Optimizing ETL Testing for Improved Quality and Release Cycles

getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in delivering quality Extract Transform Load (ETL) testing solutions to its clients the world over. Over the years we have developed and fine-tuned a robust process to systematically manage databases and create quality and rich information that can be leveraged to explore new opportunities for the organization.

ETL involves gathering and processing data from multiple sources, modifying and rearranging it for analysis before channelizing it into a data warehouse. ETL testing services helps to validate that the ETL process is working seamlessly. Organizations rely heavily on ETL testing to fill up for lost or incomplete data or weed out data that is irrelevant for your business.

As an ETL testing services company we have wide experience in providing ETL testing for financial, manufacturing, ecommerce companies. The combination of knowledge and experience enables us to extract and transform data from source to the destination with great accuracy putting issues like loss of data, invalid data, or overshooting time frame to rest. It is precisely because of this all our clients prefer to outsource ETL testing services to us.

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GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

  • Data Count Testing
  • Metadata Testing
  • Navigational & GUI Testing
  • Data Quality Tests
  • Syntax & Reference testing
  • Data Transformation Testing
  • Production Validation ETL Testing
  • Incremental Testing
  • Validation Testing

Our End-to-End ETL Testing Services

We offer a range of ETL testing services to assist our clients ensure safe transport of data from its source to its destination. We also check the data for quality before it is analyzed for business Intelligence reports. We have assisted clients across industries with services such as:

Fully Automated Application Upgrading Test

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Our ETL Testing Process

At getSmartcoders, we follow ETL Testing Process to guarantee quality assurance. Our ETL Testing Process involves the following steps:

01 Requirement
Requirements for mobile app development

This is the first step in ETL testing process. We sit with you to understand your requirements. The primary task in this step involves identifying data sources, implementing the data profile, and define data quality criteria. At the same time, we try to gain an understanding of your business goals and objectives. Once we gather all information, we finalize the project milestone and project timeline with you.

02 Validate
Data Sources
Design the UI UX of mobile app

After understanding the testing requirement, we analyze and validate it from a technology perspective. In this stage we primarily carry out a data count check and make sure that the data types meet all the specifications of the data model. We also ensure that the data is thoroughly cleaned, and duplicate data is completely eliminated. We do this as precisely as possible to ensure the aggregate report is accurate and reliable.

03 Test Data
Development of mobile app

Our next step is to select the accurate test datasets and establish the right data combinations. To carry this out we design ETL mapping scenarios, develop SQL scripts, and frame the transformational rules. Once all of these are ready, we validate the mapping document and ensure it contains all the information necessary to carry out the testing effectively. This step serves as a launching pad for ETL testing.

04 Test
Testing Process of mobile app

In this stage we execute ETL tests as per business requirement. While testing we identify types of defects or bugs encountered and prepare a report. Thereafter, we fix the bug, rectify the defects, and close the bug report. During the course of test execution, we apply business transformation logic and sort the data for further testing, such as indexing and data partition.

05 Verification
and Load Data
Deploy mobile apps for go live

This is an important step that involves correct data mapping and verification of all measure groups. This is followed by moving the data from staging to the data warehouse. We perform a record count check before and after moving the data. This helps us to verify that invalid data is weeded out, and default values are accepted.

06 Summary
Support and Maintenance of mobile apps

This is the final step of the testing process. In this step we verify layout, options, filters, and export functionality and prepare a detailed summary report. The report is customized as per client specific need so that stakeholders/decision-makers know the details and outcome of the testing process. The report may also contain the reason for eliminating a step if it was not carried out.

Industries We Serve

We have aided a diverse range of industries with our ETL testing services to assist them with data completeness, data correctness, data integrity, and data transformation and reconciliation. Some of the industries we have served include:

Food & Drink
Transportation &
Oil & Gas

Tools and
Technologies We Use

  • Codoid ETL
    Testing Services
  • Bitwise QualiDI ETL Test Automation Platform
  • Informatica PowerCenter Data Validation
  • Datagaps
    ETL Validator
  • iCEDQ
  • QuerySurge Data Warehouse Testing
  • Original Software
  • RightData

Benefits of ETL Testing

ETL Testing plays an important role in the process of data migration and data warehousing. As it validates the data loaded from the source system to the data warehouse, it provides an end-to-end view of the data, thereby helping enterprises take better business decisions. Some major benefits that a ETL testing company like getSmartcoders does is to undertake the testing to perfection and effectively manage the data in data warehouses. Our clients prefer to outsource ETL testing services to us because we assist them to:

Identify Issues
with Data Sources

We help you identify the issues with the data sources, much before loading the data into data repository. Besides, we assist our clients in identifying ambiguities or discrepancies in business rules for managing data transformation and integration.

Facilitate Transfer
of Bulk Data

We have wide experience in assisting large businesses transfer data from one location to another in a seamless manner. Our expertise ensures that the complete data is transferred to its final destination in a safe and proper manner.

Prevent Duplication
of Record and Data Loss

By authenticating and validating information, we prevent loss of data from warehouse systems. Our elaborate testing methods ensure information gathering from independent sources is in keeping with data transformation rules.

Eliminate Errors in Transmission

Our streamlined transmission process ensures zero errors in data transfer. We ensure this with the help of diverse strategies such as Data Correctness, Data Integrity, Data Completeness, Data Reconciliation, QA Testing Solutions for ETL, and System Performance and Scalability.

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