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Hire Android app developers from a technology partner that provides android experts to numerous global business organizations

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in the design and development of bespoke Android applications. We are made up of the ideal blend of software engineers, UI/UX designers and web developers who have a diverse exposure to crafting custom android applications that specifically match the needs of the client. We provide our clients the option to choose from high-quality android app developers for a range of android app development services starting from interface design to the development of apps with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities.

We have successfully built and deployed apps for clients from a wide range of industries across the globe. As a team of top Android app developers, our services and comprehensive and holistic. Our experience with the creation of apps for your business will give your customers a unique user experience in terms of performance, feel and brand recall. Hire android developers from us for the best in class android app development services.

hire Android app developers

Our Developers are Experts in All Types of Android App Development

Native Android App Development

Our team of app developers are experts at developing native apps that are optimized to leverage the full hardware potential of Android smartphones and tablet devices. We provide you with a competent development team that leverages Android studio to create and deploy robust native code using the Java programming language to achieve any specific functionality. We have the expertise of developing apps to create innovative solutions that use the hardware of the device such as wifi, Bluetooth, NFC and camera to achieve functionalities like wireless communication, virtual reality, social media integration and more. Hire native app developers from us to avail best native app development services.

Web and Hybrid app Development

Our team of developers are experts in all the mainstream web development technologies. As a team of top Android app developers , we create web apps that cost-effective and versatile by leveraging web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Hire our android app developers for a range of services such as from the creation of simple single page web applications to hybrid apps that are optimized with cross-platform functionality. We use tools like PhoneGap, Xamarin and Ionic to introduce cross-platform functionality in our Android apps.

Android Game Development

We use game engines like Unity 3d, Unreal engine, CryEngine, Corona SDK, and Cocos2d to develop 2d and 3d game applications for the Android platform. From game prototyping, which includes game asset, storyline and character development to creation of in-game AI features, we take care of all your game development needs for the Android platform. Hire Android developers from GSC to bank on over 10 years of game development and custom application development experience for personal computers and gaming consoles.

Android Testing and Migration Services

We provide comprehensive testing solutions that utilize systematic workflows to identify glitches and performance issues with an Android app. Our proven track record of development excellence with legacy Android app development tools like Eclipse makes us the ideal candidate to upgrade apps developed for older versions of the Android OS into more update versions that are capable of utilizing the full potential of multicore CPUs and onboard GPUs.

Enterprise Android App Development

You get the benefits and advantages of the agile methodology by hiring our development team to build enterprise grade apps for your business. Our developers have a proven track record of bringing our client’s vision for their organization, to life with our specialized approach to app development. We have the expertise to integrate advanced AI, machine learning and self-learning systems using custom algorithms to achieve specific app functionality for business use. From M-commerce to mobile payments and music streaming apps with self-learning systems, our developers have the knowledge and skills required to develop highly customized, high performance enterprise-grade Android Apps for business use. Many reputed businesses across different verticals have hired our android app developers to develop customized enterprise apps.

Benefits of Hiring Android App Developers

Hiring a dedicated team of Android developers empowers your business with a string of advantages primary among which are focused development, low costs and fast development times. A fastidious approach to the development of Android apps will bring out the true potential of your enterprise giving it the digital touch it requires to be noticed by your customers and service partners. Experienced and dedicated Android app developers have the potential to transform a business idea in to reality and can help you reach millions of users across the globe.

Reduced Risk

The following are some of the many benefits that you get by hiring a specialist team of Android developers:

  • A winning combination of low development costs with faster turnaround times
  • Uniquely designed apps to meet the specific needs of your business
  • Guaranteed data security and customer information privacy
  • Adherence to industry best practices for UI and UX design
  • Use of updated and contemporary technologies that produce high performance applications optimized for Android devices

Know Our Developers

Our team of dedicated Android developers are proficient in object-oriented programming languages such as Java, Javascript, Typescript and C#. This empowers us as a business organization to successfully deliver the most ambitious ideas and requirements by using the right technology to create specific functionalities. Our in-depth knowledge of Eclipse and Android studio enables us to develop Android apps from scratch or migrate legacy code into newer versions to create updated apps that perform flawlessly on the latest versions of the Android OS. Our developers also leverage mainstream web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript libraries like Angularjs and Reactjs to create web apps with rich user interfaces. Besides, they are proficient in using tools like Ionic, Phone Gap and Xamarin to package these web apps into hybrid apps that can rival the performance of native Android apps.

hire dedicated Android developers

Why Hire Android Developers From GetSmartCoders?

Our managed services process involves the following steps:
  • A team of 1000+ app developers with expertise on the latest technologies based on the Android platform
  • In Depth knowledge of core Android app development languages like Java, Javascript, Typescript and C#
  • Proficiency with cross platform tools like Phonegap, Xamarin and Ionic
  • In depth knowledge of web technologies including Javascript libraries like Angularjs to craft cost effective web applications
  • Premium consulting services on UI and UX development
  • Expertise in game development for the Android platform using open source game engines such as Unity3d, Unreal engine and more
  • Over 250+ companies have hired our developers to develop customized enterprise apps
  • Hire android app developers from eight global delivery centers across the world

Looking to hire Android developers to provide you with customized android Android applications? Choose our Android app development services to empower your business with an expert solution

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