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Xamarin Mobile Application Development: A Highly Streamlined Process to Save 30% Development Time

GetSmartCoders has over 5 years of experience in cross-platform app development using Xamarin. From understanding how Xamarin works to designing mobile apps, from testing to deploying Xamarin apps, our developers can help you take full advantage of the benefits offered by this platform.

We utilize a three-developer steam comprising an iOS platform expert, one Android platform expert, and one software engineer to work on small Xamarin projects. The software engineer primarily co-ordinates between the iOS and Android app expert. In case of mid-sized and large-scale projects we scale up the team to meet your needs. This enables us to streamline our Xamarin mobile application development process and help you save at least 30% of the development time

Xamarin app development has caught the attention of businesses because of a number of unbeatable reasons. Developing great apps involves its own hassles most of which throw developers into many a dilemma. With cross-platform apps the complexities tend to compound as it involves separate coding languages and UI paradigms. With Xamarin apps all these problems get solved at one stroke, because you can use C# for iOS, Android, and Universal Windows apps. Additionally, with Xamarin you can build apps with very less number of bugs. Besides you can monitor and keep a record of crashes with Xamarin Insight.

Cross-Platform App Development - Xamarin Services We Provide

As a leading cross-platform app development company, we offer the following Xamarin app development services

Xamarin App Development

We design and execute your Xamarin app needs to support every mobile platforms and devices. With the help of consistent coding strategy, optimal content lay out, and minimized resource usage, we preserve the continuity of user experience for your target audience. Be it page navigation, image handling or data consistency, we ensure an experience that would bring your user back to your app, over and over again. With our comprehensive services you can meet all your cross-platform app development needs including Xamarin android development, Xamarin iOS development, Xamarin for Windows etc.

Xamarin App Consulting

We offer specialized services as Xamarin mobile app consultant. Through this service we address the entire range of challenges involved in giving life to your dream Xamarin app. Our consultative approach in Xamarin technology partnership aims to understand your business needs and constraints fully and provide insightful inputs on developing a robust app. We provide consulting services on Xamarin android app development, Xamarin iOS app development, Xamarin Windows app development, Xamarin forms app development, Xamarin app data security and governance, Xamarin apps deployment etc.

Xamarin Mobile App Support and Maintenance

We provide support and maintenance services for your Xamarin apps so that you don’t have to deal with issues like, server migration, low latency etc. We provide support to migrate data from one server to another, optimize server performance for low latency, all types of app enhancements, technology upgrades etc. Having helped our clients meet many maintenance related challenges time to time, you can rely on our experience to get reliable support and maintenance services for your Xamarin app needs. If you have a Xamarin app which is not performing up to the mark, we can help you identify issues with the source code and fix bugs fast. If you are looking for one of these or all of these needs, outsource Xamarin mobile application development needs to us.

Working with GetSmartCoders- The Best Xamarin App Development Company

Our cross-platform app development is based on a robust process from start to finish. It includes the following

We sit with you to understand your requirements which includes target audience. Thereafter we analyze and enlighten you on the technical constraints in developing your app.

This is the wire-framing stage. Our designers outline the app structure & UI along with platform, features, feasibility and

In this stage, the UI design team executes the design. While doing so our designers take great care to keep app features simple, so that user experience is as intuitive as possible.

This is the final stage. We either deliver the completed app to you or as per SLA submit the app in the market.

Though app testing is carried out simultaneously during the coding stage, a final round of comprehensive testing is done once the app is fully developed to check the usability of the application.

After the design stage, comes the core development phase where our developers do the coding for the app. Once completed, we send the prototype for approval.

Xamarin Mobile Application Development - Tools and Technologies

Our developers have complete knowledge of C# & .Net, which they leverage to build Xamarin apps. Besides this, they rely on tools like Xamarin Insights, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Insights, and Xamarin Test Cloud to deliver user friendly multi-platform apps.

Besides these tools, our developers depend on a host of free and paid components for cross-platform app development. They have great experience in dealing with major Xamarin Components such as UI controls, 3rd-party web services, and cross-platform libraries. We have also integrated Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and others with Xamarin.

Build Your Ideas

Why Our Xamarin App Developers are the Best

We have a group of developers with thorough knowledge and updates of cross-platform app development. With years of involvement in designing and developing Xamarin apps for a wide variety of business domains, our developers know what it takes to produce excellent quality apps for good business results. Be it Xamarin android development, Xamarin iOS development, or Xamarin for Windows our developers can help you develop a great app. As passionate app developers all they are always in touch with recent progressions in programming dialects which can be an added advantage in developing a robust and up-to-date app.

We have leveraged the experience of our developers, who have experience working with both startups and enterprise product to deliver over 50+ projects. All our developers have experience in building Xamarin business applications for multiple domains including travel, games, retail, hospitality etc. If you are looking for quality app developers with commitment to developing great apps, outsource your requirements to us.

Why Outsource Cross-Platform App Development to GetSmartCoders

By outsourcing your Xamarin mobile application development needs to us, you get access to the following:
  • Agile Xamarin application development methodology
  • Cross-functional team of 30+ expert developers, UX/UI specialists & designers
  • 24x7 service from 8 global delivery centers
  • Open, transparent, and collaborative client engagements
  • Cost-effective and timebound development services
  • Rigorous quality assurance testing process
  • Flexible models to hire Xamarin app developers

Looking for a reliable offshore Xamarin app development company? Outsource Xamarin app development service to GetSmartcoders to begin the discovery process.