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An in-depth analysis of requirements is the key to an overall successful software development program. getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in software requirement analysis. This includes analyzing, defining, and documenting software requirements. Over the years we have developed great finesse in measuring the entire gamut of software requirements. These requirements range from functional to non-functional requirement and from technical to transitional.

We create software requirements document to specifically list your business purpose. It includes more details about the general technology requirements and functional modules. We identify accurate software solutions by locating similar components from historical projects and applying tried and tested approaches. This helps us to ensure that the solution matches company’s requirement. It also helps us contain the developmental risk. Our experts leverage requirements management software to analyse software requirements. This helps us gather all the important details to meet realistic deadlines and project costs. It is because of this in-depth approach that we have been able to give you an actionable report of your software requirement process.

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getSmartcoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

  • Legacy System Architecture Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Business-to-Business Integration
  • On-premises Application Integration
  • SaaS Application Integration
  • Application-to-Application Integration

Software Requirement Analysis Services

Requirement analysis phase in software engineering must be attended by an optimal blend of software and human intelligence. This is why we dedicate a team comprising business analysts, developers, technical writers, and UX/UI designers to help you properly interpret your exact software needs.

We provide our software requirement analysis services for the following disciplines:

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Our Software Requirement Analysis Process

As a prominent Software Requirement Analysis company, getSmartcoders has an established process to clear ambiguity in the requirement analysis phase in software engineering. This process consists of the following 6 steps:

01 Scope of

We begin the software requirement analysis by conducting discovery meetings with you. In these meetings, our team of business analysts and software engineers will help you uncover the business needs of your software development project. Our experts will highlight possible roadblocks, goals, and other factors that may impact the project. We develop customized software development roadmap based on the insights acquired from your business needs.

02 Identification
of Stakeholders

In the next stage, our team establishes the feasibility of your requirements and conduct interviews to identify key stakeholders for our requirements gathering template. System admins, employees, end-users, customers, among others are the key stakeholders in your project. We get all necessary insights from these stakeholders. We segregate these requirements into categories such as functional, non-functional, regulatory, and technical.

03 Requirement

Next, we gather information from all the stakeholders involved in the process. The scope and nature of the project is assessed inside out.The interaction with stakeholders is followed by market studies, surveys, secondary research, among others. Our team collates all the insights collected from stakeholders on a thorough software requirement document.

04 Roadmap

Once the requirement gathering process is over, we create the project roadmap. The roadmap consists of milestones and consider the macro goals of your project. We also use analogical reasoning, knowledge-based critiquing, animation of requirements, and others for creating an overall picture of the integration needs.

05 Software

After analysing the data, it is collated in software requirement specification document. This document acts as a blueprint for development teams to begin work. It serves as a technical compilation of all the specific requirements of all your stakeholders, needs of your customer base,user interface expectation, system requirements, and operational requirements.

Iron and Steel Industry

Industries We Serve

Our experts have experience working across a wide range of software projects, both large and small and across various verticals and industries. We leverage their combined experience to identify every aspect of the SDLC correctly and ensure our clients’ project are completed within scheduled budget and time.

Automobile Industry
Textile Industry
Telecommunication Industry
Information Technology Industry
Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry
Transportation and Logistic Industry
Fertiliser Industry
Aviation Industry
Paper Industry
Cement Industry
Finance Industry
Govt Offices
Oil & Gas

Software Requirement Representation Formats We Use

  • Context Diagram
  • Functional Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram
  • As-Is Process Model
  • To-Be Process Model
  • Mind Mapping

Benefits of Software Requirement Analysis

The requirement analysis phase in software engineering is as important as a foundation planning is for building construction. We furnish high-quality software requirement specification document suited for clients with high technical acumen. Here’s a glimpse of benefits you will get if you choose us for software requirement analysis:

Reduced Development Efforts

Stakeholders invest a lot of thought while conveying their software requirements during discovery meetings. This eliminates the chances of any last-minute design or implementation changes in the product. We conduct a thorough inspection of stakeholders’ requirements that helps you eliminate all types of inconsistency in the initial development phase.

Constant Access to Resources

We have resources stationed across 8 global delivery centers across the world. This allows us to guarantee you with an access to resource to promptly address and resolve your issues anytime. We have resources working remotely at different time zones. This ensures that you always have an agent available to resolve your software requirement analysis-related queries on a 24/7 basis.

Better Cost Estimation

We believe in providing our clients with a proper project cost estimate. The software requirements specification document details every feature and functionalities of the product you wish to develop. This gives you an understanding on the cost of features that will compose the product. Features cost can be pieced together to get a near-perfect product development cost estimation.

Robust Data Security

We are committed to safeguarding your data. We are compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. Our team uses secured VPNs while they are remotely connected to your databases. We assign our IT security team who monitors the VPNs and systems used by our resources on a 24/7 basis. All your data is stored and managed in an encrypted format. We encrypt the data when it is transferred to your system. We conduct regular audits to improvise on our data security measures.

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