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Business intelligence solutions help to analyze data to convert into meaningful insights. There’s an extensive series of complex tasks involved to reach the final stage of gathering insights. The process of collecting raw data, processing it, then storing it in a data warehouse can be quite an uphill task as well as an expensive affair. getSmartcoders takes end-to-end responsibility of helping you through this extensive process to derive actionable insights from your business data.

As an experienced business intelligence services company, we provide you with skilled analytical capabilities and software development knowledge to make the most out of your business data. We have a proven track record of creating the right intelligence package by identifying the right business requirements and prioritizing them in the right order. It is because of this all-inclusive approach, that we have always been successful in implementing the right BI structure and hence rated as one of the best companies to outsource business intelligence services.

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GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

Business Intelligence Solutions

We have over 10 years of experience in the design and deployment of smart business intelligence solutions. We leverage our extensive experience in data analytics and business intelligence techniques to develop highly effective BI services for all types of business requirements. We use a varied selection of tools and management methodologies to transform crude data into valuable insights and information.

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Our Business Intelligence Services Process Flow

getSmartcodersis among the industry-experienced business intelligence service providers and we have a well-defined process to transform data into decisions in real-time. This process involves 6 steps.

01 Identify
Business Initiative
define your audience for design dashboard

Our team works in close quarters with clients to have a thorough understanding of their short term and long-term business requirements. This analysis enables us to understand what kind of data our clients will require and from which sources. It helps us to create the business intelligence solutions roadmap that perfectly aligned with our clients’ business needs. We then send the implementation roadmap to our clients for approval.

02 Identify
identify metrics

We get in touch with the different department heads of our client’s organization. This helps us to understand the internal process flow and the department needs that require an immediate attention. Based on this understanding we schedule the phases of implementation depending on the dynamics and hierarchical structure of your organization.

03 Identify
User context

By this stage we have a clear understanding of our clients' way of operation and business goals. We choose an approach that is best suited to our clients' business. We use this understanding to build a tactical plan to execute the business intelligence service. This plan details the technologies and frameworks that are to be used in the project.

04 Finding
the Solution
design and development of dashboard

This is the next stage of our BI services process flow. Business intelligence servicesare deployed and constantly monitored for enhancements. Our clientsare given full access to the tools, and they can monitor the performance. We do improvisations as suggested by our clients in real-time.Timely upgrades are done to ensure consistent performance levels.

05 Data Validation
and Testing
testing dashboard apps

Our expert analysts examine all the data derived from a variety of internal and external resources to find relationships between the datapoints. This data profiling process is a critical step to ensure an appropriate visualization. We use an iterative approach to determine data accuracy. The entire implementation is thoroughly tested to uncover performance glitches and bugs.

06 Implementation
and Integration
Support and Maintenance of dashboard apps

A robust business intelligence solution requires a resilient ecosystem. We build this system in phases. Upon successful completion of one phase, we initiate the implementation of the next. We customize our BI services to allow our clients get access to any specific data that to help them optimize cost, production pipeline, study customers, among others.

Retail & E-Commerce
Travel & Tourism

Industries We Serve

Our well-rounded business intelligence solution gives our clients from a range of industries the ability to monitor their operations and enhance their performances in real-time.

Finance & Banking
Transportation &
Customer Service & Technical Support
Recruitment & Human Resources
Software & SaaS
Oil & Gas
Data Science & Analytics

We Use

  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL
  • Cloudera
  • Python
  • C#
  • C++
  • Java

Benefits of OutsourcingBusiness Intelligence Services

BI tools reduce process-related errors by providing decision makers with accurate information at the right time. Enterprises can improve specific areas of their business with reports derived from crunching data that they gather from all the data sources. Businessintelligence solutions are the progressive avenues that empower an organization to match the demands of a constantly evolving customer. On this note, here’s looking at some of crucial benefits of using our business intelligence solutions.

Access to
BI Experts

Our team consists of a fine blend of computer programmers, Big Data Analytics experts, and business intelligence strategists. All of them come together to create and deploy customized BI solutions for our clients. Our team of experts are proficient with machine learning and algorithm development which helps us implement innovative automation solutions for a wide range of industries.

Cost Optimization

We help you reduce your operational overheads as you outsource business intelligence services to us. We bring our own suite of technologies and equipment that can easily integrate into your legacy equipment ecosystem. This means no additional cost to upgrade the existing IT infrastructure. We understand your business needs and create flexible service packages that allow you to pay only for the services you use.

Modern Technologies

We help you migrate your business data from conventional data centers to cutting-edge cloud-computing platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Our modern tools suite and software eases and accelerates the process of data gathering, formatting, putting those on a structure, and visualization.

Regulatory Compliance

We adhere to the GDPR guidelines while collecting, managing, and sharing data. Our team of experts stay at the top of any regulatory update. This helps us to keep our services perfectly aligned to regulations despite the constant dynamism in it. Our regulatory compliant business intelligence services will help your business stay compliant with the relevant regulatory frameworks.

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Our BI Experts Hiring Models

As a leading business intelligence consulting firm, we provide an access to a wide pool of talented business intelligence experts.We have a highly experienced team of data analysts, software programmers, and statisticians who have helped us to successfully complete over 100+ BI implementations. Our experts leverage their knowledge of programming languages such as Python, C#, C++ and Java to customize mainstream data visualization frameworks and integrate business intelligence protocols to give you valuable insights periodically.

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