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We help you transform your medical practice into a well-connected data driven business organization

Getsmartcoders has 10 years of experience in leveraging data analytics technologies to improve the operational efficiency of healthcare providers. Our healthcare data analytics services make use of the most advanced data analytics tools to assist healthcare establishment extract actionable, forward-looking insights from their growing data assets. As one of the global healthcare data analytics companies we have diverse experience in implementing customized solutions to transform medical practice into focused value based care.

We use data analytics to provide hospitals, private medical practices and healthcare companies a host of beneficial services to streamline operations. These include vital components such as predicting patient utilization patterns, managing supply chains, getting ahead of patient deterioration, forestalling appoint no-shows, developing precision medicine etc. We use the insights derived from crunching your data and numbers to make more informed choices and take accurate decision. Our healthcare business intelligence techniques have helped our clients to effectively improve their financial, administrative, and data security efficiency levels and achieve maximum consumer satisfaction.

Outsource Data Analytics For Healthcare

Our Comprehensive Healthcare Data Analytics Services

We constantly monitor and analyze in patient health status and their medical treatment schedule to help physicians predict an upcoming deterioration before actually the symptoms show up. Our healthcare business intelligence service includes analyzing admission rates to risk scoring and management of patient deterioration, to help you keep a tab on the patient’s condition. We also leverage data analytics to equip you with convenient features such as real time alerts on the condition of patient health.

We analyze patient demographics data and provide you with vital insights to improve the efficiency of your caregiving process. We analyze specific details such as medical condition, treatment requirements, medical history, etc. to give you insights into treatment types and schedules. This will help you improve the quality of your caregiving by many a notches. Besides treatment enhancement, you can use our predictive analytics knowledge to create custom rosters and manage your staff more efficiently.

Our Healthcare Data Analytics services gives you a detailed performance evaluation of the operations side of your organization. For instance, we analyze data to give you vital insights into your bed utilization and operation room utilization efficiency helping you manage your inpatient and outpatient schedules effectively. Besides this, we track the efficiency of other areas of operations to scout for improvements and enhancements. All these lead to reduced wait times, increased patient access etc.

Our premium healthcare data analytics services, help you analyze the exact cost of treatment and the costs incurred in maintaining medical equipment. This has helped our clients understand budget allocation specifically and get a bird's eye view of all their expenses. We also use expense reports and financial data to get better insights into loss mitigation measures such as claims denials or making inaccurate insurance claims. Our bespoke services enable you to make predictions and decisions to optimize cash flow quicker.

We bank on big data analytics to help you evaluate the performance of your internal staff and manage medical supplies. By collecting data such as equipment utilization, room utilization , medication use etc. we can help you optimize staff management. Our services help you create rosters in advance to manage patient volumes effectively. Our inventory management services give you effective predictions of your medical stock requirements and other equipment such as oxygen cylinder enabling you to reduce costs and time significantly.

Tools and Technologies for Data Visualization Services

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • MicroStrategy
  • QlikView
  • Kyubit BI
  • Sisence
  • Oracle BI
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • Microsoft PowerPivot
  • Microsoft Power View
  • Microsoft Excel
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
  • Pentaho
  • Oracle Reports
  • JasperReports
  • Custom front-end environment
 Data Visualization Tools

Our End to End Data Analytics Process

Our bespoke services for the Healthcare industry comprises of the following steps:

  • Step 1

    Design of Infrastructure

    We plan and implement the design and development of software suites, data lakes and automation features required to collect business data. The design of the technology stack is based on your organizational requirements

  • Step 2

    Creation of Data Repositories

    We identify and map all data sources that need to be monitored. We deploy data repositories to collect all the data originating from these sources

  • Step 3

    Data Analytics and Review

    All of the recorded data is analyzed for hidden business insights and action. points. We compile our findings in the form of reports containing dashboards

  • Step 4

    Process Optimization

    We evaluate all processes, data sources and applications and perform upgrades to suit the requirements of your medical practice.

  • Step 5

    Understand Data

    We isolate all of the vital information received from your data sources and analyze them rigorously and come up with sound statistical findings

  • Step 6

    Interpretation of Insights

    In the final stage we develop and implement analytic reports for required process enhancements

Know Our Professionals

We are made up of a fine blend of software engineers, data analytics experts and statistics professionals. We combine our diverse skill sets to create mathematical models to provide healthcare companies with customized data based solutions. Our developers with computer programming languages like Python, R, LISP, C#, C++ and more. Our diverse experience in managing the data sourced from EHR and EMR systems will help your medical practice make improvements in the quality of treatment. We have a strong background with healthcare ASC standards and we are well suited to handle the needs of medical practices irrespective of their scale. Our data analytics experts are also proficient with SQL and the .NET framework. Using these two primary skill sets we build robust data repositories and complex queries to extract insights to benefit your organization.

Why Outsource Healthcare Data Analytics to Getsmartcoders?

  • A team of 1000+ data analytics and data visualization experts with diverse healthcare industry experience
  • Experience in developing and implementing predictive analytics techniques to help medical practices deal with supply chain management, development of new therapies and clinical trial management
  • Innovative solutions like risk scoring and emergency management based on the detailed analysis of patient health records
  • Proficiency with mainstream big data analytics frameworks such as Hadoop
  • Use of advanced software suites with built in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies
  • 100% Data security and backup
  • Proficiency in full stack application development using Python, Lisp, C++ Javascript and other mainstream technology prototyping languages

Looking for an expert healthcare data analytics company to enrich your medical practice with data analytics insights? Outsource data analytics for healthcare services to us for a comprehensive solution.

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