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Functional Testing Services - Verify and Validate for Peace of Mind

getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in providing optimized and outsourced functional testing services to its clients. Our services, has over the years, evolved into an advanced methodology, that adapts itself to every requirement to identify defects at the outset.

One of the most crucial activities of quality assurance process is functional testing. It ensures that all the desired functionalities are working properly and as expected. The quality of the software is determined by performance of its features and its functional features make up the most important component, regardless of its size. This is the reason it is absolutely imperative to incorporate functional testing in your quality process.

A software product is tested via rigorous testing tools to enhance its performance and functional characteristics. These functional tests validate the functions of a software against business and user requirements to fulfil the end user expectation.

However, the scope of functional testing is not just restricted to functionalities only. There are many other key aspects that are also verified through this testing process. Functional testing services include performance of systematic testing across various levels to get the best possible quality.

User Acceptance

With expert and qualified testers on board, we have provided functional testing to clients across a variety of business verticals. We rely on formulating personalized test plans to ensure all prerequisites are met according to specifications. Our expertise in using a variety of licensed and open source testing tools guarantees high-quality testing, improved integration and maintenance.

Functional Testing Types

We are immensely proud of all the testing services provided by our company to our clients. All our testing tools are aligned with the requirements provided by them. The software solution is tested by our team of dedicated professionals in different environments from installation process to outcomes. Our expert technicians have the proficiency of providing you the most reliable functional testing process. We have various functional testing types that allows us to serve all kinds of verticals and platforms such as mobile, desktop, web and cloud.

Even though we are a well-rounded outsource company, we specialize in the following functional testing types

Unit Testing

With this service, the smallest testable parts of an application are scrutinized independently for proper operation. It primarily involves testing those aspects that are vital to the performance of the unit under test

System Testing

With this service, we test the functionality of a complete software. The objective is to evaluate the application's compliance with the requirements. It is performed after Integration Testing and prior to Acceptance Testing.

Regression Testing

With this testing, we ensure a performing software still performs the same way after some changes (software enhancements, patches, configuration changes,) are made to it or after it is interfaced with another software

Web Functional Testing

With this testing service, we check your web application for potential bugs before its made live. Common issues we check for include testing links, testing forms, testing cookies, testing business workflow etc

System Integration Testing

With system integration testing(SIT) we evaluate how the subset of a system complies against specified requirements. Together, it helps to verify the behavior of the complete system

Smoke Testing

This is a non-exhaustive set of tests which is implemented to check the working of the most important functions of an application. It helps to decide whether the build is robust enough for further testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

With this test, we ensure the application lives up to the expectations of the actual software users. The tests are usually carried out in real-world scenarios, according to specifications.

Interface Testing (GUI)

This testing is done to ensure that the communication between two different software systems are in perfect sync. It primarily includes syncing web server and application server interface and application server and database server interface.

Usability Testing

With this testing, we determine if an application is or will be easy to use for the end user. It is usually done towards the middle and end of the design process.

Some Common Challenges with Functional Testing Services

No company would like to roll out an application that crashes during production or is not able to serve the end purpose of a user. If it fails to achieve what it promises, an existing user will stop using the software and their negative feedback will discourage potential new users. However, getSmartcoders can prevent that by ensuring that your application/software is on-point, when it comes to deliverables. We promise high quality functional testing services that will never let you down in front of your customers.

Application software testing needs to be conducted meticulously to cover potential aspects that can impact the performance of a software in the end. Leaving out even a single functionality untested can lead to poor results and cause harm to your reputation. It is common for our testers to deal with issues like bugs and incompatibility of added functionalities with the software. Sometimes new features in an application or software can introduce bugs that can impact its smooth functioning. However, our testing process can recognize these areas of improvement and pick out all the bugs to give you a smooth functioning software.

