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Over the past decade, getSmartcoders has been a global pioneer in developing premium, enterprise-grade applications for its clients. One of the applications we specialise in is React Native app development services and its integration across hybrid platforms. We employ all the fundamental aspects of React Native mobile application framework, to enable you to develop mobile applications with reduced costs and shorter development cycles. This includes React Native Android apps and iOS apps designed for e-commerce, messaging, entertainment, etc.

Our team holds expertise in coding end-to-end React Native app development processes for mobile applications. They ensure that the development process maintains its top-notch standards at every stage. Long-standing businesses have trusted us and outsourced their React Native app development services through us. Our React Native app development services have been availed by organizations across different industry verticals.

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GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

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React Native Mobile App Development Services

As an innovative React Native app development company catering to global clients, we take pride in offering a range of app development services for our clients. Numerous React Native development services offered by our teams have enabled our customers to expand the reach of their brands, and establish themselves in previously untapped markets, while retaining their existing user-base. Some of the services we offer include:

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Our React Native App Development Process

As an ISO/IEC 27001- 2013 ISMS certified company weare committed to ensure that the mobile applications are robust, safe, error-free, and secure. To ensure this we have a well-established app development process in place. The React Native development services offered by our teams are executed through the following stages:

01 Requirement
requirement analysis of android app development process

At this stage, we consult with our clients and their representatives to understand the nature of their business and their specific requirements. Based on this, we create a curated plan for app development for them. The analysis is essential to make sure that the fundamental objectives of their application, and the numerous functionalities they require, are carefully managed.

02 Prototype
design process for Android app development

The planning part is followed by the creation of an application prototype, to give the clients a glimpse of the end-product and its functions. Once the prototype is approved by our clients, we utilize it to model our development process. Prototyping helps our team realize and compile the pre-requisites, software modules, and an initial guideline for the workflow.

03 Application
development phase to build Android app

At this stage, a dedicated team of programmers carry out the coding for the mobile app, using the Application Programming Interface (API). All the in-app functionalities are integrated within this stage. The prototype is converted to a full-fledged application, equipped with all the features required by the clientele, and compatible with the SDKs for individual platforms, such as Android or iOS.

04 Application
Testing and
QA testing after creating Android app

The completed app undergoes beta testing for detecting performance issues, to further optimize the operation of the mobile application through testing practices. The individual sections of the app and its features are tested for both updated versions of Android OS and Apple iOS available in the market, and the app is perfected through iterative methodologies where the testing and correction cycle is repeated.

05 Deployment
to App Store
deployement phase of Android app development

The completed app is deployed in the app store or play store following best store practices. Both app store and play store have their guidelines and prerequisites for hosting mobile applications. Detailed descriptions about the nature of the app, infographics highlighting the benefits of using it, content that describes the functional capabilities, are some of the necessary steps performed during deployment.

06 Maintenance
and Upgrades
Android app support and Maintenance

After the successful development stage, constant and frequent maintenance of the application is necessary to keep the app up-and-running. Once the development is over, we help you upgrade the app with security patches and version updates. A dedicated team experienced with debugging and testing of mobile apps is on standby to meet urgent requirements perform tasks related to updates.

Sports & Recreation
Fitness & Lifestyle

Industries We Serve

We have served a wide range of industries withour React Native mobile application development services. Our services have met the demanding needs of each of the industries with equal creativity and innovation.Our overall efforts in developing a React native mobile application have also assisted the brands improve the performance, engagement, and user experience of the app.

Education &
Retail & E-Commerce
Travel & Tourism
Media &
Finance & Banking
Food & Drink
Transportation &
Photography & Videography
Social Networking
Information Technology

We Leverage

  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Android Studio
  • XCode
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Python
  • XP
  • Relational
  • MySQL
  • NoSQL

Benefits of React Native App Development Services

React Native have gained wide acceptance because it offers a range of flexible options. We have leveraged the flexibility ofthe programming languageto successfully deliver a number ofprojects. We leverage this vast experience to assist you make use of this programming language to the hilt and in the process enable your brandto realize its full potential. As a platform React Native offer the following benefits:


It is a cross-platform framework that enables seamless operation and functionality across Android & iOS. The hybrid nature of React Native applications makes it possible to develop applications for both the platforms seamlessly, as dedicated APIs are available. This ensures top-notch quality of coding and execution, with minimum errors and maximum performance. Thus cross-platform enables us to target a larger set of audiences.


It is a reader-friendly framework that does not require prior knowledge of an extensive list of concepts for proper comprehension and understanding. Thus, the front-end ‘scripting’ of the React Native enables efficient coding, even for the novice programmers. This sort of ease of access and simplicity drives us to provide better-optimized apps that can be modified by our clients, as per their requirements.


Native Apps do not require Play Store permissions to release new updates. The reloading feature of the app also serves as a huge benefit. The option to reload the app saves a lot of time, as only the edited file is changed. The descriptive programming feature of React Native framework reduces the possibility of bugs, thereby accelerating release-cycle times.


React Native has a huge repository of components under ‘open-source’, which helps in developing iOS and Android apps speedily. The component-based structure of React Native API enables our developers to adapt a faster and accurate web-oriented approach. Adding UI components into an existing app’s code is enough to overhaul an app as we needand make it more user-friendly.


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