User Acceptance Testing Services Designed to Guarantee Complete Functionality in All Business Scenarios

getSmartcoders specializes in providing acceptance testing services for software projects. We apply exhaustive testing validation to ensure that the system completely syncs with user requirements. We accomplish our testing in a setting that mimics real-world production environment.

By outsourcing user acceptance testing methodology to an independent user acceptance testing company, you execute your project with successful outcomes and within tight deadlines. We follow a risk-based testing approach that meets changing business needs. We drive improvements to your structure and ensure transparency of current UAT activities by delivering scalable teams of skilled testers to reduce pressure on your in-house resources.

We not only work independently, but also coordinate with your internal teams providing them guidance and support for seamless implementation of user acceptance test plan. Our clients prefer to outsource user acceptance testing services requirements to us because we give them the flexibility of delivery options – offshore, onsite, offsite, as per their needs.

Glimpse of Work

GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

  • Test cases and real-life scenarios based on business/userneeds
  • Defect management as per client request and more
  • Accurate reporting and communication
  • Regression testing
  • Security testing
  • ETL testing

Our User Acceptance Testing Services

Our user acceptance testing methods align with end-to-end business process, other application output and user access to ensure that the application is fully functional and performs as expected. When you outsource user acceptance testing services to us, we offer you the following features and more:

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Our Detailed User Acceptance Testing Method

At getSmartcoders, we follow automated user acceptance testing methodology to guarantee quality assurance. Our user acceptance testing process involves the following steps:

01 Requirement
Requirements for mobile app development

Our experts analyze your business processes and requirements. A clear understanding of these requirements helps us to determines what requires to be tested to come up with an appropriate user acceptance testing method.

02 Test Planning
Design the UI UX of mobile app

After a proper understanding of your requirements and the scope of user acceptance testing, we determine the models to execute the process. We map and delegate various business steps for individual users by creating separate IDs for them and set a definitive timeline for each. In this stage, we lay emphasis on following a robust workflow to deal with potential bugs and issues alike. We maintain a user acceptance checklist to ensure that all the steps get our equal focus and are properly executed.

03 Test
Case Execution
Development of mobile app

We initiate the process after preparing the test scenarios and data sets. At this stage, we provide all your users an in-depth understanding about the course of actions for each test. We provide real-time data about the progress instead of sample content. Our team of testers keep a keen eye on any issue that can impact the user acceptance testing process.

04 Documentation
Testing Process of mobile app

This is a significant part that is done during the initiation and after the completion of the test. We document our entire user acceptance testing strategy that includes pointers like test expectations, out of the scope testing scenarios, users involved, test venue, and others. After the completion of the test, we maintain a log of all test outcome details such as the business requirement s and outcome, execution date, test case ID, among others.

05 Report
Deploy mobile apps for go live

We maintain a log of all the bugs and defects encountered during the user acceptance testing process. This includes a detailed information about defects, their impact on functionality and list of bugs with description. Such details help our testers to bring significant improvement in the future tests and our workflow. We also arrange sessions with our testers that helps your users with actionable insights into all the test case scenarios for future reference.

06 Delivery
Support and Maintenance of mobile apps

At this stage, we submit the final product and report to you for your signoff. Your users get to tally the final test outcomes with their documented business requirements. Such requirements vary from low to high-impact testing.

Sports & Recreation
Wellness & Fitness

Industries We Serve

Our user acceptance testing team has years of experience in helping clients reduce costs and risks of software development and business management. Our services help them refocus on their core competencies. We have catered user acceptance testing services to the following industries:

Food & Drink
Transportation &
Photo & Video
Social Networking
Oil & Gas

Tools and
Technologies We Use

  • Application lifestyle management
  • Jira
  • TestLink
  • TFS

Business Benefits of Outsourcing User Acceptance Testing to getSmartcoders

getSmartcoders is a testing company that executes all its projects in an advanced testing environment, giving priority to your business objectives and data privacy. We handle every aspect of user acceptance testing, from planning to execution and quality assurance. As an established user acceptance testing services provider, we list out the reasons as to why you should outsource this service to us.

We Help
Manage Costs

One of the biggest reasons why our clients outsource their UAT requirements to us is our ability to reduce their costs and increase bottom line. We provide high quality services at cost-effective pricing.

Team of Skilled Resources

When you hire us, our team of skilled testers work hand-in-hand with your employees, thus freeing up your in-house resources to focus on your business’s core competencies. Our all-round expertise obviates the need of hiring new resources.

We Minimize Your Risk

When you outsource UAT services to us, we work with you to minimize the risks associated with resource planning and test management. Our user acceptance test plan includes everything from robust infrastructure to latest skills.

We help in Your Business Expansion

By outsourcing your user acceptance testing process to us, you gain competitive edge, that can help you expand your market reach. We help you optimize your resources and guarantee youthe service quality with improved delivery schedules.

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Our User Acceptance Testers Hiring Models

We hire resources who have perfect understanding of user acceptance testing criteria. We have multi-skilled testers always available on stand-by allowing us to scale as up or down as per the business requirement. We delegate them for your project requirements based on the following hiring models:

Part time

Full time


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