We Leverage Laravel to Provide Digitally Transformative Solutions to Your Business

GetSmartCoders has over 7 years of experience in Laravel application development. Over these years we have developed rich business applications without the limitation of complex reporting. Our team of Laravel experts have acquired the proficiency needed to help you harness the positives of modular packaging, access relational databases in different ways, set up robust security and provide strong unit testing support. As a strong contender in the PHP ecosystem, Laravel has emerged as the framework of choice for web applications because it comes equipped with all the basic features needed to build modern web applications, is flexible enough for packaging SQL codes in modular file, besides providing other benefits such as reverse routing, eager loading, automatic pagination and easy migrations.

Our clients prefer to outsource Laravel application development requirements to us because of our proven ability to leverage this technology to deliver easy solutions to every complex and perplexing requirements.

We Offer Wide Range of Laravel Application Development Services

GetSmartCoders has a track record of delivering practical and efficient solutions to complex problems. As a Laravel application development company, we use this technology to successfully deal with wide-ranging challenges such as redeveloping application or preserving viable systems. We have overcome each these challenges, and have come up with scalable solution with robust data security. As a specialized Laravel Application development company, we offer services such as:

  • Laravel Mobile App Development We create high end mobile applications both on iOS as well as Android. Our media rich apps are user friendly and aesthetically made.
  • Laravel Web Development We have rich experience in creating web solutions that are robust. scalable, feature-rich and secure.
  • Laravel Custom Development We leverage the structured code of Laravel for quality custom application development.
  • Website Migration using Laravel We ensure a smooth and error free transition while migrating your website to Laravel platform.
  • Laravel Framework Development We leverage Laravel Framework Development to create clean design and code readability for code reusability.
  • Laravel Support & MaintenanceOur support and maintenance ensure that your Laravel application is up and running at all times
  • Laravel Package Development Our years of service in Laravel has made us expert in using standalone packages such Carbon and Behat to enhance the functionality of Laravel apps

Our End-to-End Laravel App Development Process

Requirement Gathering
Our team meets the stakeholders and establishes project goals and objectives early on with them along with detailed documentation.

Concept & Wireframe
Having understood your requirements our team tailors a blueprint of the solution and send it to you for approval.

Design & Development
Once we get a sign off from you, we move to the next phase i.e. the design and development phase. The implementation is carried out by a team.

On completion of the project, it is tested rigorously for performance issues. All identified flaws are weeded out and seamless performance is ensured.

Feedback & Revisions
We send the work for a final feedback. Based on the inputs, we make revisions or changes and share it with the client till they are satisfied.

After getting the final approval, the project is deployed in clients’ live

Tools and Technologies We Use for Laravel Development

Our developers use Lean Agile development techniques to build professional applications. Some of the Laravel specific tools and technologies include:

  • Laravel’s Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping) : We use implementations because it provides the database table as classes, which makes any work on database records simple and easy. We leverage it to define model relationships to retrieve records, based on their relationship to another record.
  • StatsD : We use StatsD to measure everything in Laravel. This includes collecting metrics quickly and displaying them in a graphing program.
  • Laravel Self-Diagnosis Package : This helps us perform self-diagnostics tests on applications. This has a list of checks that can be used tested on a new project. We create our custom checks while working on new sites.
  • Laravel Breadcrumbs : This help us make adding breadcrumb navigation applications relatively less difficult with a simple API.
  • Artisan : We use Laravel’s built-in command line tool to perform the majority of the repetitive programming tasks with relative ease.
  • Laravel Cheat Sheet : We use Cheat Sheet to create a searchable list that can be searched or viewed according to topic. It contains HTML builds and inputs, configurations and routing.
  • Laravel’s Composer : This tool is used to manage every application’s third-party packages.

Know Our Laravel Application Development Experts

We have a team of Laravel developers with hands-on expertise in developing visually appealing and interactive Laravel solutions. Our developers use an agile development methodology to deliver solutions that will meet your specific user needs. Our experts have experience with every aspect of Laravel package development, from consulting to development, and from implementation to integration.

Why Outsource Laravel Application Development to GetSmartCoders

  • Over 8 years of experience in Laravel design and development
  • Access to over 1000 certified professionals with expert knowledge in Laravel
  • Complete feature integration of Laravel with other systems
  • Up to 40% reduction in development costs
  • Flexible hiring models (On Shore, Off Shore and Hybrid)
  • Up to 40% reduction in TAT, leveraging 24x7 services from 8 global centers

Looking for Laravel application development company? Outsource Laravel application development to GetSmartCoders.

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