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Provide Your Customers with the Ultimate User Experience Leveraging the Advanced Features of Progressive Web Apps

GetsSmartCoders has 10 years of experience in the design and development of websites and apps for mobile devices. Over the years we have also mastered the art of building high-performance progressive web apps that leverage modern web technologies to integrate responsive and dynamic features such as connectivity independence, touch analytics, offline modes and integration with the native operating system. As an expert PWA development company we build enterprise-grade progressive web apps that will help you reach a wider target audience with least time and expenditure.

Our expert team of PWA developers have wide experience in using modern technologies to develop top notch apps for companies cutting across industry verticals. We have developed PWA for finance, mortgage, healthcare, education, real estate/property etc.. With our progressive web app services you get high performance app that scales well on all mobile platforms of varying screen sizes. It is because of this combination of skill and competency that our clients choose to outsource progressive web app development services to us.

Our Comprehensive Progressive Web App Development Services

Custom Progressive Web App Development

As a global PWA development company, we focus on developing apps to highlight the unique selling proposition of your organization. We leverage front end web development tools and backend database development frameworks such as NodeJS to create custom functionality to meet your specific needs.

Enterprise PWA Development

Our experience in developing apps for multiple large scale clients makes us well suited to develop progressive web apps for any type of enterprise requirement. Our development team leverage statistical knowledge to understand user activity and consumer behavior based on which they create innovative applications for specific needs. Our enterprise grade progressive web apps are extremely lightweight and never fail to deliver a powerful customer experience.

Data Migration and Web App Modification

We make structural changes and modifications to your existing web applications to enhance them with progressive features. We facilitate data migration by leveraging secure data transfer methods such as encryption and FTP transfer. Our app modification service integrates progressive features like proximity sensing location sharing and Bluetooth connectivity into your existing web apps.

UI/ UX Development

We strive to create PWA interfaces that help in increasing customer engagement. We use the best UI UX development practices to strategically place icons, menus and images into the GUI of your progressive web app. This specific approach helps in reaching out to your customers in a personalized manner in an effort to achieve specific responses from them.

E-Commerce Progressive Web App Development

Our e-Commerce progressive web app development services will help you present your products to your customers in an innovative way By giving your site the right speed and accessibility we guarantee higher user engagement and greater conversions.

The Technology we use

We use a wide range of JavaScript libraries and frameworks to implement frontend and backend functionalities for progressive web apps. We use frameworks like ReactjS and Angularjs to create rich and responsive user interfaces. We bank on technologies such as mySQL mongoDB and nodeJS to create specific data transfer protocols and host app data. We use JavaScript oriented notations(JSON) to achieve caching functionalities such as backend updates. We primarily use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create the core codebase for the web app

Our Progressive Web App Development Process

Requirement Understanding
We work closely with our clients to understand the specific functionalities that they want from the app. We plan the development process and establish milestones to track progress

Wireframe Development
We create a working prototype of the progressive web app and use it as a template to complete the build. We add and delete functionalities to make decisions on user experience

Application Development
We compile the code base and configurations of the service worker and web application manifest to achieve specific functionalities as per your requirements

A support team with a detailed understanding of the framework is deployed to keep the application up and running

The completed progressive web app is deployed for public use. We track the performance of the app using insightful techniques such as touch analytics

Testing and Refinement
All the features and functionalities of the progressive web apps are thoroughly tested for performance glitches and bugs

Know Our Developers

Our development team comprises experienced web developers, mobile app developers and UX/UI experts with comprehensive knowledge of technologies such as Angularjs, React JS and other JavaScript based front end functionalities. Our developers are experienced with complex app development techniques like app shell caching and web application manifesting that equip business applications with innovative features such as offline usage and device hardware access. They combine their diverse expertise and wide exposure to develop progressive web apps with multifaceted features for your business enterprise

Why outsource progressive web app development services to Getsmartcoders?

  • A team of 1000+ web and app developers with expertise in integrating complex app functionalities such as offline mode, push notifications and data caching using programming language like JavaScript and PHP
  • Knowledge of all mainstream front end development Framework such as Angular JS and react JS
  • Knowledge of combining web technology with natives features of the app such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and camera, to achieve innovative functionality such as location based market research
  • Optimized development process to suit the bespoke needs of the client
  • Flexible engagement models that help you save up to 30% in development costs
  • Up to 30% savings in total turnaround

Looking for a global progressive web app development services company to develop a versatile progressive web app? Outsource progressive

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