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Power Your Web Apps With Node.Js To Drive Your Business The Boost It Needs

Getsmartcoders has 10 years of experience in the development of web technologies using JavaScript frameworks, HTML5 and CSS3. We have vast experience in the creation of fast and secure web apps based on Node Js. We leverage the immense potential of the popular Javascript framework in the development of rich web portals, E-Commerce solutions and data streaming apps for enterprises. Our node js applications are capable of scaling to meet the growing needs of an organization by handling a large number of connections and user activity simultaneously.

As a global node js development company, we build a wide variety of software suites using the node js library. Our services facilitate faster development of web, mobile and desktop applications with the use of fewer resources and costs, compared to other website and web app development packages. We use node js extensively to develop front end and back end solutions for businesses across the world. Outsource node js development services to us for a high-quality development process best suited to different scales of businesses.

Our Node Js Development Services

Web and Mobile App Development

As a premier node js development company, our primary responsibility is the design and development of web apps and mobile apps. From e-commerce to user portals, our node js services help companies deploy a highly scalable full stack solution that is capable of scaling and servicing thousands of users at the same. We use cross-platform tools like Xamarin and Ionic to develop robust high-performance mobile apps for business enterprises.

CMS development

We use node js based content management frameworks like keystonejs, apostrophe CMS and Strapi to build custom websites in minimal development times. We also leverage the ultrafast data connectivity of the Node Js framework to optimize these CMS builds for outright speed. Also, our node js based CMS development services are ideal for small-scale industrial applications. The use of these CMS platforms brings down the costs of web app development significantly.

Portal and E-commerce Development

As an expert node js development services company, we design and develop dynamic and highly responsive E-commerce solutions and user portals. Our focus on user experience enables us to build intuitive solutions that also help businesses with their product promotion and marketing management functions as well. We use the code reusability and lightweight nature of nodejs to build user portals that service thousands of customers at the same time.

Nodejs plugin development

We augment existing node js based builds by adding more functionalities to a web application with custom plugins. We use tools like Jenkins and Maven to achieve single page functionality on a web app or a website, which can be extremely useful for mobile device users. Plug in development enables us to introduce innovative features like smart notifications, alerts and prompts into web apps.

Real Time Statistics

Nodejs is considered to be the most efficient server side solution for websites and web apps currently. Its sheer speed gives it an edge over its alternatives. We leverage this effectiveness of nodejs by combining it with dashboards to receive real-time statistics and data from numerous sources. Node Js provides an efficient way of recording data from sources connected to the internet. We enable you to gather valuable data from different sources to facilitate real-time statistics that give upfront insights into your business processes.

Transform your Business with the Potential of NodeJS

Node js is based on Javascript, a lightweight programming language best suited for the development of internet-based solutions namely web apps and mobile apps. It is built on the Google V8 JavaScript engine which powers some of the fastest and most widely used web apps in the world. It brings a plethora of advantages for businesses that have opted for its use in their IT ecosystem. It is extremely code efficient and is compatible with both the browser and the server, making it the ideal choice for the development of apps used by a business. The use of node js on both the client and server side helps companies utilize the potential of high performance and highly scalable web and cross-platform mobile apps inexpensively. Its superior client-app communication features enable apps created using node js to handle thousands of client application requests at the same time.

The Technology We Use

We predominantly use frameworks built over nodejs like express.js, hapi.js, socket.io, meteor.js and mean.js depending on the product that is required by the client. For powerful, large scale applications like e-commerce, we leverage the MEAN stack framework where the back end and data transfer mechanism is mainly powered by node js. For economical builds based on CMS architecture we use keystonejs, apostrophe CMS and Strapi. This helps us keep the development costs and times significantly low. We are well versed with all the major iterations and customization of the node js framework. We choose the appropriate one for the requirement. We use MongoDb to build the database for our node js implementations.

Our NodeJs Development Process

Understanding Requirements
We work closely with you to understand your requirements in detail. We create a roadmap for the development process and plan functionality and features accordingly

Wireframing and Blueprinting
The blueprint of the application with all the features included is created. Any changes needed to the initial requirements are accommodated in this

Application UI and Back End Development
We use the node js runtime and its libraries to deploy browser side scripts that give rich functionality to the completed

Maintenance and Upgrades
The completed build is supplemented with periodic upgrades based on constant evaluation of the

Deployment and Go Live
The thoroughly tested web app is deployed into the live environment. All the designated users are given login credentials to use the web app online

System Testing
Finished app is thoroughly tested for consistency in quality & performance. All identified issues are resolved with a diligent debugging process

Know Our Developers

Our team of developers are experts in all the latest web development technologies. They have vast experience in the development of user-friendly websites and web applications which are compatible with all browsers. Our in-depth knowledge of vanilla JavaScript, Html5 and CSS3 enable us to customize the node JS library meet the dynamic requirements of different industries. Our developers make the node js build process more robust by integrating the MongoDB database which is also based on Javascript to the finished app built on nodejs. From E-Commerce based custom mobile apps to plug in development, our team of experts bring their diverse expertise in web technologies and combine them with their extensive industry exposure to build robust enterprise-grade applications.

Why Outsource NodeJs Development Services to GetSmartCoders

Custom Application Development Access to a team of 1000+ developers with varied skill sets

alue add-consulting Index knowledge of the latest node JS IDEs and frameworks such as Atom, VS code, Sublime and Webstorm

Custom Application Development Seamless integration of other APIs to achieve cross platform and mobile device functionality

alue add-consulting Exclusive use of Javascript technology like mongodb and redis in development of database architecture

Custom Application Development 100% data security and backup on all completed node JS projects

alue add-consulting 24*7 support and service to resolve queries in completed web apps or website builds

Looking for an experienced node js development company to build high speed web apps with rich multimedia features? Outsource node js development to us for a progressive approach to web solutions development

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