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Leverage the Benefits of Silverlight Technology to Create Highly Dynamic and Responsive Web and Mobile Apps

Getsmartcoders has 8 years of experience in developing a wide array of enterprise-grade web, mobile and desktop applications using Microsoft Technologies. Amongst the common MS technologies, we specialize in using Silverlight to develop high-end desktop and web applications. We leverage our extensive experience in working with complex Silverlight projects, to craft cross platform rich internet applications.

As an experienced Silverlight application development services company, we have developed diverse applications for equally diverse range of industries. From health to ecommerce and from event management to sales management, we have developed a host of applications to enable businesses meet their specific requirements. Our clients prefer to Outsource Silverlight application development services to us because of our proven track record of delivering high-quality technological services.

Our Full Range of Silverlight Development Services

Silverlight Application development

We have wide experience in using Silverlight to develop websites, mobile applications, custom modules and web enterprise applications for businesses. We take advantage of the native ability of Silverlight to support HD video, audio and animations to create web applications with a splendid user interfaces. Our Silverlight application development services handle the complete life cycle management of projects using the Silverlight Technology

Silverlight Game Development

We combine our expertise in graphic design and 3d modelling with our knowledge of the Silverlight framework to develop simple games with an immersive gameplay experience. From gameplay design to character prototyping and user experience design, we provide companies with a comprehensive game development experience. As a specialized Silverlight Development services company we leverage the technology to develop games that integrate seamlessly with your product or service.

Maintenance and Enhancement of Existing Apps

We enhance the functionalities of existing apps and customize them to suit to your business needs. We use Javascript integration and web enterprise applications integration with existing .NET applications to enhance them with intuitive UI and functionality. We also carry out data migration from the legacy repositories to new ones using ASP.NET. We mainly work with Silverlight web app and browser compatibility to ensure that all components of a business solution are functioning well. Our app maintenance and enhancement services are built from the ground up to help clients save on costs.

Dashboard and Web Widgets Development

We leverage the rich multimedia features of Silverlight and its reusable controls that are based on XAML and C#, to create graphic intensive and easy-to-use dashboards. We specialize in customizing Silverlight applications to relay a wide variety of information from various departments of your organization using 2d vector graphics, small video clips and animations. We provide bespoke Silverlight consulting services for businesses and help them transform their ideas into interesting widgets that are capable of delivering information to users in a highly personalized manner.

Windows Mobile Solutions

Microsoft Silverlight is fully compatible with the Windows Mobile platform. We use the uniformity of code to develop innovative solutions that can run high definition videos and other animated content efficiently on Windows mobile devices. The lightweight nature of the Silverlight framework ensures that these mobile solutions run smoothly on all mobile devices featuring the Windows platform. Our Silverlight development services for the mobile platform give users a user experience that is comparable to the experience they get using our desktop applications.

Silverlight Custom Migration Services

We fully support business enterprises with staying up to date with current technological industry standards with our custom migration services. We will help you migrate your Silverlight websites and applications to other technologies like HTML5, Javascript, MVC.NET and WPF(Windows Presentation foundation) to suit the requirements and compatibility specifications of new browsers like the Microsoft Edge

Silverlight Application Development for your Business

Silverlight applications offer incredible cross platform and cross browser functionality. It is a comprehensive framework that provides runtime environments for mobile platforms as well. Businesses can provide their users with consistency in the quality of multimedia content, irrespective of the device they use. Silverlight biggest advantage is its ability to make content hosted on the platform, available to search engines. Businesses can leverage these features to give their users a dynamic user experience with their web apps and websites. Silverlight supports WCF,LINQ and WPF frameworks which are ideal for developing service-oriented applications that offer fantastic customer engagement levels and self service possibilities.

The Technology We Use

Our services are primarily based around the Microsoft Silverlight framework and ASP.NET to as the choice for a database framework. Our expertise with XML, XAML, HTML and Javascript enable us to engage our imagination to build progressive and highly responsive rich internet applications. We develop and integrate custom modules for Silverlight applications like customized controls, dashboard and charts, and transform them into highly effective avenues for conveying specific information to a specific user demographic. We also use HTML5, MVC frameworks and Javascript to deliver custom migration services to move complex applications from legacy systems to new platforms. We bank on Windows frameworks like WCF, WPF, Expression Blend and WCF RIA services to create enterprise web apps and websites with spectacular GUIs.

Our Silverlight Application Development Process

Understanding of Requirements
We work closely with the client to understand the nature of their requirement. We create a development plan and finalize milestones based on the requirements

Application Wireframe Development
We create a wireframe with all the suggested features and functionality for client demo. The feedback received from the client is used to enhance the design of the application

Application Development
In this stage, the Silverlight framework is used to build features and functionality of the application as per agreed upon

Upgrade and Maintenance
The completed project is enhanced with upgrades and improvements. The entire application is maintained by us and monitored for security intrusions

The completed solution is deployed in the live environment for use by the target audience. Usage metrics and application performance metrics are carefully recorded.

Beta Testing and Evaluation
The completed solution is thoroughly tested for performance issues like glitches in video and graphics rendering. All identified problems are resolved

Know Our Silverlight App Developers

Our development team is made up of a mix of programmers, graphic designers, multimedia experts, consultants and analysts. Our diverse exposure to a wide range of businesses across the globe enables us to understand your needs and organizational goals well. Our development team is well-versed in all popular front end and back end hosting technologies such as XML, jQuery, node js and .NET, ASP.NET, MongoDB and more. We have extensive experience in undertaking complex projects using Silverlight, .NET, WCF and WPF frameworks. We are an official Microsoft Silverlight Partner and our tried and tested methodologies like the use of CMMI process for managing our projects enables us to develop and deploy high quality applications and rich internet applications. Our Silverlight Development services have helped us become the trusted technological partner of a long list of clients, over the years.

Why Outsource Silverlight Application Development to Getsmartcoders?

  • A team of 1000+ highly experienced programmers, graphics designers and UI/UX experts
  • Experience in developing Silverlight applications with vector graphics, animations and a plush user interface
  • Experience in delivering Silverlight, applications to diverse industries
  • Expertise in .NET, Javascript, C++, XML and AJAX
  • Up to 40% savings in operations cost
  • Up to 40% faster application development times from 8 global delivery centers across the world
  • High quality and flexible services designed to match the business requirements of customers

Looking for a global Silverlight applications Development Services company to develop high end interactive web applications and websites? Outsource Silverlight Development Services to GetSmartcoders.

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