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Android Game Development Services for Building Engaging and Fun-Filled Games

Getsmartcoders has 10 years of experience in the development of user interfaces and game engines for the Android operating system. From game prototyping to character development, game environment design, stage development, we follow a systematic approach to android game development. Our Android games are characterized by stunning graphics, flawless gameplay and highly engaging and rich user experience. We use native Android technology like the Android studio as well as cross-platform web app technologies like HTM5, CSS3 and Javascript libraries, Xamarin, Ionic and PhoneGap to develop games.

As a global Android game development company, we are proficient with the use of third party game development engines like services like Unity Mobile, Unity 3d, Unreal Engine and other Android specific tools like Corona SDK, Cocos 2d and Libgdx. Our in-depth knowledge of character development, in-game assets design, light mapping and character and AI behavior development makes us a market leader in the Android game development segment. Outsource Android game development services to us for a world-class solution.

android Game development

Our Comprehensive Android Games Development Services

2D Game Development

From role-playing games (RPG) to strategic games, we use technology such as Corona SDK and Cocos2d to create simple and extremely fun to play games for the Android platform. We also use entry-level and mid-level Android game maker technologies like Appy Pie, Moai and Gideros mobile to create budget friend games with extremely quick development times.

3D Game Development

As an expert Android mobile game development company, we specialize in the development of 3d games with rich graphics. We leverage the graphics development and rendering potential of game engines like Unity 3d, Unreal and Cryengine to create first-person shooters, sports, racing and simulation games that give the user a dynamic gaming experience.

Educational Game Development

We bank on web technologies like HTML canvas, CSS3 and Javascript libraries like AngularJs to develop rich educational games. We create these games to engage the attention of children and adolescent users effectively.

Game Development for Enterprise Use

We have wide experience in developing learning-based apps to promote knowledge enhancement in enterprises. We build these games using technologies like Marmalade and GameMaker Studio to ensure they deliver value to users.

android Game app Development
Mobile Game Development

The Technology We Use

We use a wide range of technologies that vary in complexity and sophistication, depending on the needs of our clients. For high definition games, we predominantly use third-party open source engines such as Unity3d, Unreal Engine and CryEngine under a commercial license. We also use entry-level and mid-range Android game prototyping tools like Giderosmobile, Engine001, Gamesalad, Gamemaker Studio, Corona and Cocos2d. Our command over Java and C++ and C enables us to optimize games to best suit the hardware potential of Android Phones, Tablets, and Smartwatches. We also use 3d modeling tools like Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender and Photoshop to design bespoke game assets and art

Our End to End Game Development Process

Requirement Analysis
We work closely with you to understand your requirement with a game. Based on this understanding we create a roadmap to guide the rest of the development process

Game Design & Development
In this stage, we design and develop all vital aspects of the game such as in game character, environment and non-player characters. The game narrative and all the levels are finalized in this step

Game Testing
The finished game is tested on well-defined testing strategies to uncover glitches and performance bottlenecks

Performance Enhancement
Based on the data collected from the testing process, changes are incorporated to enhance game functionality, UI, graphics performance etc.

Deployment to Android Playstore
The completed game is released onto the Android play store. Users are given access to run the game on their Android devices.

Know Our Developers

Our team of experts comprises graphics experts, 3d model builders, game artists and computer programmers. Our developers are proficient with the Java programming language which helps us to leverage the native Android platform for creating optimized game codebase. Besides this, our developers have in depth knowledge of all major aspects of game development such as character behavior, light mapping, camera rigging and AI development. We are also well experienced in using web technologies like Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 to build simple 2d games with fast development turnaround times for the Android platform. Besides our expertise with proprietary open source game engines like Unity 3d and Unreal engine we also develop bespoke game engines for custom requirements for the client using the Java programing language.

Why Outsource Android Game Development Services to GetSmartCoders?

  • A team of 1000+ developers, digital artists and 3d modelling experts
  • Experience in working on over 250+ game development projects
  • Knowledge of Autodesk Maya, 3d Max, Blender and Photoshop for custom game asset development
  • Expertise in Android specific game development platforms like Corona SDK and Cocos2d, along with Unity Mobile and Unreal engine to create immersive 2d and 3d games
  • Expertise in Java, C and C++
  • Consulting on UI and UX development for the Android Operating system
  • Experience in creating full native android games that utilize on board device hardware like Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC and more
  • Proficiency with Android game making software suites like Gideros Mobile, Fusion 2.5, Gamemaker Studio, Marmalade and more

Looking for a global android game development company to take charge of your custom game development needs? Outsource Android game development services to us for developing highly immersive 2d and 3d games

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