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Leaving No Stones Unturned to Keep Bugs at Bay

SmartCoders has over 10 years of experience in providing highly specialized outsourced compatibility testing services to its clients. Our dedicated software testing service has helped our clients meet time bound requirements to maximize operational gains.

We tailor a distinctive approach for each project to make the software testing process consistent and wholesome. We provide our test managers with the big picture from the very beginning. This gives them a clear idea of their goals and helps them to identify priorities, build the right team, establish the management process and set up a well-defined communication mode at the onset. Consequently, we identify errors at an early stage, thus helping you deliver high quality assurance testing services in short turnarounds.

Driven by a team of 50+ testers we have, over the years tested more than 5000+ quality testing scripts to our clients. We bank on well-equipped test labs; test engineers with the right mix of expertise and experience; partnership and support from leading vendors to meet all your testing requirements with complete proficiency. Besides guaranteeing early detection of defects/issues, our services ensure reduced costs, zero post production issues and fulfillment of all required criteria for product deployment. Over the years our clients have been outsourcing QA testing services because we guarantee them the peace of mind they are looking for.

Driven by a team of
50+ testers
over the years tested over
5000+ test scripts
outsource software testing services

Compatibility Testing is Our Forte; We Guarantee Flawless Operations Under any Work Conditions

Our compatibility testing service is designed to ensure compatibility of the system/application/website with other web browsers, hardware platforms, operating systems etc. We tailor a configuration matrix based on your requirements and business process and purposes and choose the right set of tools and methodologies to evaluate system compatibility under different conditions.

Our experience in compatibility testing services ranges from providing software solutions to charity institutions, educational establishments and organizations of all sizes across continents.

Looking for a Range of QA Testing Services?
Outsource all Your Needs to Us

We perform QA testing services for any programming language or type of code. We have a wide range of software testing services which includes:

Managed Testing Services

Our end-to-end managed testing services takes over the responsibility of application testing at an enterprise or program level. It is designed to guarantee QA testing with measurable quality improvements at low cost and without foregoing overall control.

Our experience in managed testing ranges from testing new releases before installing it in production environment to carrying out systematic and thorough testing of new software versions. We also have wide experience in aiding our clients in specific areas of QA testing such as application security testing or performance testing with specialist testers.

Functional Software Testing Services

Our comprehensive functional testing services helps you effectively examine and validate all features, functions, and usability of a software product. It is geared towards spotting undetected defects; that may have an impact on the overall functionality and compatibility of the product.

We have extensive experience in helping our clients with both positive and negative functional requirements. Our clients have leveraged our services to meet a range of requirements such as providing fast, easy and convenient transaction services, reduce regression cycle times, improve end user adoption etc. We bank on our robust functional testing service to guarantee QA testing.

Software Test Automation Services

We offer you a range of automated testing services to bring down the overall costs of testing, and at the same time, help you speed up the release cycles with quick and better detection of defects.

Our automated software testing services has helped our clients in multiple ways; from standardizing approach to functional testing to improving response time; from reducing end-to-end integration time to changing existing process. We specialize in automated unit tests, API tests, and Automated GUI tests. Software test automation is an integral part of our QA testing. Outsource test automation services to us for the best results.

Software Performance Testing Services

Our performance testing services spans a wide range of applications including client-server, mobile, web, high volume transaction systems, and highly complex applications. You can leverage this service to launch applications that are scalable and future proof.

Our clients have leveraged our performance testing services to meet requirements such as to develop large scale HR solutions, manage accounts payable workflow, ensure stability of high-volume handling applications, and identify bottlenecks of existing production system. We specialize in all types of performance testing including load testing, spike testing, stress testing, endurance testing, scalability testing, volume testing etc. We bank on this field of testing to guarantee QA testing of the highest degree.

Mobile Testing Services: Why Outsourcing to Us Gives You an Edge

We offer you end-to-end mobile application testing services to ensure your mobile application is robust enough to function across multiple mobile platforms, devices and services. With our service, you can ensure user experience and planned business value are delivered by the appropriate mobile solution.

Our clients have leveraged our mobile testing services to test apps on a wide range of devices. We have carried out security testing for apps from a variety of business domains including online travel, private sector bank, insurance companies etc. We also have expertise in handling mobile test automation for live streaming application. Besides performance and functional testing, our mobile testing services include usability testing, interrupt testing, installation testing, operational testing, memory leakage testing and security testing.

Software Testing Tools and Technology

Bug Reporting and Tracking Tool
  • JIRA
Automation Testing Tool
  • Eclipse with Selenium and Java
  • SOAP UI tool
  • REST Client
  • Amazon Work Docs
  • Confluence
Test Execution Tool
  • Test Rail
Automation Testing Tool
  • Postman
  • Maven
  • SVN

Testing Consulting Services: What You Get

We specialize in offering strategic guidance to your testing requirements. Our experts leverage the knowledge gained from solving many and major compatibility testing issues to help you with the following

Our testing consulting services facilitates the following

  • Bug resolutions, problem analysis, troubleshooting and on-call support

  • Adaptive enhancements/modifications to meet changing requirements
  • Upgrades to accommodate new features and functions

  • Supplemental technical support like required documentation and test dashboards

To get the best testing consulting services outsource your needs to us

As a Leading Software Testing Services Company, We Bank on a
Well-Defined Compatibility Testing Process

Our QA testing process is defined by a standard software test planning which comprises the following

  • Step 1

    Requirement Gathering

    We carry out a detailed study of your needs to determine the scope of testing.

    • Application
    • Objectives
    • End user goals
  • Step 2

    Software Test Planning

    Based on the requirements we identify test conditions, evaluate testability, identify test tools and set pass fail criteria. It also takes care of responsibilities, schedules, risks and contingencies etc

  • Step 3

    Setup Test Delivery Model

    Given that organization have their own set of requirements, processes, tools etc. we design delivery models to meet our clients’ technology needs to manage risks, deliver quality, and measurable results

  • Step 4

    Establish Tests Metrics

    With the right test metrics we try to improve quality of a process by continuous monitoring and take decisions based on analytics. This helps us deliver the right testing results in the first attempt

  • Step 5

    Manage Test Release

    We manage test release by creating a customized checklist for software release, as per project management methodology, platform of the software; manual/automated testing framework etc

  • Step 6


    After completion of testing we provide qualitative and quantitative information about the tested aspects. These include test cases documents, test plan, strategy, scripts etc

Know Our Software Testers

The one big advantage you get with our testers is their experience in software development. Most of them have dabbled with developing software or have rudimentary knowledge of software development. This helps them discover bugs at a very early stage which is why we have been consistent in producing high quality assurance testing services. Our testers combine proactive and preventive testing methods to identify inaccuracies in software. Further, our testers rely heavily on real-time scenarios, foresight and creativity to find improved ways to identify and eliminate bugs. This ensures a lot of time is saved and expenses are minimized.

Software Testing Outsourcing Service : Know Why We Are the Best

As premier software testing services company, you derive the following benefits:

Guaranteed timeline 400+ software testing
services projects

alue add-consulting Consistent processes - standards, methods and approach

Best-of-breed professionalsBest-of-breed professionals with exposure to a range of software testing services

project management Collaborative approach with development teams

competitive rates Qualitative and quantitative reporting of the tested aspects

comprehensive testing infrastructureComprehensive testing infrastructure with standard documentation procedures

contact for regular communicationA dedicated point of contact for regular communication

Assured faster-timeAssured faster-time-to

If you are looking for effective and quality testing services, outsource software testing requirements to GetSmartCoders - the best software testing services company. Contact us now.

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