Advanced IT Support and Maintenance Services to Ensure Minimal to No System Downtime

Regular application maintenance is key to make your IT ecosystem highly functional. As a prominent application maintenance and support company, getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in delivering proactive solutions to assist our clients meet their dynamic IT requirements.

Our IT support and maintenance services are designed to support your end-to-end maintenance needs. These needs range from version upgrades to database migration, application porting, and redesign. As a global maintenance & support services company, we provide you with flexible support models including onsite and remote support at highly competitive costs.

Glimpse of Work

getSmartcoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

  • Application evolution
  • Application maintenance
  • Application configuration management
  • Application release management
  • Application documentation management
  • QA and application testing
  • Application operation management
  • Application security management
  • Application compliance management
  • Cloud resource management
  • DevOps and CI/CD implementation

Application Maintenance and Support Services

Our application maintenance and support services follow an iterative process. This process ensures that your business applications are updated and functional at all times. From corrective maintenance and modifying configurations, to the installation of security patches, bug fixes, production support, service pack upgrades, and coordination with partner teams, our service keeps your business applications running optimally at all times.

Our application end-to-end maintenance and support services include the following:

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Our Application Maintenance and Support Process

As a leading application maintenance and support services provider, getSmartcoders has a well-defined process flow that can also be customized to align with your business and operational needs. Our process consists of the following 6 steps:

01 Receipt
of Queries

This is the first phase of our IT support and maintenance service where we receive application queries through ticketing systems. Our team runs a thorough assessment of those queries to determine the type of maintenance response each of such queries will require. Based on the assessment, query tickets are routed to the concerned technical department of the application support team.

02 Incident

Members of the application support team conducts a root cause analysis to identify the underlying cause of system issues. This is done by conducting an incident investigation, a case study, or accident analysis. It helps our team to gather the required data to devise a permanent solution for the issue. Our incident response procedure is based on tried and tested protocols.

03 Resolution

Our technical support team initiate the resolution process by creating test cases. These test cases detail the implications of the resolutions. Test cases contain step-by-step resolution process and the logic behind it. We get these test cases validated by you prior to fixing the issue. Our team then deploys the fix and confirms the same on the ticket.

04 Implementation
of Upgrades

The technical team installs version upgrade on your business applications periodically, throughout the life cycle of the software. Prior to installing upgrades, we run product simulation tests to predetermine how the product would function after installing the updates. We deploy specific fixes for bugs that are expected to occur in an application.

05 Communication
of Resolution
and Ticket Closing

After we fix the issue, we notify you on the progress through your CRM system. Our technical support team compiles a detailed report on the issue, the process that went behind resolving the issue, and the resolution TAT. We also create and send DIY manual on how to fix the same issue in the system in case it surfaces again.

05 Log Maintenance
and Feedback

We dutifully log all registered issues with your business applications. We analyze opportunities for deploying further enhancements based on user feedback.

Iron and Steel Industry

Industries We Serve

Our team comprises software developers, testers, and support staff. They have catered to diverse industries ranging from product manufacturing to finance and multimedia. This has enriched their understanding of the specific IT needs of different industries. We provide you with operational enhancements along with business security, giving you a best of both worlds.

Automobile Industry
Textile Industry
Telecommunication Industry
Information Technology Industry
Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry
Transportation and Logistic Industry
Fertiliser Industry
Aviation Industry
Paper Industry
Cement Industry
Finance Industry
Govt Offices
Oil & Gas

Technologies We Leverage

  • Oracle services
  • Active Directory
  • Apache Web servers
  • Javascript
  • AWS
  • MS Azure

Benefits of Using Our IT Support and Maintenance Services

In this era, technology plays a critical role in moving the operation needle. Even an hour of IT system downtime can cost a business millions of dollars. We have your back with our team of industry experts and superior technology stack. Our team ensures uninterrupted functionality of your IT system and its ability to adapt to your evolving technology needs. Here’s enlisting some of the benefits of our IT support and maintenance services:

Process Transparency

We provide reports that enlist every detail of our application maintenance activities. These activities include event with root cause analysis, application enhancement, application testing, security audits, among others. These reports are aimed to make our services more transparent.

Application Evolution

Our team conducts regular ROI estimation and feasibility study to suggest upgrades to your application. We test run the application enhancements and deploy it in the real-world within minimal budget and time.

Application Cost Optimization

We re-engineer your cloud applications so that it can be scaled from minimum to maximum depending on your project needs. This optimizes your cloud utilization, thereby minimizing application costs.

Proactive System Monitoring

Our maintenance & support services allow you a 360-degree view of your entire IT ecosystem. It helps you to locate any system disabilities that can be promptly addressed. This eliminates chances of unwarranted system downtime.

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Our Application Maintenance and Support Experts Hiring Models

Our team of professionals have the right skills and experience that are necessary to manage and configure enterprise software applications. We assign such experts for your project needs on the following basis:

Part time

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