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ETL Testing Services: We Test and Map Data Systematically to Prevent Errors

getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in delivering quality ETL testing solutions to its clients the world over. Over the years we have developed and fine-tuned a robust process to systematically manage data bases and create quality and rich information that can be leveraged to explore new opportunities for the organization.

We are an ETL testing company with wide experience in providing ETL testing services for financial, travel, ecommerce companies. and so, know what it takes to develop a proper and comprehensive ETL testing course of action. The combination of knowledge and experience enables us to extract and transform data from source to the destination with great accuracy and put fears of loss of data, invalid data or overshooting time frame to rest. It is precisely because of this all our clients prefer to outsource ETL testing services to us

Outsource ETL Testing Service

Why ETL Testing Matters

ETL Testing, aka Extract, Transform and Load, has gained a lot of traction in the last few years among organizations that are continually looking to migrate, monitor and consolidate their data warehouses. To ensure correct integration of these systems, it is important that the data be tested and mapped systematically to prevent errors and inconsistencies.

Many companies that want to implement business intelligence systems are often exposed to the risk of hurrying their data warehouse into service without being properly tested by an experienced ETL testing company. This is where GetSmartCoders come into play.

The biggest risk in outsourcing ETL testing process lies in performing testing inaccurately that can lead to incorrect mapping of the source data, causing substantial loss in data warehousing. However, with GetSmartCoders, our clients can rest assured as we have years of experience in providing ETL testing service. We use the most sophisticated ETL automation testing procedures that simplifies the validation of your company’s data, with added benefits of scalability and adaptability to your testing method.

Outsource ETL Testing Service to GetSmartCoders and Give Your Business an Edge

When you outsource ETL testing automation requirement to us, we provide end-to-end service to you that
includes the following:

Widespread testing for complex and enormous enterprise data warehouse systems
Remove inefficacy by substituting manual validation with end-to-end automation of huge volumes of data

We use ETL Testing tools based approach towards database testing. We also eliminate data inaccuracies from the production environment by automating test planning and perform text execution at every phase of ETL testing process.

GetSmartCoders is an experienced outsource ETL performance testing company that offers following advantages:

  • We use exhaustive set of tools and dedicated test labs for ETL testing
  • We assure you Quarter-on-Quarter improvement in automation with enhanced reusability
  • We conduct architecture validation from performance engineering vantage point
  • Our experts prepare, execute and support in test script automation by using most advanced tools and frameworks
  • We use sophisticated ETL testing tools to identify inherent weaknesses in applications
  • Our experts identify bottlenecks and conduct performance diagnostics at each stage of ETL testing lifecycle
 ETL Testing outsourcing services

Outsourcing ETL Testing: We Offer a
Comprehensive Range of Services

As a reputed ETL Testing company, we will never shy away from going the extra mile to ensure that the data mined from all the sources are mapped to the corresponding data warehouse correctly. We are an exhaustive ETL testing automation company that uses both open-source and patented tools to adhere to compliance. Our services include:

Fully Automated Application Upgrading Test

In order to stay compliant with changing technological environments, data warehouses need to be upgraded. In this situation, we offer a fully automated testing process for application upgrade that tests extracted old data’s compatibility with the new warehouse. This allows us to save a lot of time in development and scripting.

Data Count Testing

Once the data has been accurately validated after validation testing, we ensure that all the data has been correctly loaded into the warehouse. To double check, we perform count testing and spot checks between arbitrary actual and specific data regularly.

Metadata Testing

We remove inaccuracies of metadata by performing metadata testing procedures that involves indexing checks, data length checks, and validation of data type. These tests are fully automated and can save you plenty of time.

Navigational & GUI Testing

This is a highly complicated task that can lead to wastage of time and resources. Therefore, to prevent that from happening, we use front-end reports to verify all the elements of GUI and ensure completeness.

Data Quality Tests

For the company to have full faith in generated data, they need to perform comprehensive data quality tests that include both reference and syntax testing. We provide data quality testing services that can prevent bugs and errors caused due to poor quality data. We can help gauge the quality of data generated.

Syntax & Reference testing

We use the most sophisticated ETL testing tools to perform reference tests. These automated tests help in validating data generated with regards to data model. At the same time, our syntax tests are geared towards reporting asymmetrical data that may occur due to inaccurate characters, case usage, character pattern and invalid characters, to name a few.

Data Transformation Testing

This type of testing is highly complex because of extensive manual work. For every single-source SQL query written, it has to be compared manually with the target output. Many such SQL queries are written to validate changes. With GetSmartCoders, we do all the hard work at the backend so that you can save time and costs in the ETL testing process.

Production Validation ETL Testing

This form of ETL testing approach performs testing on data that is to be transferred to data warehouse and other such production systems. Our experts at GetSmartCoders ensure that the data is moved and mapped correctly. We do this by evaluating even the slightest change, allowing you to make the best decisions for your business. Our ETL automation testing approach ensures that your business is never compromised due to inaccurate data.

Incremental Testing

Our incremental testing procedure eliminates all challenges associated with large amounts of data. We perform thorough testing of the old data, checking its integrity and compatibility with new data. As a result, we also simultaneously check all the updates and inserts that are fed during automated ETL testing.

Validation Testing

Through our ETL automation testing, we help you in quick validation of the transferred data to ensure that the new one is exactly same as the old one. If not, we also conduct spot checks to mitigate discrepancy in the current process, and prevent its recurrence in the future.

As a Leading Software Testing Services Company, We Bank on a Well-Defined Compatibility Testing Process

We have fine-tuned our ETL testing methodology over the years. Today our process includes following steps:

  • Step 1

    Requirement Gathering

    This is the first step in ETL testing the primary task involves identifying data sources, implementing the data profile, and define data quality criteria.

  • Step 2

    Validate Business Requirement

    After understanding the testing requirement, we analyse and validate it from a technology perspective.

  • Step 3

    Test Data Preparation

    Our next step is select the accurate test datasets and also establish the right data combinations

  • Step 4

    Test Execution

    In this stage of ETL testing, we apply the business transformation logic and sort the data for further testing, such as indexing and data partition.

  • Step 5


    This is an important step that involves correct data mapping and verification all measure groups

  • Step 6

    Report Testing

    fter completion of the ETL process, our experts will drill down and drill through to offer comprehensive report to the client.

Know More About Our ETL Testers

Our senior ETL testers have more than 10 years of experience in ETL testing. Besides great manual testing skills, all of them have excellent knowledge in PL/SQL and ETL / Data warehousing. Their wide experience arms them with an insight-based understanding of the ETL process which has helped us complete processes precisely within the required time framework.

Outsource ETL Testing to Us for the Following Benefits

We have been in the business of ETL testing long enough to provide quality ETL test plan to our global clients. Some of the benefits of partnering
with GetSmartCoders include:

  • End-to-end ETL testing service
  • Expertise in ETL testing tools and best practices
  • No data loss guarantee in data warehouse
  • Comprehensive defect report
  • Documentation of ETL process
  • Minimize testing cost by 40%
  • Transparent process
  • 24X7 services from 8 global centers
  • Assistance in strategic decision making

Looking for a reliable offshore ETL testing services company? Outsource ETL testing services to getSmartcoders to begin the discovery process.