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Enhancing Software Quality with Superior Exploratory Testing Practices

GetSmartCoders has over 10 years of experience in best exploratory testing practices. Over the years, we have developed a holistic exploratory testing methodology that goes beyond the traditional scripted way to identify defects early in the testing life cycle.

Exploratory testing is one of the most trusted methods for software testing these days. This approach-based testing process is more execution oriented than planning. The software testers involved in Exploratory testing utilize more time in performing actual test implementation than strategizing. In agile Exploratory testing is the elemental process that helps the testers stay up-to-date with the dynamic agile software development process. It is crucial for the testers to conduct exploratory to enhance the quality of their software.

Exploratory testing is a domain that depends a lot on the testers’ imagination and intuition into the application. We have trained our testers to listen, understand, and think logically and observe and question beyond requirements to produce results not anticipated by document. Our interactive approach to exploratory testing agile has helped us create highly effective and enhancing test designs for our clients. It is because of this that we are hailed as an exploratory testing services company.

Clients Prefer to Outsource Exploratory Testing Services to
Us for Our Superior Practice

We have a robust testing practice in place. It includes

Test Design

GetSmartCoders has a team of experienced testers who understand various exploratory testing methods and its importance in designing tests.

Attention for Detail

Our experts will not let anything unusual slide from their keen surveillance. We train our resources for detailed observation and precision.


An exploratory tester cannot afford to think like an automated system. This is the reason our resources, at GetSmartCoders, think objectively and openly

Unique Ideation Process

Our testers and SMEs are experienced enough to brainstorm unique concepts and

State-of-the-Art Technology

GetSmartCoders has the best technology and resources at their disposal to develop automated tools and test data

A Comprehensive Approach to Exploratory Testing

GetSmartCoders is a premium service provider of exploratory testing agile process offering numerous benefits to global software clients. We provide quality testing and unparalleled expertise in the field with best-in-industry services to all our customers. We understand the criticality of the process and only employ the best Exploratory Testing tools to business partners. Ur exploratory testing services covers the following

Categorize Defects

We classify bugs found in in previous versions of software and leverage exploratory testing services to eliminate them. Our tight processes ensure that we identify and analyse these common software errors that are recognized on the basis of previous projects. Our testers classify the common bugs, identify risks and develop methods to carry out application testing. Our exerts have a keen eye for analysing the root cause of these bugs.

Develop Testing Schedule

With this approach, we develop a schedule of what needs to be tested and the aspects that need to be tested along with the step wise road map. This is one of the fundamental steps of exploratory testing process. In this step, we define what really needs to be tested and how the testing needs to be performed. We also take all the aspects that need to be tested into account. The exploratory testing process begins with identifying test ideas and a test software charter is designed.

Fixed Time Testing

This involves testing an application in groups for a fixed time.so that different aspects of an applications functionality can be analyzed accurately. In this type of testing, our testers work in groups to test the application for a certain period of time without any disruptions. This duration can be decreased or increased as per client’s requirements. Through this exploratory software testing method, testers can examine the software’s response and also achieve the desired results.

Analyze Test Results

This is the mother of all exploratory tests and is carried out after all individual unit tests. This helps to review functionality from different coverage areas. After performing structured exploratory testing, it is important to review the final results. The software application created is scrutinized to identify bugs and errors by our expert team. Our objective is to recognize the areas of improvement by using our sophisticated exploratory testing tools.

Compile Test Results

Once all the exploratory tests are completed, the results are compiled and compared with the original charter to ensure all requirements are met.

We Bank on a Range of Exploratory Testing Tools

GetSmartCoders is a reliable exploratory testing company that assures high quality results and guarantees excellent customer experience within specified deadlines. We make this possible by using structured exploratory testing methods and advanced tools. Our technicians are adept at using state-of-the-art technologies and also perform manual exploratory testing.

We carry our exploratory testing process with the help of following tools and technologies:

  • Selenium
  • LoadRunner
  • Mercury Win Runner
  • Rational RTRT
  • ANTSLoad
  • Mercury Quick Test Professional
  • Test Complete
  • WAPT
  • Visual Studio Team System
  • QF-Test
  • WiMax
  • L2/L3 Test Lab
  • SoapUI
  • Empirix Tools

Know Our Software Testers

We have a team of testers who bring years of experience and dexterity at exploratory testing on the table. Our experts have:

  • Exceptional team skills

    If you need skilled testers with experience in handling exploratory testing agile process, then GetSmartCoders has you covered. We guarantee you that we will bring enormous value to your product and your team

  • Sound Technical Knowledge

    Our testers can identify tests for manual exploratory testing and automation testing. We learn the product properly, recognize potential issues and omitted features

  • Documenting Test Results

    We have the experience in documenting test results and sharing the report with stakeholders

  • Testing at all levels

    Our exploratory testing team performs at task, stories, product release and feature levels

Our Exploratory Testing Process

We follow the below mentioned steps

  • Step 1

    Requirement Gathering

    For our exploratory testing process, we first analyse the basic functionality of your application and recommend improvements based on our analysis

  • Step 2


    Once we gain comprehensive understanding of the application, our testers use exploratory testing tools to identify a process and determine critical functionalities that require testing

  • Step 3

    Design Strategy

    Testers set goals on how to test the application. Then they select exploratory software testing tools that provide a reliable form of reference and auditing to the stakeholders

  • Step 4

    Test Execution Model

    In this stage, project timelines are defined to narrow the scope of testing. We stick to deadlines to reduce testing costs and prevent over-testing

  • Step 5

    Test Metrics & Release

    Resources are leveraged to classify bugs & detect defects in short time period. We monitor execution status and share detailed test results to encourage quick feedback

  • Step 6


    We follow structured exploratory testing process of maintaining logs of test cases and test cycle scripts. Our test reports/results present key findings and recommendations

Here Is Why You Should Outsource Exploratory Testing Process

At GetSmartCoders, we have the requisite knowledge, skills, resources and technology to provide the most reliable exploratory software testing to our customers. We are a leading exploratory testing services company and specialize in providing seamless services to our global clients. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your requirements to an exploratory testing services company:

  • Skilled professionals: As a specialized exploratory testing service provider we have a skilled team to carry out exploratory test cases. We equip our professionals with sophisticated tools to carry out the testing jobs
  • Affordable services: Clients can get the best-in-industry exploratory software testing services within their budget, not to mention the time and resources that the clients can save by outsourcing exploratory testing services to us
  • Quick Solutions: The hall mark of our testing services is quick turnaround times. Come what way we ensure that the project is delivered within the deadline
  • Security: We value client data as much as our clients. Our ¬exploratory testing tools consist of secure software applications that are completely safe and can never be breached by a third party
  • Latest technologies: We use the latest exploratory testing tools and technologies to stay on top of the game and guarantee the best test results
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: We have the best infrastructure at all our 8 delivery locations, thereby guaranteeing high quality services to you
  • Domain Experts: The team handling exploratory software testing is well-informed about different domains and have hands on experience in most business verticals. You can trust them both for their expertise and experience
Outsource Exploratory Testing Process

Benefits of Outsourcing Exploratory Testing Services to Us

Guaranteed timeline Access to test engineers with minimum 5+ years of experience in exploratory testing across diverse industry domains

alue add-consultingComprehensive defect report with proper documentation

project management Guaranteed reduction in testing
cost by 40%

competitive ratesHighly transparent process with daily/weekly reporting

contact for regular communication24X7 support services from
8 global centers

Assured faster-timeDedicated manager
for each project

Looking for a reliable offshore Exploratory testing company? Outsource exploratory testing services to getSmartcoders to begin the discovery process

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