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Leverage the expertise of a trusted technical partner to keep applications up and running at all times

Getsmartcoders has 10 years of experience in providing business organizations with premium enterprise software maintenance and support services. Our in-depth knowledge of application development and maintenance support services have helped companies maintain their business-critical applications with minimum downtime whatsoever. From version upgrades to database migration, application porting and redesign, we provide you with a comprehensive solution to take care of your application maintenance service needs. As global application support and maintenance services company, we deliver services that offer you flexible support models including onsite and remote support.

Our services are designed to constantly maintain and support your business applications while reducing costs. Our innovative business model provides you with new functionalities and improvements by constantly monitoring the performance metrics of your computer applications infrastructure. Outsource application support and maintenance services to us for a solution that you are comprehensive and robust.

Our Comprehensive Application Support and Maintenance Services

Application Support and Maintenance (Adaptive Services)

We monitor all your business applications in the back end and constantly track its performance. Our application maintenance and support services follow an iterative process of ensuring that your business applications are updated at all times. From corrective maintenance and modifying configurations, to the installation of security patches, bug fixes, production support, service pack upgrades and coordination with partner teams, our service keeps your business applications running optimally at all times. We provide our services in different services levels which include multiple tiers such as L1, L2, L3 and L4. In the initial level we screen issues with applications and route them to the appropriate technical team.

Application Enhancement and Upgrades ( Perfective Services)

As a global application support and maintenance services company, we implement modifications and performance enhancing changes to your business applications as and when you need. We deploy enhancements and upgrades based on the level of attention that query tickets logged at the L1 level need. We leverage our knowledge of technologies like MS SQL, AWS, MS Azure, Javascript based front end web development technologies and smartphone app development tools like Android studio and Xcode to make structural changes to your business applications and keep them updated.

Application Query Management (Corrective Services)

As a professional application support and maintenance services company, we correct logic, design and coding errors of your business applications after conducting a thorough analysis of performance parameters. We act upon user query tickets and QA team analysis to make corrective changes in the business application. Through periodic audits, we assure the optimal operation of all your business software suites which are critical for your BAU tasks. Our corrective services are a part of our L3 and L4 service levels that require deployment of changes to the codebase of your business application or a security patch release to address queries or technical glitches with your business applications.

Application Assessment and Audit ( Preventive Services)

We adopt a proactive approach to preventive service delivery. We sift through large volumes of customer feedback and the frequency of past occurrences to perform scheduled maintenance. We bank on exhaustive log records of past issues and problems with a particular application to ensure there is no recurrence. We perform root-cause analysis for recurring issues to understand the level of action that is required for every reported issue with the application. As an integral part of our audit services, we create and deploy customized schedules for application upgrades. We constantly keep a track of vital aspects of application performance and service quality levels such as metrics, service quality reports, issue- resolution reports, SLA adherence, resolution turnaround times and more.

Our Software Development Process

Receipt of Queries
We receive queries and reports of technical problems through ticketing systems. The ticket is routed to the concerned technical department of the application support team

Incident Response
Members of the application support team address the issue by conducting an investigation of the problem. The incident response procedure is based on tried and tested protocols.

The technical support person creates a fix for problems registered by the user. The fix is deployed and a confirmation of the same is updated on the ticket

Implementation of Upgrades
The technical team installs version upgrade on your business applications periodically, throughout the life cycle of the software. Specific fixes for bugs are deployed to resolve the issue logged by the user

Communication of Resolution and Ticket Closing
Once the fix is installed, the user is notified of through the CRM system. The ticket is closed, confirming the resolution of the issue

Log Maintenance and Feedback
We dutifully log all registered issues with your business applications. We analyze opportunities for deploying further enhancements based on user feedback

The Technology we use

We use a wide range of open source frameworks and tools to effectively monitor the performance of the back end and the user interface of your applications. We leverage remote hardware monitoring tools and database administration tools such as Oracle services, MYSQL, Active Directory, Apache Web servers and Javascript based front end technologies to upgrade your business applications. We use AWS, MS Azure and a wide variety of other cloud based ticketing tools, CRM systems and document management systems to create customized remote support infrastructure to provide you with round the clock support and technical assistance.

Know Our Application Support Team

We are made up of an ideal blend of software developers, testers and support staff. Our developers have diverse exposure to a wide array of industry domains. Having served a range of business organizations in industries ranging from product manufacturing to finance and multimedia, our developers are able to understand the specific needs of your business. We provide you with operational enhancements along with business security, giving you a best of both worlds. Our team of professionals are proficient with programming languages like Python, Java, C++ and others that are necessary to manage and configure enterprise software applications.

Why Outsource Application Support and Maintenance Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • A team of 1000+ computer programmers and application testers, who deliver personalized services
  • Support and maintenance services that span the entire software life cycle of applications
  • Efficient remote hardware monitoring support through cloud impimentarions and virtual machines
  • Robust data redundancy and disaster recovery QA standards
  • Customized application database administration and management support
  • Proficiency in industry standard technology like MS SQL, Oracle software suites, AWS and more to support
  • onsite and remote application development and maintenance services
  • Upto 30% reduction in the cost of maintenance of computer applications
  • 100% quality in application data security and backup
Looking for an expert application support and maintenance services company to keep your business software suites running at optimum performance? Outsource application support and maintenance services to us for a high quality approach