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Getsmartcoders has 10 years of experience in the design and development of responsive and dynamic websites, web application using the Javascript programming language and its development frameworks. We build bespoke web applications for your business that can rival the performance and load times of desktop applications. We leverage the versatile capabilities of Javascript frameworks such as Angularjs, Reactjs, Nodejs and many other popular libraries to develop full stack web applications that scale well according to your business needs.

As a global Javascript development services company, we have the proven track record of developing simple single page web applications to more complex ones designed to handle complex business tasks like e-commerce sales, healthcare data management and the delivery of content such as e-learning solutions. Outsource Javascript development services to us equip your business with cross platform web apps and highly scalable websites with elegant customized themes, plug ins and rich functionality.

Our Comprehensive Javascript Development Services

Website and Portal Development

From Javascript based web portal development to the prototyping of websites using JSON and XML development, we develop bespoke applications for companies from a wide range of industries. We develop custom user interfaces based on the USP of your product or services using front end development tools such as Angularjs and Reactjs. Our services as a premium Javascript development services company ensure the technical feasibility of the UI and UX designs. Such a meticulous approach to enterprise website and portal development ensures the improvement of brand recall. From customized payment portals to E-commerce sites, we are proficient in building personalized websites for all your business needs.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

We leverage mobile web application development frameworks such as Mobile jQuery, VueJs along with cross platform hybrid app development tools such as Ionic and Xamarin to build high performance and lightweight web apps. Using Nodejs, we develop customized server optimization tools to create real time scalable web applications that perform flawlessly on user devices. We leverage the proven MVC architecture of the framework to ensure fast development times and app data security in our web apps.

Rapid Application Development

Our team of experts are proficient with building web apps using Allcountjs, a customized version of Nodejs. We build production-ready web and mobile CRUD based applications in quick time. Our rapid application development services as a premium Javascript development company also helps you reduce costs in your bespoke web app development process. We use off the shelf features of Allcountjs such as auto generated UI, Rest API and user authentication protocols to build professional web apps for your business.

CMS and plug-in Development

We build heavily customized plugins for CMS systems using react native and reactjs with innovative features like alerts, in app notifications and more. We use a mix of vanilla Javascript code and JS libraries such as Nodejs and Reactjs to integrate custom theme and plugins into web apps, browsers and CMS hosted websites.

The Technology We Use

We use the latest versions of the Javascript programming language and its frameworks to develop high performance solutions for clients. We use frameworks such as Angularjs, Reactjs, React Native, Vuejs and Emberjs to craft the UI of our web applications. We leverage server side Javascript frameworks such as Nodejs and Expressjs to host web application database and optimize the code reusability resulting in the uniformity of code in the front and back end frameworks. We bank on other JS frameworks such as Polymer, Aurelia and backbone js to create simple single page web apps at a faster pace. Along with the wide array of Javascript frameworks, we also use cross platform mobile app development platforms such as Ionic, Xamarin and Phonegap to craft customized web apps that are optimized for smartphones

Our Javascript Development Process

Understanding Client Requirement
We liaise closely with our client to understand the nature of their requirement. We approach the development process by customizing it according to the product or service of the

Wireframe Development
Based on the analysis of the requirement, we craft a prototype of the website or the application. All responsive features such as UI interactivity and scaling on mobile devices are determined in this step

UI and Back end Coding
We begin generating Javascript code using mainstream Javascript libraries. We build the application database and backend interfacing protocols to introduce functionality into the web application or website

Maintenance and Upgrades
The completed application is enhanced with timely upgrades and version updates. We support the completed app with a 24/7/365 support model

Go Live
The completed app is deployed into the client’s production environment by granting access to the designated target audience

Application Testing
The completed build is tested thoroughly for bugs and performance glitches. All the identified issues are resolved in this stage

Know Our Developers

Our development team is made up of an ideal blend of UI/UX experts, app database development architects, web technology experts and graphics designers. We have an end-to-end understanding of all Javascript development frameworks and the versions of the programming language. We combine our Javascript expertise with other core web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 to introduce a host of cross platform and multi-tenant features into your web application. From Javascript based web development to hybrid smartphone app development and rapid application development, our team of experts leverage the dynamic potential of the programming language to deliver specific client requirements in a web application

Why Outsource Javascript Development Services to GetSmartCoders?

  • A team of 1000+ developers and software engineers with diverse experience in Javascript web app development
  • Comprehensive knowledge of core Javascript development frameworks such as Angularjs, Reactjs,NodeJs and more
  • Wide experience in developing web apps, websites and hybrid mobile apps using Javascript and its libraries
  • Full stack development knowledge using back end development frameworks such as MongoDB, MySQL and Node JS
  • A systematic UI/UX centric approach to the development of apps using Javascript
  • 100% app data security and backup
  • Fast, cost-effective and flexible development service
  • 24/7/365 technical support for all deployed applications

Looking for a world class Javascript development services company to take charge of your enterprise web app development needs? Outsource Javascript development services to us for expert development services

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