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Desktop Application Development – Turn an Idea into a Sensation

getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in developing rich and user-friendly Desktop applications. Over the years we have been developing web applications keeping in mind the need to improve application performance, reduce operational complexity, and accelerate business productivity. We owe our success to our ingrained belief that a good application needs to have only those features that matter to your business. We excel in blending the high-level features with simple designs and so can walk the fine balance of features and presentation with the right degree of precision. This has helped us become a leading name in world of outsourced desktop application development. At getSmartcoders, we create desktop application along with many other development services. If you have a business that requires expert desktop application development, then you can count on us for support. Our technicians possess exceptional skills in windows desktop application development for significant number of clients across the world. By leveraging their experience, we can create aesthetic and easy to use apps to make your organizational work easier.

Desktop Application Development Outsourcing Services: We are the Leaders

When it comes to desktop app development we are the leaders because we design and present high-level functional features in the simplest possible way. Besides, you get the following:

We Offer Multiple Technologies:

As a specialized desktop application development company, we do not rely on a single technology to develop web apps. Our desktop application development services include .NET, VB6 and C#, to name a few.

We Build Affordable Solutions:

We understand that our clients have strict budget constraints and building desktop applications is a great way to stay true to that financial limitation. Our Windows desktop applications services is driven by the need to provide great apps at less costs.

We Create Safe Applications:

Making your application safe and easy to use is our primary objective. Our desktop application development services are robust, secure and bug-free.

Our End to End Desktop Application Development Services

Our desktop application development outsourcing services include:

  • Build cross platform applications
  • Support in-house team at any stage to bring in
    introduce desired competencies
  • Update and re-installation of application
  • Developing desktop standalone applications from scratch
  • Application design and development consultation
  • Develop separate parts of a project such as application testing, add-ins/additional functionality, or platform-specific version

Our windows desktop application development team is skillful, thoroughly professional and trained to give you the best and the most sorted product. When you partner with us for desktop application development services, our developer will give the following and more!

Rich UI: Our developers work tirelessly to integrate every aspect of desktop operations with the newly built application. As a result, what you get is an easy-to-use, rich user interface that works seamlessly with your operating system.

Faster Performance: Our developers understand the importance of smooth applications with little to no lag time. Therefore, we create desktop applications that perform 10 times faster than any other apps on your computer.

Security Solutions: Your desktop apps do not require internet to function, thus reducing the risk of hacking and other security breaches. At the same time, our desktop application design protects it from any kind of threat, online or offline.

Cost-effective: As a desktop application development outsourcing company we give our clients affordable products that do not incur repetitive costs and are a one-time investment only.

Challenges We Help You to Overcome

Here are some challenges we discovered and rectified in our desktop application development process

Cross-Platform App DevelopmentOur experts understand that dynamic business ecosystem cannot survive on windows desktop application development. This is why we developed and delivered desktop software that is compatible on all major operating systems. Our desktop application design is such that it can function smoothly and deliver on any platform and also offer flawless user experience. Our cross-platform desktop application development can also reduce delivery costs and delivery time significantly, especially when compared to individual development for each platform.

Seamless Integration Cross-platform desktop application is a good proposition, only if it integrates with the user system smoothly. This is why our team matches each desktop application with an advanced installer that performs automated checks and response to installation conditions such as previous versions, other software, third-party libraries, language settings etc.

Timely Updates We understand that desktop application development is not a one-time task. So, we come up with timely enhancements to improve UX of desktop applications. getSmartcoders makes the update process seamless and convenient for the users.

Our Desktop App Development Process

Our desktop application process involves the following steps

Requirement Gathering
We sit together with you to understand your application requirements, analyze feasibility, and suggest enhancements based on our understanding and experience

Once we agree upon the application features, our senior developers design the software architecture. It is during this stage that the process map is finalized

Team & Design
We create a team comprising designers, developers, programmers and pass on the
architecture to them for further

The finished applications is delivered to the client along with various sets of documents to facilitate the running and maintenance of the application.

On completion, a final round of exhaustive testing is carried out to identify
bugs in the application.

Design Implementation
During this stage, the team starts working on the architecture under
the supervision of managers

Tools and Technologies We Use for Desktop App Development

We opt for the best technology for every project. The common technologies we rely upon include C/C++, .NET, Java, Adobe Air, Cocoa with Objective-C, QT, wxWidgets etc. We combine our experience in working with these technologies to deliver the best for your project.

We have complete expertise on the following technologies:
custom software development technologies

Build Your Ideas

Know Our Desktop App Developers

Our desktop app developers have minimum 5 years of experience in developing various desktop applications including cross-platform apps. Most of them specialize in the full stack of desktop app development, from looking into system API calls to finishing the GUI. We select our developers based on their grasp of object-oriented programming, knowledge of development and testing methodologies and experience in common compiler tool sets. We have a team of expert developers who are equipped with the latest technological trends in desktop application development. To give flawless services to our clients, we have not only tightened our processes, but have also identified potential challenges that come in the way of developing great apps. It’s precisely because of this that we are the number one desktop application development company and preferred by clients for outsource desktop application development requirements.

Why Outsource Desktop Application Development
to getSmartcoders

The objective of our desktop application development outsourcing services is to enhance your performance and put your business productivity on a fast-track. We aim to make your processes simpler and streamline your operations towards growth progression.

Our developers and designers have practical experience in developing desktop applications for various industries. If you wish to know more about our desktop application design and development, get in touch with our experts now.

As a desktop application development outsourcing service provider, we give our clients a set of deliverables with each final product. These include:

Custom Application Development Proven application development methodologies

alue add-consulting Highly developed
QA process

Custom Application Development Reliance on highly advanced tools and technologies

alue add-consulting Complete test documentation and specification

Custom Application Development 24/7 support from 8 global delivery centers

alue add-consulting Cost and time effective deployment solutions

Looking for a reliable offshore desktop app development company? Outsource custom desktop app development service to getSmartcoders to begin the discovery process.

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