As if these challenges weren’t enough, there are also time limitations on testing of the application. This is why we employ various techniques, including automated functional testing tools that allows us to meet our testing goals within the stipulated timeframe. A good test is not only thorough but also needs to be completed within the deadline. By using functional test automation, we are able to achieve that objective and more. It allows us to test your applications/software in accordance with specific functional test plan.

Benefits of Functional Testing Outsourcing Services for Your Business

Many companies employ functional testing tools to ensure that their software is behaving the way it is designed to behave. The core principle behind any software is to enhance the quality of user experience. This is why a software or application is tested beforehand to ensure that it is meeting its core objective.

By putting your product through functional testing, you can get the following benefits

  • Recognize potential problems before they impact the end-user
  • Prevention of defects in the early stages of product lifecycle to reduce testing costs, improve overall quality and reduce the need for alterations
  • Testing tools detect if the functionalities of the software have unintentional effects on the software quality
  • Isolating problem areas to reduce resolution time

Functional Testing is one of our specialities at getSmartcoders. We have a team of expert technicians who conduct necessary tests to determine the quality of software in terms of bugs, broken links, spelling mistakes or any other errors that can impact the user’s experience negatively.

Our testing process includes automated and application functional testing, all other functional testing types covering major platforms and verticals. Our experts have years of experience in performing functional testing that makes your software behave perfectly when it is rolled out to the end user. Using us as your outsource partner for functional testing services will not only give you benefits of a tight testing process, but also a skilled team with experience of multiple projects under their belt.

At getSmartcoders, we have designed automated testing tools that are used by many companies to test and validate their software/applications.

Thanks to our years of hands-on experience, we understand a software’s weak spots and know how to improve it to make it more reliable. All our functional test cases are based on the conditions of software element that requires testing.

Working with getSmartcoders- The Most Reliable Functional Testing Outsourcing Company

We follow the below mentioned steps

  • Step 1

    Requirement Gathering

    We try to understand the following

    • Application
    • Objectives and End user goals
  • Step 2

    Design Strategy

    We try to determine the following

    • Test strategy
    • Test Tools to be leveraged
  • Step 3

    Test Delivery Model

    We choose a delivery model based on

    • Application requirements
    • Budget
  • Step 4

    Establish Test Metrics

    We determine test metrics
    such as

    • Execution Status
    • Completion Status
    • Defect status by priority
  • Step 5

    Manage Test Release

    Based on test model we determine test release to

    • Eliminate duplicate activities
    • Mitigate release failure
    • Enhance agility & flexibility
  • Step 6

    Project Delivery

    After the successful completion of testing we deliver the following

    • Test cases documents
    • Test plan, strategy, scripts etc.
    • Test results/report

Functional Testing Tools

Our testers build functional test cases that analyses software functionalities in actual conditions and validate its user acceptance in a test lab environment. Our clients can vouch for our professionalism and on-time delivery of project, complete with quality assurance.

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Benefits You Get by Outsourcing Functional Testing Services to Us

getSmartcoders provides valuable functional testing services to its clients globally. If you are looking for an outsource partner, here is why you should consider us.

Our team of experts works tirelessly to devise most effective functional test plans. We also have the requisite experience to deliver desired software functions as required by the client. Our testers have profound knowledge and dynamic skills to optimize your software quality and perform functional testing across all verticals and platforms. We readily work on upgrading our functional testing services with latest technologies and frameworks to continue meeting our client’s business objectives.

We are a cost-effective and reliable manual and automated functional testing service provider. We can perform anything from functional testing to usability testing within your budget and time frames.

We deliver the following benefits to our clients:

Guaranteed timeline Well-structured functional testing

alue add-consultingMinimize effort in functional test
cases maintenance

project management Focus on identifying critical
defects early

competitive rates Reduce total cost of

contact for regular communicationBusiness-scenario-driven testing to speed up time to market

Assured faster-timeModel-based testing practice reduces effort by 40-60%

Best-of-breed professionalsSuperior test process for discovering
defects early in the test life cycle

To know more about our functional testing services, get in touch with our experts now.

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