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Boost Your Website Performance by Leveraging the Immense Potential of PHP

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in the design and development of responsive websites and web applications using PHP as a primary source for a robust server-side scripting language. We leverage the versatility of PHP frameworks to create high-performance websites that scale according to the size and operational progress of your organization. As a premium PHP Web development company in India, we have emerged as the trusted technology partner of many global organizations across a wide array of industries. Our enterprise grade PHP websites and PHP web applications make it easy for your customer, to identify with your product and services. Our expertise in PHP enables us to create dynamic web pages that interact seamlessly with databases. We leverage the immense potential of PHP frameworks and the impeccable reliability of the MySQL database framework to create efficient and highly optimized online presence for our clients. Outsource PHP web development to us to leverage our excellence in CMS, E-commerce website development and application integration.

Our Comprehensive PHP Web Development Services

Customized Web Development Services

We leverage our full stack web development expertise for customized PHP website development for businesses irrespective of their scale. Our development focuses on increasing customer engagement by providing them with a super user experience. We build fully interactive websites using the LAMP stack for a wide variety of business applications. Our websites are rich in functionality and dynamic features.

E-Commerce Development

We build highly scalable E-commerce solutions that are designed to accommodate high user numbers. Leveraging the power of PHP as a server-side language we are able to develop and deploy comprehensive E-commerce solutions that display products and services in an immersive manner. We incorporate the use of smart notification, hover effects and hover animations to draw the customer’s attention to your flagship products.

Web Application Development

We have been able to replicate the effectiveness of the designs of our websites with our PHP web applications as well. We leverage the cross-platform functionality of PHP to build web applications that perform well across all major smartphone platforms. We incorporate the use of JavaScript snippets to augment the rich functionality that PHP frameworks give to web applications. As a global PHP development company, we build web applications that scale according to the type and size of the mobile device based on features like screen size and hardware performance.

CMS Portal Development

Our CMS portal development service provide businesses with a cost-effective alternative to a full-ledged PHP website development project. We bank on popular mainstream CMS environments like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress to create responsive web portals for enterprise use with extremely fast development times and highly customize themes. We build a wide variety of websites with varying degree of functionality for small scale industries with our CMS portal development experience.

PHP Rapid Application Development

We use rapid application frameworks like Wind walker to simplify the process of PHP web development. We use the RAD environment of the framework to create lightweight, fast and robust websites and web applications in record development times. We are capable of building complex enterprise grade applications with the development time needed for the simpler ones with our Rapid Application development service.

The Advantages of

Developing Web Application in PHP

Business websites and web applications built with PHP helps organizations in garnering a significant digital presence. The feature rich and lightweight nature of the scripting language will help you provide a rich user experience to your clients. PHP handles simple and complex web pages with consistent levels of performance.

The following are some of the benefits of using PHP for web design and development:

PHP can be used to create websites that perform well even under exponentially increasing user base. Combined with this, is the ability to pack a host of features to develop dynamic and intuitive websites. This makes PHP ideal for business web applications.

Websites and web applications that are built using PHP integrate seamlessly with other existing web applications. This facilitates superior interdepartmental collaboration.

Despite being one of the most prolific open source technologies for web design and development, there are no usage costs, even for upgrades. This brings down your IT expenditure significantly.

PHP can be used to develop websites and web applications across all the major desktop and mobile devices operating system. This cross-platform versatility helps you garner a larger audience for your business website.

Tools and Technologies We Use for PHP Web Development

Our team of developers are well versed with all the major prototyping frameworks of PHP. We develop websites using Yii, the most popularly used PHP framework to create enterprise-grade websites. We also use Zend, Laravel and CodeIgniter to develop bespoke business websites as per your vision for your business. We also provide full stack PHP development using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack, giving you a comprehensive web development experience.

We complement our builds by linking the website or the web application to a secure and robust database that is capable of accommodating the swift growth of an organization. We also bank on popular PHP based CMS platforms like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla to develop single page websites for small-scale businesses as well.

Our End to End PHP Web Development Process

Our PHP web development process is based on a linear approach to web development featuring the Agile methodology of software development: -

Requirement Analysis
We work closely with the client to understand their requirements. We select the framework and establish project milestones based on the requirement.

Wireframing and Blueprinting
The prototype of the website or the web application is developed using the appropriate PHP framework. All the features and functionality of the website are finalized and sent for approval.

The developers and designers work hand-in-hand to integrate the coding along with the UI and UX features to meet the expectations set in the prototype stage.

A support team with a detailed understanding of the framework is deployed to keep the application up and running.

The completed project is deployed for use by customers. The website is enhanced with periodic maintenance and upgrades.

The completed project is tested for performance issues and glitches. All identified problems are resolved.

Know Our PHP Web Developers

As a premier PHP development company, our team of expert developers are full stack professionals who design and link the website to a database designed specifically for each site. We are proficient in all the major PHP frameworks like Yii, Zend and CodeIgniter. We are also well versed with other open source scripting languages like AJAX and JavaScript, that can be used to augment the vast potential of PHP. Our proficiency in the LAMP stack makes us the ideal choice to develop your business websites as well as modify and enhance your existing ones onto a better technological architecture.

Why Outsource PHP Web Development Services to Getsmartcoders?

Custom Application DevelopmentAccess to a team of 1000 + web developers and software engineers

alue add-consulting 8 years of experience in developing enterprise grade PHP web applications and websites

Custom Application Development In depth knowledge of CMS platforms like Magento, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress for cost effective and lightweight websites

alue add-consulting Flexible work-flow to match client requirements

Custom Application Development Up to 30% reduction in turnaround times leveraging 24x7 work environment

alue add-consulting Up to 40% reduction in development costs

Looking for an experienced PHP web development company? Outsource PHP web development services to us for a comprehensive solution.

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