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Give Your Business the Competitive EDGE with the Multifaceted Features of PhoneGap Applications

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in the development of mobile applications for enterprise use. Our team of experts are proficient in the design and development of mobile applications using PhoneGap, one of the most prolific tools used in the development of smartphone apps. As a global PhoneGap application development company, we bring an in-depth understanding of programming languages such as Javascript and Swift and combine them with our mobile development expertise to develop lightweight, superfast and highly immersive cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

When you outsource PhoneGap application development to us, you get to leverage the technical knowledge, coding experience and the creativity in UX and UI design of an expert development team. Our all-inclusive approach will help you develop a wholesome app that will meet its end objective of creating the best impression with your target audience. Outsource PhoneGap application development to us for excellence in hybrid app development.

Our all Inclusive PhoneGap Development Services

PhoneGap App Development

We have built different types of PhoneGap applications for equally diverse industry requirements. Our services primarily include developing customized mobile apps and also migrating existing applications to PhoneGap platforms. Some of the industries we have developed PhoneGap application on an extensive scale include retail, online shopping, ecommerce, and travel. Besides, we have worked for industries like education, gaming, advertising and healthcare.

PhoneGap Consultation

Our consulting services can be leveraged to develop PhoneGap apps with native look and feel. Our experts will provide you with the right guidance on PhoneGap toolset, plugins, third-party tools, and the framework built-in SDKs. We also assist you in making your PhoneGap app visually appealing and user centric.

PhoneGap Migration

If you are looking to modernize your mobile app to PhoneGap platform we help you achieve it with our PhoneGap migration services. Our services ensure you migrate to the right platform with enhanced user interfaces.

The Advantages of PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap is a robust cross platform smartphone application development tool that is also extremely versatile.

The Following are some of the benefits of the tool:

  • Compatible with all major smartphone OS: PhoneGap can be used to develop applications for all the major smartphone platforms. PhoneGap Apps scale well on tablet devices as well.
  • Flexibility: PhoneGap offers far more flexibility in terms of supported platforms. This can be particularly helpful when you have specific requirements.
  • Leverages the Hardware of the Phone: PhoneGap apps can interact with the hardware of smartphones like camera, bluetooth, wifi etc. This gives them significant performance based advantages over native apps.

Our PhoneGap App Development Process

Our PhoneGap Application Development Process is as follows

Understanding Requirements
We begin the development process by understanding your requirements closely. We create a development plan based on what you are trying to achieve with your app

Wireframe Design
We build a prototype of the PhoneGap Application. We work closely with you to deploy custom functionality into the app, based on your requirements


The final build of the app is initiated based on the wireframe. All the functionalities are integrated into the app

App Maintenance
The completed application is enhanced with periodic upgrades to ensure there is no performance issues any time

Marketplace Deployment
We assist you in releasing the app in the marketplace and make it available for user download

Application Testing
The completed app is thoroughly tested on the designated devices. All performance glitches are identified and resolved before deployment

Tools and Technologies We Use for PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap makes use of codes such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. We primarily use these technologies to develop PhoneGap apps. At times we also leverage technology such as JavaScript, Angular JS, HTML 5 etc; Framework like Ionic, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile and Database like MySQL, MongoDB etc. to develop and deliver the best of apps.

While building PhoneGap apps we primarily focus on UI and UX. This helps us specifically target towards niche demographics. It is especially because of this that our PhoneGap Application Development service gives your marketing campaign and customer service the digital touch that they need.

Build Your Ideas
ios Technology tools

Know Our Developers

We are a premium PhoneGap Application Development company made up of a blend of computer programmers, UI and UX experts, algorithm specialists and full stack web developers. Our team of developers are Javascript experts and have perfect knowledge of AngularJS, ReactJS and other Javascript libraries. Our developers also have command over major web development frameworks which enables us to bring down app development times significantly. This also helps us build immersive apps with a rich user experience.

Why Outsource PhoneGap App Development to Getsmartcoders?

  • Over 10 years of experience in developing cross platform mobile apps for business
  • Access to a team of 1000+ developers and designers with experience in PhoneGap app development
  • Proficiency in PhoneGap app languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 and other Frameworks and Database
  • Over 250+ successfully completed PhoneGap app development projects
  • Customized approach to app development based on an in depth understanding of customer requirements
  • Up to 405 savings in app development costs

Looking for an experienced PhoneGap application development company to build custom apps for you? Outsource PhoneGap application development to us for a professional approach to cross platform app development.

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