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We Help You Get Your Product Tested by the Best Testers Around the World

GetSmartCoders has over 6 years of experience in connecting companies with highly skilled freelance software testers from around the world. Our vast pool of testers, bring complete diversity in terms of knowledge, experience and demography to help you get the best test coverage in the shortest possible notice.

Our global network of more than 10000 expert crowdsourced testers across 100+ countries, are knowledgeable and responsive enough to deliver 90 days of functional web testing in just 48 hours. We owe this to the seamless collaboration between our pool of crowd testers and dedicated inhouse testing teams. Therefore, our clients’ have banked on our services solely to transform their customers’ digital experience entirely.

Why Opt for Crowdsourced Testing

Crowdsourced testing is an emerging trend in the software testing business. It is the “crowd” of multiple testers that can help reveal defects in the software’s functionality, security, usability and localization. In a highly competitive business environment, the major drivers that determine success is the product’s design, faster production, time to market and its universal appeal. Outsourcing Crowdsourced testing services help companies easily acquire some innovative testing methods to reach the above-mentioned objectives.

Crowdsourced testing companies use cloud-based portals that benefit from the experience of its testers in identification of critical defects. Through crowdsourced testing, the process can uncover defects that may otherwise go undetected if tested via routine methods in a simulated environment.

We Specialize in a Range of Crowdsource Testing Services

GetSmartCoders is a crowdsource testing company that provide its clients with the best and most reliable resources to perform beta testing on your products in multiple short projects. We employ a large resource pool to conduct dedicated testing of your product at a given time and ensure that all the defects and bugs are well reported so that you can fix these issues before launching the final product.

We offer a range of outsourced crowd testing services. These include:
  • Functional Crowd Testing: With this service, we test each component of your product for to ensure there no issues pertaining to its functioning.
  • User Acceptance Crowd Testing: This service tests your product in real-world and hard conditions to ensure high user acceptance.
  • Adhoc Crowd Testing: With this service, we carry out random tests on your product to discover if there are any hidden bugs.
  • Usability Crowd Testing: This service tests your product for ease of use and accessibility.
  • Compatibility Crowd Testing: With this service, we ensure your application is compatible on diverse platforms and devices of all size.
  • Performance Crowd Testing: This testing will help you understand your product’s performance in negative or unconducive conditions.
  • Globalization Crowd Testing: With this testing service, we provide valuable input about your applications performance in terms of locale, language etc. on a global basis.

Outsourcing Crowdsourced Testing Services: We Offer the Following Benefits

Crowdsourced testing is popular because it offers quick turnaround time, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness to our clients. If you are looking to reap good benefits of outsourced crowdsourced testing, you need to do it to a crowdsource testing company with proven experience. But before that consider the various reasons for which you need to outsource crowdsourced app testing to a third-party vendor.

Crowdsourced testing is extremely beneficial and a powerful testing tool that many businesses are still uninformed about. Some of the benefits we offer include:

Crowdsourced testers can test the application in various environments across different internet bandwidth, devices and various testing flows. It is ideal for companies, such as game publishers, who want to perform load-testing of their servers. Our multiple testers will log on to your servers to ensure that the servers can handle the load and work seamlessly.

Crowdsourced testing is conducted by testers who do not belong to any one particular organization. Hence, what you get is an unbiased result of their testing. Our crowd testers belong to different geographical locations that test the hardware functionality in varied conditions.

Since large number of testers are involved, crowdsourced testing companies can complete testing within a short span of time. Our testers work on multiple short-duration assignments to deliver quick results, especially for clients with time-sensitive projects.

Some clients want to have versatile environment so as to test their services across varied platforms or devices. We provide this environment to our clients so that they can isolate specific issues and take necessary steps to fix it. Our testers also get paid on the basis of valid bugs identified, making it a cost-effective project.

Clients often need to test their products on exceptional equipment that is not readily available. In this case, Our clients outsource crowd testing platform to us to get access to these expert systems.

Businesses that need fast delivery of quality products can leverage crowdsourced testing as the testers are located across various geographical locations and perform testing across all time zones. GetSmartCoders is a global crowdsourced testing company with 8+ delivery centres and 24/7 operations required for this kind of testing.

Working with GetSmartCoders

GetSmartCoders follows a robust crowdsourced app testing process. Here are the steps below

  • Step 1

    Requirement Gathering

    We try to understand the following

    • Application
    • Objectives & End user goals
  • Step 2

    Design Strategy

    We try to determine the following

    • Test strategy
    • Test Tools to be leveraged
  • Step 3

    Test Delivery Model

    We choose a delivery model based on

    • Application requirements
    • Budget
  • Step 4

    Establish Test Metrics

    We determine test metrics
    such as

    • Execution Status
    • Completion Status
    • Defect status by priority
  • Step 5

    Manage Test Release

    Based on test model we determine test release to

    • Eliminate duplicate activities
    • Mitigate release failure
    • Enhance agility & flexibility
  • Step 6

    Project Delivery

    After the successful completion of testing we deliver the following

    • Test cases documents
    • Test plan, strategy, scripts etc.
    • Test results/report

Why Choose getSmartcoders for Outsource Crowdsourced Testing Services

At GetSmartCoders, we understand the importance of crowdsourced QA testing and provide access to readily available pool of managed testers to test your product within a short span of time. We follow an evolutionary approach in providing high-quality testing environment, while keeping our pricing transparent.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your crowd testing servicerequirements to an experienced company like GetSmartCoders.

Guaranteed timeline We provide you uninhibited access to the world’s largest pool of competent testers

alue add-consultingWe help you accelerate time to market the product by 30%

project management We help you increase test coverage by up to 10 times

competitive ratesWe reduce test costs by 40-50%

contact for regular communicationOur teams can help in specific target demographics, devices, OS and lots more

Assured faster-timeWe offer highly scalable and flexible services

Best-of-breed professionalsWe work from multiple delivery centers to give you the 24/7 advantage

Looking for a reliable crowdsourced app testing company to test your apps to perfection? Outsource crowdsourced testing services to GetSmartCoders now.

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