Accelerated Mobile Pages Holds the Key to Your Engagement Rates. Have You Adopted them?

Aug 16, 2017
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Not long ago, Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a unique way of increasing engagement for mobile pages. Following its roll out, Google announced that all the webpages with media rich content such as graphics, videos and animations will now be able to load instantly. By decreasing load times for these pages, Google assured businesses that the mobile web traffic will increase and so will the engagement. They further explained that AMPs will work seamlessly not just on user’s mobile, but other mobile devices too.

Even though at the face of it AMP sounds groundbreaking, but did it manage to achieve what it set out for? Let us see what it means for a business and why it turned out to be a success for those who have adopted them.

Power of Speed

We live in a world where we want everything quickly. With an attention span of less than 5 seconds, many websites struggle to keep their content amusing, without affecting the load time. The need for speed has put immense pressure on businesses who are looking to crack the balance between visually rich media and the time it takes to load the webpage. But with the advent of AMPs, your mobile site will not only load faster on user’s device, but also provide required information within a matter of seconds.

Improved Visibility

The users today are constantly looking for information. They will give you a little over few seconds to give them what they need before they bounce off to another website. This is where AMPs work like a charm. By using Accelerated Mobile Pages, the visibility of your webpage will improve significantly and make it more accessible to the users. When your users are able access the content faster, they will be able to make quicker decisions which means more business your way.

Get Recognition

Even though AMPs may be catching up, but for now they are fairly new and hold immense potential in getting your business out there. Think of it this way, you might be the only one in your industry who is using AMP for visibility at the moment. Since search results are displayed as per Google’s discretion, your webpage will get more recognition for adopting new backend technology. This will also help you position your business as a pioneer in your industry, especially when it comes to new technologies.

Faster Distribution of Content

If your business primarily runs online, then you would know by now that its success depends a lot on speed and accessibility of content. In a nutshell, if a website is powered by AMP, it will naturally gain a competitive edge over other businesses in the industry. A website that loads faster will obviously be more attractive to the internet users.

Improved Customer Experience

A webpage that performs efficiently and loads quickly would offer better user experience. Your site visitors will not only prefer you over others, but also recommend you to their friends and family members. Moreover, you have the freedom to present visually enhanced content without worrying about slowing your mobile site down. In fact, the pages that take on AMP format are much cleaner and disseminate information more crisply.

Ever since its launch in 2014, GetSmartCoders has leveraged AMPs to help its customers reach their target audience and enhance natural engagement. After servicing number of clients, our team of developers are now well equipped to handle all AMP based requirements that you are looking to incorporate in your business strategy. Contact us today if you want to know more about how we can help you take your online business to the next level.