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Leverage the Limitless Possibilities of iBeacon App Development to Create Smart Solutions for Enterprise use

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in developing apps for iOS devices including enterprise-grade iBeacon app development services for companies across the world. We develop innovative solutions that leverage the potential of iBeacon devices to track objects, trigger notifications, provide strategic marketing information and lot more. As an expert iBeacon App Development Company, we have a proven track record of delivering scalable and cost-effective solutions for companies in inventory management, marketing, event and retail management.

We unlock the potential of iBeacon, the proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Technology from Apple, to perfectly meet all your business needs. Our app development services use latest iOS app development standards, frameworks and industry best practices to give you a robust and useful app. Outsource iBeacon app development to deliver the best location based experience and services to your customers.

The Advantages of iBeacon App Development

iBeacon technology has immense potential that enterprises can use to improve their revenue streams. Some of the benefits of iBeacon devices and supporting apps are as follows:-

  • Automation You can automate a wide variety of tasks across all departments with iBeacon apps. You can use iBeacon apps to automatically complete tasks on your mobile device, once it is in close contact with an iBeacon device.
  • Cost Saving iBeacon devices are cost effective and easy to install. With a range of up to fifty meters, they can trigger useful functionality on user iPhones and iPads, helping you save costs involved with specific tasks.
  • Effective Tracking You can meet all tracking requirements for your business with an iBeacon solution. You can track employees, customer footfalls, delivery vehicles and inventory effectively etc.
  • Micro Location Unlike GPS, iBeacons can function well indoors. Such levels of micro locations open up a wide variety of possibilities in navigation.

Our iBeacon App Development Services

Event Management Solutions Indoor Navigation Maps

Our iBeacon app development services for event management companies is designed from the ground up to provide assistance to guests and audiences without manual intervention. Attendees can install our app at the venue of an event. The app then feeds all important information like event schedules, duration and routes to users strategically. Our solutions will help you provide a personalized touch to your guests.

Mobile payment solutions

We incorporate beacon based payment systems with 'self-checkout' features, to make the payment process easy for your customers. Our automated mobile payment built using Beacon Technology has helped many of our clients increase revenues significantly while reducing the waiting times for customers. With our solution, you can process the payments of a larger number of customers at one time, thus improving the efficiency of your payment processing.

Inventory management and Vehicle Tracking

Track your consignments in real time by using the accurate indoor positioning features of iBeacon devices. We help you use the micro-location tracking potential of iBeacon apps to report and track asset location changes in real time. Besides improving efficiency, our solutions are perfectly designed to help you gain an edge over competition.

Retail app development

As a global iBeacon App Development Company, we help you to differentiate and compete in the e-commerce and retail segment by incorporating Beacon Technology in your operations. From simple triggers like sending welcome offers to full-fledged marketing campaigns to promote a particular product or service, we use iBeacon apps to receive sales-related information in a timely manner. We build and deploy apps that engage your customers in the most efficient way possible. Our custom apps also give you detailed information about customer footfalls, purchase pattern and shopping preferences.

Healthcare Solutions

We use the potential of iBeacon technology to personalize health content and to facilitate the integration of your iPhone or iPad with wearable technology. We build iBeacon apps for hospitals with built-in indoor navigation systems. Our healthcare solutions help streamline the internal processes of hospitals by providing strategic notifications and managing patient medication schedules. Our apps also help doctors and other hospital personnel receive relevant information about the patient at the right time directly on their mobile devices.

The Technology We Use

We use a wide variety of frameworks for our iBeacon app development projects. We primarily use Swift 3, and Xcode 8 to develop customized applications that run on all the major versions of the iOS devices. We build native apps using Objective-C and Swift, the official programming languages used by the iOS platform. We use all the latest native iOS app development standards in our app development process.

Build Your Ideas
iBeacon Technology tools

Our iBeacon App Development Process

Requirement Analysis
We consult with you to understand the nature of your requirement with iBeacon Devices. We create a plan for app development based on the requirements

Prototype Design
We create a prototype of the app to give you a feel of what the end product will look and feel like. The prototype is used as a reference for the rest of the development process


The actual development process begins. All the in app functionalities are

Maintenance and Upgrades
The app is monitored for consistency in performance. Upgrades are deployed in the form of security patches and version updates.

Deployment to
App Store

The completed app is deployed in the app store for user download.

Application Testing and Optimization
The completed app is opened for beta testing. It is thoroughly tested for glitches and performance issues

Know Our Developers

Our team of developers consist of database architects and UI/UX developers who are experts in iOS app development frameworks like Cocoa touch and Apple UI kit. With our in-depth knowledge of Objective-C and Swift, the programming languages of the iOS platform, we are able to design and deploy bespoke iBeacon apps for companies. As a global iBeacon App Development company, we give due preference to candidates with considerable experience in iBeacon solution implementation.

Why Outsource iBeacon App Development Services to Gersmartcoders?

Custom Application Development Over 10 years of experience in developing enterprise grade iOS apps

alue add-consulting Over 250+ completed iOS apps with integrated iBeacon solutions

project management Access to over 250 experienced iOS app developers

competitive rates Up to 40% reduction in development costs

lexible business models Specialization in proximity marketing for retail and event management applications

Guaranteed timeline Use of latest development tools and frameworks in the iBeacon app development process

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