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Robust & Reliable Software Maintenance and Support Services for Hassle-Free Operations

getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in providing software maintenance services and value-driven support services to its clients. We specialize in all types of IT support services – from corrective support to adaptive support and from perfective support to preventive support – with great degree of expertise.

Driven by a team of skilled and experienced IT professionals, we work in close coordination with the you to optimize your maintenance processes. We try to understand your current business processes and technologies so that we can tailor a strategy based on an understanding of the complete system. All this comes to you in flexible engagement models to deliver you the cost and time advantage, which explains why we are rated as a top IT support company.

If recent studies are any indication, the IT support services spend for companies can go as high as 70%. However, the story does not end there! large organizations often struggle with software maintenance and support, especially after mergers and acquisitions, when inherited systems and applications are added into the company fold. As a result, trained IT departments often end up providing rudimentary support services to keep their applications up and running, leaving no time for innovation or deployment of new structures.

Software investment is huge and requires lot of time and resources in its deployment. To get the best return on their investment, many companies outsource their software maintenance and support requirements to a third-party vendor. This is where GetSmartCoders come into play!

As a reputed IT support company, we offer a full range of software maintenance services to meet your requirements. If you are stressed about exorbitant cost of maintaining an in-house IT department, then we may have just the right solution for you to relieve you of that stress. Our team of creative experts will not only take the monumental task of software maintenance off your hands, but can also help improve your efficiency, as well as lower research & development costs needed for successive upgrades.

Our Software Support and Maintenance Services

Adaptive Maintenance and Support

This involves bringing about necessary modifications and revisions to your software. These primarily include hardware configuration change, data format change, OS integration etc.

Corrective Maintenance and Support

This involves fixing coding errors or eliminating bugs that may arise in your application.

Perfective Maintenance and Support

This involves fine tuning your software to improve its functionality and efficiency. This may range from changing the GUI of the software to changing core code to boost run time.

Preventive Maintenance and Support

This involves keeping a close eye on the conditions in the ecosystem to nip bugs or other issues in the bud.

Other specialized services include
  • Software Upgrades
  • Post-release Helpdesk Support
  • Software Version Upgrades & Functionality Upgrades
  • Database Migration & Language Migration
  • Website and Custom Application Maintenance
  • Application Performance Enhancements
  • Software Re-engineering Support
  • Bug and Defect Resolution
  • Request Based Software Services

Our software maintenance and support process is designed in such a way that our clients enjoy well-organized project management, with little to no software downtime. We have a broad spectrum of software maintenance services that allows our clients to choose what they need, based on their requirements, project delivery metrics and pricing.

Software Support Services Features

Our software maintenance process is scalable and can support organizations of all shapes and sizes. We are an IT support company that takes its software support services very seriously. Our team of experts are adept professionals who have years of industry experience under their belt. When you team up with us, we guarantee you long-term IT support services and real-time maintenance for all your software needs.

Our well-defined and scalable IT support services come with the following features

  • Rigorous documentation of maintenance and support services
  • Knowledge sharing on the kind of support provided
  • Transparent maintenance process
  • Knowledge repositories on system maintenance and support

We assign dedicated teams to our clients for deployment of IT support services. Once our software maintenance process has been successfully deployed, we assign dedicated project heads and team leads to ensure seamless continuous upkeep.

getSmartcoders understand the nature of its business. This is why we offer 24/7 software technical support and real-time troubleshooting of all problem areas. We also keep track of service requests for future reference. We ensure that our services optimize software application maintenance and performance, keeping your cost of ownership under control

Outsource Software Support and Maintenance Services to Us

getSmartcoders is an it support company with a team of dedicated software professionals that can cater to its global clients 24/7. We take responsibility of your critical business operations and go to great lengths to ensure that its applications and systems remain functional round-the-clock. Our software technical support is one of the best amongst software support companies. We provide well rounded software maintenance support system that includes critical planning, defining logistics, and post-delivery maintenance, without ever exceeding your budget constraints. If you are looking for it support company to outsource software maintenance, then here are the reasons why you should consider us.

Timely Support: We understand the complexity and time-sensitive nature of IT support services. This is why all our software maintenance services and support solutions are developed by our own expert professionals. Our software technical support is also available online.

Software Maintenance and Support Services: We offer full range of troubleshooting services and undertake regular software maintenance tasks like patch & releases, site crash & source code management, integration of new releases etc. All in all, our IT support services are applicable throughout software maintenance process.

Long-Term Contract Options: When you join hands with an IT support company, the contract is, more often than not, long-term. However, we give you the flexibility to choose the length of your contract based on your requirements. We can tweak our IT support services according to your needs! We can provide anything from short-term monthly support to long-term yearly software maintenance services.

Full Scale Management and Deployment: Our IT support services are tested in simulated client environment to ensure smooth release. We can also release our service packs for your clients and perform deployment at your customers’ end.

Working with GetSmartCoders

We have a robust software maintenance process that we leverage to provide value added IT support services to our clients. It includes the following steps:

Requirement Analysis
We sit with you to comprehend your software maintenance requirements. After comprehending the requirements, we set goals for the project.

Design Preparation
In this stage, we develop the source code and project document to perform detailed analysis.

Coding and Bug Fixing
Discovers problems, Bug fixing and add the code to fit the original design

This is the final stage wherein we install the solutions once the process has been thoroughly tested.

After the approval, we perform testing across various stages of software maintenance process deployment.

In this stage, the team works towards executing the IT support services required as per your software and application needs.

Why Choose getSmartcoders for your Software Maintenance and Support

We are a reputed IT Support company with broad spectrum of IT support services, specializing in software maintenance. We have been in the industry for long enough to fully understand the scope and complexity of software support requirements. Today, our teams are equipped with trained professionals and state-of-the-art systems to deliver the needs of clients.

  • 24-hour help desk support
  • Direct access to experienced engineers
  • Unlimited access to technical support knowledge base
  • Guaranteed 24-hour technical support response time
  • Multi- channel support (phone, e-mail, instant messenger, etc.)
  • Highly flexible and cost-effective support model
  • Support from 8 global delivery centers

Looking for a reliable offshore software development company? Outsource software maintenance and support services to getSmartcoders to begin the discovery process.

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