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Leverage Our Expertise to Build High Performance and Dynamic Websites Powered by Ruby on Rails

Getsmartcoders has nearly 10 years of experience in rapid and iterative development of web apps and websites. We are experts in leveraging the Ruby on Rails(ROR) framework to create enterprise websites with complex features in record turnaround times. Our ROR web development services provide a robust solution to a wide array of industries ranging from online education and E-learning to finance, healthcare, social networking and more. Besides building dynamic and rich websites with Ruby on Rails, we also use the framework to build social networking applications, CMS platforms and web portals that are capable of performing advanced tasks.

As a global Ruby on Rails web development company, we bank on our in-depth knowledge of the Ruby programming language to deploy our full stack web development services. We leverage the lean code based, modular design and versatility of the ROR platform to enable business organizations transform stimulating ideas into successful and user-friendly applications. Outsource Ruby on Rails website development services to develop bespoke website suited for your specific requirements.

Empower your Business with the Potential of Ruby on Rails Development

The ROR framework is a masterfully designed compilation of features that are essential for the development of websites and web apps for businesses. The following are the primary benefits of ROR web development process.


The ROR framework was built from the ground up to facilitate faster development times at low developmental costs. It is also best suited to the needs of a wide variety of industry need.

Easy to Maintain and Support

Maintaining websites and webapps are as economical and seamless as the development process itself. The abundance of support from the community and the robustness of the backend architecture of the framework makes it an efficient choice for industry use.

Rapid Application Development

Very few website development frameworks help to expedite the development times as much as this framework does. It is ideal for small and medium scale industries operating on a budget.

E-Commerce Friendly

ROR supports a strong database that is designed to include information about the customer from features like, the chat application. Such features make it the most ecommerce friendly platform

Our Comprehensive Ruby on Rails Website Development Services

Web application, Website and portal Development

We build dynamic and responsive websites, web apps and portals with a rich user interface for business, based on their vision. We bank on robust back end technologies like MySQL, .NET and Mongodb and combine them with the lightweight nature of the ROR framework to build spectacular websites that are capable of delivering a rich user experience to your end users.

ROR CMS Development

We use ROR content management systems such as Refinery CMS, Locomotive CMS, Camaleon CMS and more, to host, blogs, static pages, music and entertainment portals, pictures and other multimedia content. As a premium Ruby on Rails website development company, we have in depth knowledge of custom themes and layout development for ROR CMS platforms as well. We use our knowledge of Jquery, AngularJS and ImageMagick to fine tune the individual front end and back end components of these CMS platforms for your bespoke content management needs.

Widget and Plugins Development

Ruby on Rails has a well-defined plugins structure that allows us to seamlessly install and customize plugins for web applications. We use the well-structured widgets and plugins architecture of the ROR framework to integrate interesting visual components into a web app without compromising on overall performance. We create plugins from scratch, test them and incorporate them into development projects to give a personalized feel.

Migration and Porting Services

We perform data migration and information porting duties for your organization to move all your business critical information onto an ROR supported platform. We take charge of altering databases in a structured and organized manner and arrange them in specific formats to ensure that the website or web app delivers optimum performance without glitches at all times.

E-Commerce Application Development

We leverage the flexibility, stability, ease of deployment and superior performance of the ROR framework to create web apps for E-commerce use. From the development of online store to the design of visual features like hover functions, image zoom, smart notifications and more, we provide remarkable E-commerce solution using ROR and its plugins. We complement our builds with payment gateway integration, database design and deployment and code optimization to develop full-fledged E-commerce stores in record turnaround times.

The Technology We Use

We bank on a wide variety of web development and back end data based administration technologies to deliver our services. We use frameworks like Sinatra, Merb, Padrino to create the GUI and the front end architecture of web applications and websites. We are able to match the performance of these frameworks by hosting the codebase at the back end using SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB, depending on client requirements. Apache and Nginx are our primary choice for a webserver and we optimize all components to get them to work seamlessly with each other. We use a wide variety of CMS platforms like RefineryCMS, LocomotiveCMS, Radiant CMS and more along with ImageMagick to create great looking content management systems.

Our Ruby on Rails Website Development Process

We adopt a linear approach to our website and web app development with the Ruby on Rails framework. Our development process is as follows:-

Requirement Understanding
We work closely with you to understand your requirements from the project. We create a roadmap with well-established milestones to guide the development process

We create a wireframe of the website or web app. All the features and functionality of the website are finalized and prepared for

Design and Development
All the finalized functionality and features of the website are put into place. The backend of the website is development using the ROR

Maintenance and Upgrades
The completed build is maintained with a 24/7 support structure. Periodic upgrades are deployed to maintain the consistency in the performance of the website

Website Launch
The completed website is deployed into the live environment. Users are able to navigate through the site and use the website

The completed website or web app is thoroughly tested to evaluate performance bottlenecks and bugs. All identified issues are addressed and resolved

Know Our Developers

We have a fine blend of software engineers, website development experts and UI/UX design consultants with immense experience with the Ruby on Rails framework. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the Ruby programming language and the Rails MVC framework. This enables us to craft bespoke solutions for our clients best suited to their needs. Our vast experience with front end website development technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript augments our understanding of the ROR framework and enables us to successfully deploy full stack builds. We leverage our diverse experience with back end technologies like .NET, MySQl and Mongodb to build web apps and websites in turnaround times that are hard to match by competition.

Why Outsource Ruby on Rails Development to GetSmartCoders?

  • A team of 1000+ web developers, software engineers, UI/UX design experts and graphics designers
  • Impeccable familiarity with the ROR framework and its supporting components like Capistrano and Chef to build enterprising web apps and websites that are capable of scaling well
  • In Depth knowledge of tools like Heroku, Rspec, Rad Rails and Ultraedit to speed up the ROR website and web apps development process
  • Proficiency in back end technologies like MySQl, MongoDB, SQlite and Node JS to build versatile and high performance enterprise applications
  • Knowledge of object oriented programming languages like Rails, Java and front end web technologies like Html5, CSS3, XML
  • Well-established UI and UX based website development process
  • 24/7 support service on all completed projects
  • Complete data security and backup
  • Up to 40% reduction in operational costs

Looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails Website Development company to take charge of your website and web apps development needs? Outsource Ruby on Rails Website Development to us for a world class solution

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