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Leverage the Immense Potential of C# Language to Develop High-Performance Applications

Getsmartcoders has 8+ years of experience in developing high-performance desktop applications, web apps and custom Windows applications for business enterprises. From simple mobile applications to full-scale business applications like CRM and ERP suites, we design and develop a wide variety of solutions for different industries ranging from E-commerce to Banking, Insurance and Healthcare. Our development services enable you to transform your idea into real applications that make internal and external businesses easy, fast and economical.

We have extensive experience in the development of bespoke business solutions using C#, the programming language of choice for business solutions. As an expert C sharp web development company, we use C# with .NET framework to build programs for Microsoft Operating systems including Windows. Our clients outsource C Sharp development services to us to leverage our in-depth knowledge and extensive industry experience.

Our End-to-End C# .NET Development Services

Windows application development

We develop robust applications for the Windows platform using C#. The primary advantage of developing with C# is that it natively runs on Windows platforms which runs on 90% of all business desktops around the globe. We leverage this advantage to build tailor made solutions to assist companies with a wide variety of business tasks ranging from customer service to inventory management.

Mobile and Web Application Development

As an expert C# development services company, we use Visual Studio and ASP.NET to build high performance single page and rich internet applications. We have rich experience in designing applications to increase customer engagement. With a C#-shared codebase, our developers use Xamarin tools to write native iOS, Android, and Windows apps.

Game Development Programming

We create code bases for game development organizations using Unity3d, currently the most popular tool for 2d and 3d game development. Our vast working knowledge of C# enables us to understand your requirements down to the last detail. Based on this, we assist you with character interaction, in game non player character(NPC) behaviour modelling and porting of completed games to other consoles.

Database Synchronization and Migration

As an expert C#.NET development services company, we are highly experienced with the management and migration of business data. We enable organizations to migrate their data from legacy systems to new platforms in a systematic manner guaranteeing 100% data security. We plan the migration process in detail and execute it in phases without letting it affect your BAU tasks.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services give our clients an in depth understanding of their requirements and vision for their company. We suggest the right tools and a road map to accomplish their need from business solutions developed on C#. Our expertise enable organizations to upgrade CRM solutions and other administration tools at highly economical price points. We enable you to take the right step forward towards achieving technological progress with our specialized consulting services.

Achieve More by Using C# to Build Applications

C# was specifically built to create applications that are suited for embedded and hosted systems. Business ecosystems benefit the most from such solutions because they help in accomplishing complicated business tasks like data storage, analytics and interdepartmental collaboration. C# web applications help businesses optimize processing power and memory demands. This leads to a reduction in software maintenance and upgrade costs. C# development also allows developers to identify flaws in application code. Further, C# web development reduces the turnaround times required in application development and systems release. Its cross-platform features allow users to accomplish tasks faster and with more convenience.

The Technology We Use

As a renowned C sharp web development company primarily use Visual Studio for all development projects based on C#. We use tools like the Microsoft web platform installer to gain access to the latest components of the Microsoft web platform. Our framework of choice for database architecture is .NET. We use tools such as Resharper, .NET reflector and ELMAH to manage the quality of code and to resolve many potential bugs in the development process. We use ASP.NET MVC and Service stack as a choice for back-end development. We use Xamarin to develop native mobile applications using C#.

Our End to End C# Development Process

Requirement Analysis
We work with you to understand your requirements down to the last detail. Based on this understanding we begin the prototyping process

Wireframe Design
We create a prototype of the application and design its functionalities. The wireframe is enhanced with new requirements (if any) and finalized for the next phase

Application Development
The final version of the software solution is initiated. The application is interfaced with the database and is made ready for deployment

Support and Maintenance
We deploy project managers to maintain completed builds. We also set up a round the clock query management and ticket resolution system to support the deployment

Deployment and Evaluation
The finished application is deployed into the live environment. The performance of the application is monitored

Testing and Debugging
The finished version of the application is thoroughly tested for performance glitches. Based on feedback received from test-users, all performance glitches are resolved

Know Our Developers

Our C# developers are past masters in designing, building, and maintaining efficient, reusable, and reliable C# code. All of them are committed to collaborative problem solving and advanced designing. We hire developers with proficiency in C# and a comprehensive know-how of its ecosystems including knowledge of the .NET framework and Mono framework. We always give preference to developers with strong understanding of object-oriented programming and have knowledge of concurrency pattern in C#. Therefore, all our programmers are adept with writing reusable C# libraries. Other things we look for in C# developers include ability to grasp the basic design principles of a scalable application, ability to create database schemas to represent business processes, and inside out knowledge of code versioning tools etc.

Why Outsource C sharp development services to Getsmartcoders?

  • Have developed 100+ solutions for organizations using C#
  • A team of 1000+ developers, with extensive working knowledge of C# productivity tools like Reflector, Nunit, Resharper, Visual Studio, WatiN and more
  • In depth knowledge of database development frameworks like .NET, ASP.NET and MySql
  • Proficiency with cloud computing technology like Azure and AWS
  • Extensive UI Development experience and graphic intensive front-end technology like Visual C#
  • 100% data security and backup with all complete projects
  • Up to 40% savings on development costs
  • Up to 30% savings in project turnaround time
  • Development services customized to match the scale of client organization

Looking for an experienced C# sharp web development company to handle your enterprise application development needs? Outsource C# development services to us for a high-quality applications