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Hire our swift developers to build rich and dynamic business apps to meet all your business requirements

Getsmartcoders has 10 year of experience in developing dynamic, lightweight and highly optimized apps for the iOS platform. We provide you with a team of swift developers who have a proven track record of leveraging the stability, flexibility and reliability of the Swift programming language to design and develop apps for MacOS(Apple desktops), watchOS(Apple watch) and iOS platforms(ipad and iPhone). Our tried and tested delivery methods help you achieve all your enterprise mobility needs irrespective of the scale of your business.

Our developers have thorough knowledge of the programming language and have thousands of hours of experience with the interoperability, code reusability, rapid prototyping capacity and the highly acclaimed ARC(Automatic referencing counting) memory management feature of the Swift programming language. Their experience extends to use of Swift to develop powerful and highly optimized legacy code for apps built on the older Objective - C programming language.

Hire Swift Developers

Our Swift Development Services

Custom Swift App Development

Our developers use the simplified syntax and grammar of the Swift programming language to build lightweight and powerful apps and Mac Applications. Their knowledge of the code reusability and ARC features of Swift helps us deliver fully functional applications in quick turnaround times. Our developers use their detailed expertise with the programming language to enable you to overcome the limitations of legacy programming languages used to create iOS applications.

Swift Integration and Migration

Our developers help you push efficient Swift code onto your existing iOS applications to ramp up their performance and reliability. From migrating the functionalities of apps built using the older standard, Objective- C to the prototyping of new ideas, we provide you with comprehensive Swift integration services. Our developers help you preserve the user experience that your customers and in house staff are familiar with, while converting Objective-C apps to Swift code.

Application Testing and Code Analysis

Our developers adapt a test driven development process that identify bugs hampering the performance of Swift apps. From UI tests to unit testing, they perform an in-depth review of the code base to prevent glitches when the app in running in the live environment on user devices. Our developers structure code to make the entire process more reliable and efficient.

Swift Development for Enterprise Use

Our developers build versatile enterprise grade apps to conform with the needs of expedited workflows. We integrate task automation, data sharing, resource management and dashboards to streamline your business processes. Our developers also integrate Data Analytics and back it up with detailed reporting features to give you a birds eye view of your business performance.

UI/UX Design

Our developers create ergonomically superior apps by adopting the best practices of UI and UX design. We integrate responsive features that ensure that the apps scale well on iPhones and Pads, seamlessly. Our experts use the improved UI elements and touch gestures to create rich functionality that match the tastes of your customers.

The Benefits of Hiring Swift Developers

Dedicated Swift developers are proficient in creating user and process flows that suit your business needs aptly. Their skills include the design of visual layouts that invoke the intended responses that you seek from your end users. They help your business apps conform to the interface guidelines and design principles established by Apple. The following are some more of the benefits that you get by hiring Swift developers.

  • Attention to detail in design, functionality, code reusability, testing and debugging
  • Detailed expertise with the iOS SDK, conversion of Objective-C code base to Swift and focus on user and system interaction
  • Flexibility to work independently and with other development teams using the Agile methodology
  • Strong understanding of asynchronous programming that enables Swift developers to create apps that have improved performance and responsiveness

Know Our Developers

Our Swift developers have a proven track record of delivering highly productive apps. They have mastered Swift programming concepts such as the use of cloud message APIs, push notification calibration and scroll views . Each one of these skill sets give your iOS apps a professional feel and distinct user experience. They have a strong understanding of object oriented programming and they leverage it to optimize memory management features. Our developers ensure that all performance glitches and limitations are eliminated by conducting end-to-end functional and unit tests with automated testing platforms.

hire dedicated swift developers

Why Hire Swift Developers from GetSmartcoders?

Our managed services process involves the following steps:
  • Hire a development team with immense knowledge of developing personalized enterprise apps for Apple devices
  • A comprehensive development process including a detailed understanding of customer requirements and business objectives
  • A proven delivery method to ensure completion of the development process on the do as per the schedule
  • Knowledge of Swift development tools such as Xcode, Flutter, Appcode, CocoaPods and RxSwift
  • Proficiency with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch platforms to build powerful swift apps that also have the versatility of these development frameworks
  • Diverse Swift development expertise ranging from integration of Swift code to existing apps to development of completely new apps
  • Knowledge of third party APIs to integrate them into apps developed using Swift
  • A detailed QA testing process that scrutinizes visual elements, back end code and in app features
  • Us of an iterative UI/UX design best practices in the development process
  • Experience with Rapid Prototyping processes using Swift and schedule management

Looking to hire swift developers who can bring your business concepts to life on iOS platforms? Hire swift developers from GetSmartCoders for word class app development services

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