing solutions for front line workers and stakeholders. Outsource enterprise mobile app development services to us for cutting edge solutions that will help you stay a step ahead in competition.

Our Enterprise App Development Services

ipad App Development

Bespoke Native App Development

We leverage our knowledge of tools such as Android Studio, Xcode and Visual Studio to build customized enterprise apps based on your specific requirements. As an expert enterprise mobility management company we incorporate the responsive aspects of app development and combine it with business requirements such as marketing campaigns, brand promotions, process automation and recommendation systems to create unique solutions for your needs.

ipad App Migration and Porting

Cloud-based deployments

We combine the advanced capability of the Cloud with the computing potential of smartphone apps to build cloud-driven enterprise mobility solutions for business organizations. We have in-depth knowledge of AWS, Azure and Google cloud platform which we use to build full-fledged ecosystems and enable next level possibilities for businesses. From cloud-based CRM systems to sales management applications bill payment systems, and self-service websites, we have a proven track record of excellence in handling cloud-based deployments.

Custom ipad App Design

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

We use web-based technologies such as Angularjs, Reactjs, Nodejs, MongoDB, Django and more, to build cross-platform applications that run consistently on Android, iOS and Windows mobile. Our cross-platform mobile enterprise solutions provide business organizations with the ideal blend of cost-effective development services and fast development times. We even take our cross-platform mobile app development service to the next level by packaging codebase built using web technologies into hybrid apps, using tools like Xamarin, Ionic and PhoneGap.

ipad App Support and Maintenance

M-commerce and Mobile Content Management

We use the best practices of enterprise mobile application development to build revolutionary media for businesses such as m-commerce platforms, content management systems with recommendation features and media streaming systems. We use Python frameworks such as Django, Tensorflow, Numpy and more to integrate neural net systems into e-commerce apps to create self-learning modules that predict user responses and recommend products or service. We build solutions for online sales, marketing and media-based entertainment that are vast yet lightweight in nature, giving end users of a powerful, engaging, interactive and fast tool.

Apple App Store Assistance

Location Tracking Enterprise Application Development

As a global enterprise mobile application development company, we are on board with the trend of interfacing smartphones with other physical hardware. From IoT devices to proprietary technology such as ibeacon, our developers have the knowledge and proficiency to build innovative apps using low energy wireless technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi. We build apps that handle inventory management, warehousing, delivery tracking, location-based response rendering and other modern day intelligent systems.

The Technology we use

From native app development tools such as Xcode, Android studio and Visual Studio, we use a size of selection of smartphone app development technologies. We use web development technologies such as js libraries, HTML3 and CSS3 in the rapid prototyping of quick solutions for enterprises. As an expert enterprise mobile application development company, we use these mainstream technologies along with Python frameworks such as Tensorflow and Numpy and cloud hosting technologies like AWS, Azure and Cloud Platform to create business systems that can be controlled using remote access.

Our Development Process

  • Step 1

    Requirement Understanding

    We work closely with the client to understand the requirement in detail. We create a roadmap for the app development process by establishing milestones to track progress

  • Step 2

    Development of Wireframe

    A prototype of the enterprise mobile application is created after compiling a blueprint of its functionalities. The blueprint serves as a template for the development process

  • Step 3

    Application Development

    The features and functionalities of the app are finalized in this stage. Further, the technology for the front and back end of the app are finalized

  • Step 4

    Testing and Debugging

    The app is scrutinized for glitches and performance issues. All issues are iteratively resolved at this stage

  • Step 5


    The completed app is deployed on to the app store of the respective mobile platform. The designated user base is granted access to download and install the app on their mobile devices

  • Step 6

    Maintenance and Upgrades

    Periodic upgrades are installed based on user and client feedback. We monitor the performance of the app constantly to install enhancements

Know Our Developers

Our team of enterprise app development experts have diverse industry experience and have built smartphone apps for a wide range of domains ranging from inventory management to manufacturing and product design. Our team comprises computer programming experts, UI/UX designers, microcontroller designers and web developers. Besides, we have experts in AI, machine learning, deep learning and custom algorithm design. It is this versatile technical mix of experts that gives our team a competitive edge.

Why Outsource Enterprise App Development Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • A team 1000+ mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, database architects and testers with varied industry experience
  • Proficiency in all the major native app development tools such as Android studio, Xcode and Visual Studio
  • Expertise in mainstream web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap and more to create lightweight and low cost web apps
  • Excellent crash of cross platform mobile app development tools like Phonegap, Xamarin and Ionic to build high performance hybrid apps
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Swift, Objective-C, C#, C++, Python, Lisp and R to integrate machine learning artificial intelligence and statistical models into enterprise apps
  • Knowledge of advanced technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data Analytics etc
  • 100% data security and backup
  • Customized approach to app development based on an in-depth understanding of customer requirements
  • Highly scalable work options. We can scale work volumes by up to 50%

Looking for an expert enterprise mobility management company to develop bespoke apps for your business? Outsource enterprise mobility solutions to us and adopt a professional approach to enterprise mobile application development

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