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Enrich Your Business Processes with the Multifaceted Features of Ionic Mobile Apps

Getsmartcoders has 8 years of experience in the design and development of smartphone applications. Our experience includes developing apps with Ionic app platform, a powerful SDK to develop feature rich cross platform smartphone apps for all the major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. We have extensive experience in leveraging the Ionic framework to develop high performance apps for different industries and with equally different requirements.

As a premium Ionic mobile app development company, our Ionic app builders use the abundant Ionic development tools such as widgets, UI library, themes and plugins to create bespoke apps. Our services implement best coding practices and is based on a well-defined work flow. Outsource Ionic app development to us to leverage the expertise of a team that has created numerous innovative apps for global business organizations.

Our all Inclusive Ionic Mobile App Development Services

ipad App Development

Ionic Enterprise App Development

As a global Ionic mobile application development company, we build mobile applications to suit your organization goals. We use the highly interactive functionality of Javascript libraries to introduce specific sets of features and styling cues into your app to achieve the desired effect. We use the platform’s intuitive features like push notifications to engage your customers on the go.

ipad App Migration and Porting

ibeacon App Development

Using Ionic platform, we develop apps that are capable of triggering specific responses on a user device through Apple’s iBeacon technology. Our iBeacon apps leverage the Bluetooth low energy modules of iPhones and Android devices to interact with wireless beacons for receiving notifications. Retail and logistic businesses have used our ibeacon app development service to make highly sophisticated apps.

Custom ipad App Design

E-Commerce App Development

We specialize in designing and developing feature rich ecommerce apps using Ionic. We include features such as app notifications, smart notifications, responsive photos and embedded videos to give your sales campaign the boost it needs. We also use advanced features like push notifications and wireless technology such as Bluetooth and NFC to deliver strategically designed promotional information to your users. Further, we take full advantage of Javascript to make the user experience personal and highly responsive for your customers.

ipad App Support and Maintenance

Ionic Plugins Development

Custom plugins are integral to robust Ionic app development. We develop plugins for native platforms that allow for apps hosted on the Ionic frameworks to work like native apps on iOS, Android and Windows. We design plug ins based on an on depth understanding of how they interact with the hardware of the mobile device it is running on. We optimize code and use the code reusability of Ionic to create plugins that allows hybrid Ionic apps to perform as good as native apps.

Apple App Store Assistance

Entertainment Apps

We leverage the flexibility of the Ionic SDK to develop entertainment apps like music players, video streaming apps and mobile games. Together with the dynamic features of Javascript libraries and the lightweight nature of Ionic, we develop apps that offer a highly personalized user experience to consumers. We also incorporate Google analytics, social media integration and Machine learning into entertainment apps to incorporate predictive features and recommendation systems into them.

We Have Experience in Developing the Following iPad App Types

We have developed a range of B2B and B2C iPad apps. We specialize in the following iPad application development services:

iPad M-commerce Applications

Custom iPad Apps Development

Enterprise iPad Applications

iPad Game Development

iPad Apps Testing / Portability

iPad Social networking app

iPad Education Apps

iPad Multimedia Apps

iPad Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Apps

Ionic Mobile Application Development for your business

Ionic is the top choice of both business organizations and developers for hybrid mobile application development . The Ionic framework is capable of delivering consistent quality across all mobile platforms with impeccable browser compatibility as well. Ionic mobile application development enables UI layouts back end elements to work seamlessly. Some of the many benefits of Ionic app development for businesses are as follows:-

  • Mobile apps built on Ionic use the native features of a mobile device such as bluetooth, camera, wifi and more to achieve interesting functionalities
  • An app that is developed once can be packaged respectively to run on iOS, Windows and Android
  • Ionic apps provide the best balance between rich features and faster development times, making it an extremely dependable resource especially for rapid app development uses
  • Developers can use web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to develop mobile apps using Ionic
  • With Ionic, developers can leverage front end UI frameworks like AngularJs and Reactjs to create remarkably good looking apps with rich user experience

The Technology we use

We use HTML5 and CSS3, the industry standard technologies to build the structure and user interface of the app. We introduce responsive elements like hover effects, user input and single page elements using Angularjs, the most widely used Javascript framework. We use mainstream web technologies and the Cordova based plugins of Ionic to create apps that offer an immersive user experience to the end user. We optimize Javascript code in the app source code for fast user access. We effectively use Angularjs functions to create strategically designed app layouts designed to draw the user’s attention to specific sections of the app.

Our Application Development Process

  • Step 1

    Understanding Requirements

    We work closely with you to understand your requirements in detail. We create a roadmap for the development with milestones to track progress

  • Step 2

    Wireframe Development

    We compile the blueprint of the application and create a prototype of the Ionic Application. We also accommodate any changes in client requirements in this stage

  • Step 3

    Application Development

    We integrate all the functionalities and features into the app. We use specific components of the Ionic framework depending on the requirement

  • Step 4

    Testing and Debugging

    The completed.app is thoroughly tested for bugs and performance issues. All identified issues are resolved

  • Step 5


    The completed application is deployed to the app store of the respective platforms. Users can download the app and run it on their mobile devices

  • Step 6

    App Maintenance

    The app is constantly monitored for opportunities for improvement in performance. Periodic upgrades and installed

Know Our Developers

Our team of professionals Ionic mobile app builders comprise web technology experts, smartphone app developers and UI/UX experts. Our developers take maximum advantage of the Ionic SDK and it's front end components and plugins to build enterprise apps that represent your business well. Further, our ionic mobile app builders combine their experience in developing native mobile apps with their expertise in various other web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to create beautiful and highly functional cross-platforms for your business. We use our expertise in front-end technologies like Angularjs and reactjs to incorporate UI elements such as touch effects, embedded images and videos to build apps that are capable of creating the desired user experience.

Why Outsource Application Development to Getsmartcoders?

  • Over 250+ successfully completed Ionic apps for a wide array of industries
  • A team of 1000+ UI/UX developers including Ionic app builders
  • Expertise in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Javascript front end frameworks
  • Customized approach to app development based on an in depth understanding of customer requirements
  • Up to 40% savings in development costs
  • Up to 30% savings in turnaround
  • Robust app data security and back up
  • Flexible workforce to match the needs of your organization

Looking for an experienced Ionic app development company to build custom apps for your business? Outsource Ionic app development to us for a professional approach to cross platform app development.

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