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We Take Personal Ownership of your IT Support and Service Issues

GetSmartCoders has over 10 years of experience in providing managed IT services to diverse business organizations. We specialize in handling and building managed services networks that help you focus on the core revenue generating tasks of your business. Our services are designed to reduce technology related risks and implement new technology in a cost and time effective manner. We take charge of all your core IT operations and work hand-in-hand with your in-house team to keep your computer networks, CRM systems and database architecture running smoothly and efficiently.

When you outsource managed IT support services to us you avail the services of a reliable provider with experience in dealing with diverse complex IT situations and a proven track record of delivering the quickest response time support. Our team of specialists enable will ensure seamless transition of your legacy IT systems onto new equipment and infrastructure.

Our Comprehensive Managed IT Support Services

Cloud Hosting and Support

We provide optimized cloud hosting services to enhance the flexibility of your business. We create and deploy web applications, virtual servers and perform load balancing functions to compile cloud computing functionality. We follow a no-compromise approach to database backup and server servicing tasks to ensure that you get the best performance from the system. Our cloud hosting services facilitate greater collaboration between the different departments of your organization.

IT Consulting

From task-specific applications to full-fledged systems development projects, we customize the scale of our managed IT services according to your needs. We provide you with expert IT consulting services to help you understand the best course of action for your requirements. We then design, develop and deploy custom managed IT solutions as per your requirements using mainstream technologies. Such as Django, Tensorflow, Android Studio, AngularJS etc.

Managed IT Infrastructure Services

We manage your IT infrastructure with a reporting-based approach. We provide you with periodic reports to give you an idea of the real-time performance metrics of your IT infrastructure. We categorize all the aspects of your IT ecosystem to monitor them specifically and systematically. Our IT infrastructure services ensure that all vital systems that are necessary for your daily business tasks operate with minimal down times.

Network Administration and Security

Our team of network administrators are Comp TIA+, CompTIA Security+ and Cisco certified. We provide end to end network administration services ranging from Intrusion detection, Firewall configuration and management, internet and intranet management. Our robust network administration and security policies enable you to focus on the core aspects of your business without being stressed about the security of your data.

E-mail and Ticketing Support

We use ticket management systems and E-mail support to provide you with technical assistance with systems related issues. We adopt a 24/7 support structure and a strict adherence to SLAs with our ticket management system. This helps us address all technical issues with your IT infrastructure systematically.

Leverage the Advantage of Managed IT Support Services

Managed IT solutions give your business a fine balance between the benefits of outsourcing specific IT tasks and the dependency of an expert in-house team. Some of the benefits of managed service are as follows:

Reduced Risk

By choosing a technological partner to outsource managed IT services you are eliminating some of the risks associated with specific functions like server administration for example.

Greater control on Expenditure

A managed IT services company has the expertise and the experience to adapt to any scale of operations of a business. This enables an organization to cut down on operational costs incurred in training an in-house team.

Data Security

Managed service providers give you complete control over data management. They maintain data in a highly organized manner using effective and secure backup systems.

Access to a Flexible Workforce

A managed IT services company is driven by a right mix of resource and technology. This helps businesses get a customized approach to handle their IT management needs.

Implementation of New Technology

Upgrading your IT infrastructure with modern day technology is easy and cost-effective with a managed IT services company. They have the requisite knowledge and experience to make new technology work for you.

Our Skill Sets

We have a diverse set of skills that enable us to handle every task associated with IT infrastructure management. Our team of experts have an in-depth knowledge of server administration, data security, firewall management, network administration and more. These vital skill sets will keep your business systems run optimally at all times. We bank on the latest standards for network intrusion detection and network security management. We also use functional ERP and CRM administration to support you during data migration or implementation of new software suites in phases, without interrupting any of your IT services.

Build Your Ideas
IT Services

Implementation Process of Managed IT Services

Our managed services process involves the following steps:

Requirement Gathering
Our team of experts work closely with you to understand your requirements in detail. Based on this we prepare a blueprint of the service structure.

Design Implementation
Based on the blueprint, we design a customized managed IT services portfolio in keeping with your business needs.

Strategy Development
We appoint a dedicated IT manager to supervise operations of management and implementation of new technology.

Support & Maintenance
Our team of experts are available 24x7 to keep you network up and running at all

Implementation and Optimization
We help you eliminate wasteful practices and implement upgrades or new technologies. We scrutinize servers for consistency in performance.

Network Monitoring and Data Mining
We constantly monitor all your networks and build an exhaustive report to keep you informed about the status.

Know Our Manage IT Support Team

We are made up of a team of Database administrators, server system specialists, ERP/CRM experts, remote technical support staff. Our team of experts have all the vital skill sets that are necessary to keep the entire IT infrastructure of an organization up and running at all times. Our service team follows systematic incident management, reporting and maintenance functions to provide your organization with a wide array of services that give you uninterrupted IT functionality. From Server Load balancing to the management of IT security with a 24/7 support model and implementation of regular system updates and security patches, we ensure that you are backed by efficient support at all times.

Why Outsource Managed IT Support Services to GetSmartCoders?

Custom Application Development A team of 1000+ network professionals with diverse industry experience

alue add-consulting Over 10 years of experience in providing robust IT support for clients

project management Dedicated manager for
each project

competitive rates Up to 40% reduction in
operational costs

lexible business models Secure data backup with complete disaster recovery planning

Guaranteed timeline Well established
communication process

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