Software System Integration- Connect Your Disparate Systems into One

In the current fast-paced business environment, it is imperative to leverage software platforms to accelerate your operations. But these software platforms do not necessarily function in a well-integrated fashion. This leads to highly fragmented IT environments, siloed data, and disparate workflows. It also has a direct bearing on employee productivity and efficiency.

getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in providing high-end software integration services for complex business processes. We have helped several companies break through the barriers of heterogeneous and fragmented IT environments.Our experts understand the pre-requisites for distinct software solutions that are well-integrated and capable of generating intended business value for you.

We bank on a full suite of software and services integration solutions built on strong methodologies to connect disparate systems into one integrated system. We adopt a continuous integration model to establish a consistent rhythm throughout the process. A large part of our success in large scale and complex systems integration is attributable to this proven model.

Glimpse of Work

GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

  • Application and enterprise systems integration
  • Integration of contact center infrastructure
  • Data centers integration
  • Enterprise solutions integration
  • Platform integration
  • Network integration
  • Integrated Security infrastructure

Software Integration Services

As a leading software integration services inc, we use innovative and custom software integration services to repurpose your applications to integrate them into your IT application environment. We do not recommend building software applications from scratch especially when the software architecture on both ends is compatible with one another. To do this, our team of software engineers build and customize APIs that connect data formats across all your software applications. Our team adheres to industry-standard networking practices when they integrate custom-built APIs.

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Our End-to-End Software System Integration Process

We are a one-stop software system integration services provider. Our well-defined service flow has the following 6 steps:

01 Requirement

We carry out a detailed study of your disparate systems. At the onset of the integration project, our team tests the type and nature of applications used across various departments. They make a complete list of all the software applications and their expected functionality. Based on this, we create a robust software integration roadmap.

02 Strategy

We tailor a blueprint to migrate mission critical software into a converged infrastructure. Our system integration strategy will also include third-party platforms that you plan to retain. We implement all the necessary measures to safeguard your data while transmitting and synchronizing data between different software platforms.

03 Design

We develop a centralized architecture of a fully integrated IT system that connects individual software systems into one. Regular data flow is dependent on the size and number of software systems. We automate various steps to bring more precision and acceleration in this integration stage.

04 Testing

We adopt a top down or bottom-up approach to ensure applications are working in cohesion.Our team prioritizes the free flow of data across all the applications. We keep a sharp eye on issues like suboptimal exception handling, bad external hardware interface, and others.

05 Project

After the successful completion of testing, we deliver the Software Integration Log, Plans, Qualification & Acceptance Testing Report to you for your review. We accommodate any ad-hoc requirement into the integration architecture.

06 Implementation

We deploy our solutions to integrate your servers, custom networks, security, and data management systems. Our team conducts diagnostic tests to ensure all the systems are functional. We also train your employees on the integrated system of software applications.

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We Utilize

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • AWS
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite
  • Amazon Aurora

Benefits of Software Integration Services

We are among the leading software integration companies who have been in business long enough to understand the importance of combining right tools to optimize its potential. As a trusted custom software integration company, we work with the best minds of this industry to give you cohesive integrated software applications that are fine-tuned to meet your business needs and financial objectives. Here’s giving a glimpse of the benefits of partnering with us:

Enhance Data Utilization

With the help of software integration tools, you can not only manage, but also effectively use the wealth of data you have at your disposal. We integrate data sources with software to help your employees gain deep insights into important statistics and make an informed decision.

Scalable Solutions

We provide cloud hosting software integration services that are flexible and scalable as per your growth and requirements. We set the provision for you to tweak your server capacity in peak times and shave it off when it is no longer required.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our software and services integration solutions are powered by cloud hosting. We are a consumer-friendly software integration company that offers you flexible pricing options, where you only pay for what you avail. Our service costs usually come in an all-inclusive package that covers labor, maintenance, and licensing expenses in a standard monthly fee.

Faster Business Growth

With an integrated software infrastructure, you will be able to expand your business to different locations. A unified backend system that can manage your accounting and order processing assists you in adding more sales channels. Our custom software integration is geared towards the simplification of your internal processes and scaling your business growth.

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