GetSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in developing custom software solutions for consumer packaged goods companies. Over the years, we have helped many CPG manufacturers and distributors to develop and implement software tools to streamline operations and redefine marketing and sales operations. By leveraging our solutions our clients have developed a holistic approach to product development, packaging, labelling etc. As a global consumer packaged goods software development company, we have excelled both in enabling and sustaining excellence in business processes. From factory design to work flow optimization, from quality management to compliance management, from product life cycle management to asset management, and from inventory management to logistics management we have helped CPG companies become more efficient and self-reliant.

Our Comprehensive Software Development Services for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Order and Inventory Management

Order and Inventory Management

Our services for order and inventory management are designed to handle all tasks ranging from sales orders, blanket orders and website orders. We bank on modern functionalities like predictive analysis to outfit our solutions with intuitive features that accurately determine delivery dates and alternate delivery schedule.

Services Include:
  • Solutions for order and inventory management
  • Solutions for product track and trace
  • Solutions for ASN/EDI integration with retailers
  • Solutions to manage inbound and outbound shipments
Process Manufacturing and Product Development

Process Manufacturing and Product Development

As an experienced consumer packaged goods software development company we create bespoke solutions that are designed to forecast product demand, determine the requirement of raw materials and regulate the quality of the product in the manufacturing process.

Services Include:
  • Flexible solutions that adapt to a wide variety of CPG manufacturing facilities
  • ERP solution to handle the end-to-end functionality of the product manufacturing process
  • Solutions to track consignments of raw materials and finished and packaged products
Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution

Our software suites, built to handle your sales and distribution functions are outfitted with advanced features to handle all vital functions such as sales quotation, back orders, returns, shipping notifications, discount pricing and more. We provide you with a single stop solutions to automate and streamline sales related tasks.

Services Include:
  • Solution to provide sales quotation complete with printed invoices
  • Returns and complaints management functionality
  • Software to handle credit and debit processing
  • Notification system to track shipped goods and consignments
Procurement and Materials Management

Procurement and Materials Management

We develop solutions to help you reduce the costs involved in procuring materials for product manufacturing by matching the supply and demand ratios of your products. Besides, we also design solutions to improve collaboration with vendors and suppliers. Our solutions come equipped with dashboard and reporting features to give you valuable insights into trends and developments.

Services Include:
  • Solutions to track vendor performance
  • Solutions for vendor and contract management support
  • Solutions to manage multiple vendors
  • Solutions for pay process management
  • Solutions for analysis and reporting
CRM and Employee Engagement

CRM and Employee

We develop sophisticated solutions to assist consumer packaged goods companies to handle the entire gamut of customer relationships. Our solutions integrate features like smart notification systems, mobility and cloud support to boost customer and employee engagement. Some of our solutions help you deliver the best customer service for your products.

Services Include:
  • Ticketing system to manage and resolve customer queries
  • Cloud support for seamless interdepartmental collaboration
  • Integrated communication system with advanced notification system
  • CRM configuration to your business process work flow

An Outline of our Process of Developing Consumer Packaged Goods Solutions

Our clients outsource consumer packaged goods software development to us because we follow a tried and tested applications development process. Our software development process is as follows:

Software Development Process by GetSmartCoders

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