Not many marketers would disagree with the fact that it is becoming increasingly hard to convert ice cold traffic into email subscribers. Typical ways of offering an ebook, whitepaper, infographic in exchange for an email address no longer seem to cut ice. That’s probably because visitors are either too used to or bored of standard text squeeze pages. To dispel such feeling, it’s time marketers do some rethinking on how to make squeeze pages more trustworthy. Why not use a video instead of a text to create expectations with your target audience? In this blog we will be talking about the importance of adding a video to a squeeze page and how it can make your email list grow overnight.

How Squeeze Page Videos Make a Difference?

It’s well-known that users prefer videos over text because nothing wins trust like videos. In other words videos help in establishing relationships right away. When you replace text with a squeeze page video, you establish a relationship before a person has filled in his or her contact details. This makes winning email ids an effortless exercise.

Let’s consider you are into interior designing, and would want to showcase your work in your website? How would you normally do it? By using your homepage to display the most striking image of a room you have designed. Why so? Because compelling visuals wins you instant credibility. You can use other pages of your site to explain in details about the services you offer. But by the time your visitors come to the squeeze page, the first impression, acquired at the home page tends to fade out. A video on the squeeze page, gives you yet another opportunity to refresh their minds in a more telling way. You can pack in the best of the lot, display them in quick succession and create the impact that would make them part with their email ids.

What Videos Should Your Squeeze Page Host

As the objective is to win trust, you must always include videos that add value to the visitors search. How about providing a valuable information in part? You leave the visitor’s thirst for information unrequited and compel him to part with his email id. An interior designer, for instance, can show the first part of an informative and rare-to-find video on the squeeze page and then request the visitor to fill in their contact information to get the rest of the story. If you do not wish to offer the video in instalments, you can appear on the squeeze page video to convince your visitors on how the free video you wish to offer can make a difference to their ideas. Including testimonials can be helpful too, provided it comes from a well-known client or if it happens to be a rare kind of testimonial in which something unique and unheard off aspects of your domain gets highlighted. Media mentions and video-blogging are other trust instilling videos which you can include in your squeeze page.

How to Add Videos to Squeeze Page

A tempting video on your squeeze page will not work unless you use the right action words to invite people to view it. This can be done with the help of appealing text and action words. Always introduce the video with a benefit driven headline. If possible create an information gap in the headline to leave visitors wanting for more. For instance, instead of stating “How to Design your Room Impressively” titling it as “The Ultimate One-Two Punch of Room Design”. Lastly, include a compelling call to action to tell them what they need to do next. CTA’s like “Click the button to know the step-by-step process” or “Click to see and learn something amazing” or “Discover the art in entirety by clicking on the button” are some specific CTAs which will move people to view the video.

After putting this much effort to build your squeeze page, you can’t afford to keep it tucked inside your website. Go the whole hog to promote it. As it contains great video content, it has the potential to generate serious traffic. You can promote it on social media, blogs and forums and the more people share your page, the more are the chances of people joining your email list.

Creating high converting squeeze pages is an art, and needs the involvement of professionals. We at getSmartCoders have wide experience in helping our clients get better results with customized squeeze page videos. Get in touch with our experts for more.