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Leverage our MEAN Stack Development Experience to Create Highly Scalable Enterprise Web Apps and Web Portals

GetSmartcoders has 10+ years of experience in developing websites and web applications using Javascript frameworks, for enterprises. Javascript is the most prolific computer programming language in use today, especially in web technologies. Its ease of use and potential in serving as the programming language of choice in both front-end and server-side architecture for web applications has fueled its growth as the ‘language of the web’ in recent years. As a global MEAN Stack development company, we specialize in leveraging the flexibility and versatility of Javascript frameworks to build end to end solutions for organizations.

Our team of web technology experts are proficient with MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS, the MEAN Stack to craft tailor-made web technologies for your organizational needs. The ‘NoSQL’ nature of the MEAN Stack brings a wide array of advantages to the applications and we use it to the hilt to deliver solutions that are flexible and easy-to-migrate.

Leverage the Power of MEAN Stack for All Your Organizational Needs

The MEAN Stack brings the best of a Javascript based cross-platform, document-oriented database, a dynamic structural framework and a lightweight runtime environment, to build robust web and mobile applications. Such an ecosystem enables you to host websites, mobile and web applications that run seamlessly and don’t need frequent updates and maintenance procedures.

By employing the services of a MEAN Stack Development company like us, you can build highly responsive and dynamic websites and mobile applications that scale well on multiple devices. This amplifies the effect of your online marketing campaign.

The following are some of the benefits of MEAN Stack development for your organization:-

Prevalent use of JSONs

JSONs, also simply known as Javascript Notations, are file formats that are common across all components that are built using the MEAN Stack. During the MEAN development we use JSONs to the hilt to fine-tune projects.

High Speed and Reliability

Our MEAN Stack projects primarily relies on AngularJS and NodeJS. This uniform nature of the MEAN Stack to run similar computer code in the background across all software components makes entire systems faster and robust.

Cost Effective

MEAN Stack development ideally requires less number of developers since it centers around Javascript. Our MEAN Stack development process is designed to be delivered in quick TAT so that you get maximum value for your money.

Use of Isomorphic Code

We seamlessly integrate scripts and application components into existing software builds. This leads to a greater degree of integration which us to build high-speed applications with maximum ease. We manage your legacy systems and integrate new features into them with ease since the entire architecture of the MEAN Stack is based off one core programming language.

Cloud compatible

MEAN Stack development brings cloud computing capabilities that augment the usability of applications across multiple mobile and desktop devices. As a global MEAN Stack development company, we leverage the potential of the cloud to create multifunctional applications that can be accessed from any location using the internet.

Our Comprehensive MEAN Stack Development Services

Our quality MEAN Stack development services have helped us become the trusted partners of various clients, spanning a variety of industries. We build web solutions that are designed from the ground up to address specific business problems and provide smart solutions. Our services are targeted at improving your customer engagement and customer service.

Our MEAN Stack services are as follows:-

  • ERP Development

    We create dynamic ERP solutions using the seamless integration capabilities of MEAN Stack. This allows your business verticals to engage with a greater degree of collaboration with each other.

  • E-commerce Development

    We build dynamic and responsive E-commerce websites by incorporating the responsive front-end capabilities of MEAN Stack.

  • Personalized Business Intelligence & Reporting

    Our MEAN Stack expertise enables us to craft process specific apps with smart business intelligence features for valuable business insights.

  • Enterprise Mobile Application Development

    MEAN Stack development offers unmatchable levels of flexibility and cross platform capabilities. We leverage this attribute of the technology to create highly scalable enterprise grade mobile applications to revolutionize your business .

  • Responsive Website Development

    Using the superior front end capabilities of the MEAN Stack we create highly responsive websites. Our dynamic websites are purpose built to suit the needs of your marketing campaigns and to facilitate efficient customer engagement.

Our MEAN Stack Application Development Process

The development begins with a detailed understanding of your requirements for an application or website.

In this stage, the blueprint of the application is developed, with the finalized UI and UX features of the project.

Develop and Implement
The design is brought to life by developing scripts and writing codes. Also, during this stage, the user side and server side code architecture is developed and deployed.

Service and Support
This is the final stage when the application is deployed in a live environment. This is accompanied with close monitoring of the performance by our service team.

Testing & Deployment
The web application is scrutinized for functional glitches and bugs. All major and minor bugs are identified and fixes are

Code review
The application in the testing stage is scrutinized for underlying bugs. Once identified, the issues are resolved and the applications are fine tuned for optimum performance.

Know our MEAN Stack Development Team

thousands of hours of development experience with a wide variety of Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS and more. We bring a fine blend of analytical thinking and programming skill sets to craft bespoke solutions using the potential of the MEAN Stack. We customize our services to align it precisely with your organizational requirements. Outsource MEAN Stack development to us to bank on world-class web-based solutions.

Why Outsource MEAN Stack development to us?

  • 10+ years of experience in developing websites and web applications
  • High level expertise with Javascript and MEAN Stack development
  • Proficiency with cross platform web application technologies like Xamarin, Ionic, Phomobile, Nativescript etc
  • Over 100+ projects completed using essential web development tools like Chrome Developer tools, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 CSS3 and more
  • Up to 30% reduction in TAT, with support from 8 global delivery centers
  • Up to 40% reduction in development costs
  • 24/7 support model for all completed projects
  • Robust data security and backup

Looking for an experienced MEAN Stack development company? Outsource MEAN Stack development to us for the best results.

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